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   Chapter 94 No.94

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He hung over her now, watching as Lucy stitched. She was so beautiful.

It had been several years since he had seen her last. He had thought that he would never see her again.

She was mature now, having grown into a woman's body. Her skin was perfect, her hair orange like the setting sun shone brightly below him. Her body was slender and curved. Cam tilted his head as he watched her. Her shoulders were bare, as were her arms. The dress she wore was plain, but looked good on her.

Cam's heart skipped in his chest as he watched her.

She was beautiful, oh so beautiful.

Cam's eyes grew gentle then as he watched her, and for a moment he felt happiness stir within him.

Interlude start

The masked figure laughed loudly to himself, staring at the monitor as he leant forward upon the controls.

'Oh Cam' he said, wiping his eyes. 'Well…' he sighed, typing furiously on the keyboard before him. 'You are becoming a man after all. It's not wrong to have these thoughts…I can see where you're really looking.'

The masked figure looked up at the monitor again. He pressed the final key, doing so deliberately.

'Snap!' he said.

Interlude end

Cam heard a sudden creak. His heart stopped in his chest as he turned his head to look behind him.

Below him Lucy stopped what she was doing. She suddenly lifted her head.

The branch Cam stood on creaked for a second time.

'Oh no….'

It snapped, and fell.

Lucy jumped to her feet in shock as Cam awkwardly picked himself up off the ground, trying to free himself from the leaves and branches around him.

At first she appeared scared, and rightly so. Before, she had been sitting quietly and seemingly alone in the small courtyard of her home. Now suddenly a stranger had fallen from the sky.

She glanced fearfully towards the door of her home, before looking back at him. She furrowed her brow then as Cam struggled to free himself from the branches that tore at his clothes.

She stepped closer, staring at him intently, and she saw that it wasn't a stranger after all.

'I know you' she spoke slowly, staring at him hard, analyzing him. 'I've met you before. I'm sure of it.'

Cam straightened, gazing about him nervously, feeling suddenly so exposed, so naked, so out in the open.

'…I shouldn't be here.

' He looked back at Lucy then, palms beginning to sweat. 'I'm sorry' he said timidly, '…I'm sorry I…didn't want to scare you…I'm sorry.'

'I know you' Lucy told him again, stepping forwards. 'How do I know you?'

He met her gaze reluctantly, seeing as Lucy frowned furiously at him as she thought.

'How do I know you…?'

'I….' Cam mumbled. 'I….' he clenched his jaw, forcing the next words out of his mouth before he could hesitate. 'My name is…'

He trailed off.

'I do know you' she spoke slowly. 'You're…that boy….living in the guild of thieves.'

His throat grew tighter as he watched her, waiting for her reaction.

Please don't judge me he thought. Please remember…

And then she suddenly smiled.

'Cam?' she stepped closer again.

His eyes grew wide.

'Oh gods' she smiled, hands going to her mouth. 'Is that really you? How you've grown!'

She moved towards him then, suddenly embracing him tightly. Cam flinched as she did so, grimacing in pain.

Lucy stepped back then, looking alarmed. 'I'm sorry' she said. 'Did I hurt you?'

'No…' Cam said averting his eyes. 'I just…the fall…'

'I can't believe it's you! What are you doing here? I thought the thieves guild left.'

'I'm not….' Cam began.

'Oh' Lucy said then. 'I remember now. You never really belonged there did you? You're the prince…soon to be king….' She gasped then, as if suddenly seeing him properly for the first time. '….You're the prince…soon to be king….' She half-turned away, hand going to her head. 'A king…a king in my courtyard….right before me...'

She looked back at him.

Cam glanced towards her tentatively. He grimaced, holding himself as something pained him in his side.

'Something's wrong' Lucy suddenly realised, noticing the way he held himself. 'May I?' she asked, taking a step forwards.

'N-no' Cam said waving his hands at her. 'It's fine. I'm fine really.'

'Now don't be like that' Lucy scolded, frowning at him as she moved closer still, so close Cam could feel the heat from her body. 'You must have hurt yourself. Let me have a look.'

'I'm fine. Really' Cam hastened, but she wouldn't have it.

She grabbed his shirt.

Cam watched her tentatively as she lifted it.

'Oh gods…' she breathed.

She saw the bruises there; the wounds over his body.

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