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   Chapter 93 No.93

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At least that's what he told himself.

He acted quickly, not giving himself a chance to begin to doubt himself. He climbed over the wall, grasping the rope tightly with both hands, and began to climb carefully down.

As he neared the ground, he loosened his grip slightly, sliding down the rope and burning his hands. He landed on the ground hard, stumbling as he fell. He let go of the rope quickly and straightened. Cam craned his head back, looking to the top of the tower.

I can climb back he thought to himself. Easy.

He glanced about him then.

I'm out. Again. I'm out. He gritted his teeth in determination, fighting back the wave of sickness and fear that was rising in his chest. I have to be quick.


Cam hung back momentarily, clinging to the bushes in the garden and glancing about him cautiously to see if anyone else was around. If a guard was to find him, he would be escorted back to the palace.

And there was no way Brioke would not find out.

Cam balled his fists, swallowing the lump in his throat and pushing down his fear.

No he thought to himself. I cannot falter now…

Cam moved vigilantly through the garden, finding one of the smaller gates further away from the palace that was chained shut. He could not go through the front gate as it was guarded, and it was far too risky to even go near it, and so he searched for another way out. But this gate he found was locked tight, the chain was thick. There was no way of getting out through this way.

Cam sighed in frustration, running his fingers over the heavy chain. He glanced about him, and searched for another way. This took a long while; he wandered about the garden hoping to run into her and at the same time, keeping an eye out for any others, guards, gardeners or servants.

He had hoped to find Lucy. But she was gone already.

Cam searched, but he found no way out, and so he made his own.

Cam took a spade from one of the small sheds tucked away within the garden, and began to dig.

It took him a long while to dig a hole large enough for him to fit through. It was hard work, his body ached with the old bruises he had received, and old pains he had suffered. He gingerly moved the dirt from the hole, making a small pile beside the hole, hiding the dirt within nearby foliage. When he could no longer use the spade to dig, unable to reach far enough, he got on his knees and used his hands.

After a while, he looked to the sky above him which was beginning to darken, its hue turning a deep orange. His heart skipped in his chest as he realised how late it was.

'How did Lucy get in here?' Cam mumbled to himself in frustration. 'How…?'

He looked down again, realising he did not have tim

e now to leave the palace grounds to go find her. It would be dark soon, and he would be expected to make an appearance at dinner.

Resentfully he put the spade away, returning to the base of the tower he had come from to climb the rope back to the top. When he reached the top of the tower, he wound the rope carefully back and neatly placed it to the side.

He walked down the spiral stairs of the tower, his clothes flecked with dirt, with mud caked beneath his nails and over his hands and knees.

He quickly went to his room to wash and change, sat with his mother and brother at dinner, then went to bed.

First thing the next morning, he woke as early as he dared, using the rope to climb down the tower and into the garden once again. He slipped through the hole he had dug for himself, crawling beneath the wall over the dirt, and was at last free to wander the city at the before his home.

The palace loomed behind him as he made his way swiftly forwards. He wore his oldest clothes, still standing out a little, though far less than he would have if he had worn his regular clothes. The fine velvet clothes woven with jewels he had taken for granted, around him the people looked so poor dressed in their plain and drab browns and greens. He didn't want to look like a prince; he wanted people to look over his head, to ignore him, as he made his way ahead. Some of their attention as he went lingered on him, but they must have dismissed him as a young lord. He hoped this anyway.

It had been a long while since he had been in the streets in the city before his home. But he remembered these paths, as he had come to know them well. It felt strange to be here again, so nostalgic.

He knew where he was heading, and moved there quickly.

Cam came to the right place, using a stack of crates to quickly climb upon the rooftops. From here he ran the rest of the way, coming to the courtyard that was his destination.

He slowed when he reached the edge of the rooftop, leaning tentatively over the courtyard.

His heart stopped in his chest. He couldn't believe his luck.

She's here! He gasped, eyes wide as he gazed down at Lucy within the courtyard of her home. She's actually here!

He saw her clearer now, closer than when he saw her from the tower, almost able to reach out and touch her.

She was sitting upon a wooden bench beneath him, stitching and humming to herself as she did so.

Cam very carefully and very slowly climbed upon the tree that overlooked the courtyard, hanging onto the braches tightly, ignoring the old pains in his body as he moved awkwardly forward. He stepped off the roof, holding tightly onto the thin branches of the tree that sprouted in the courtyard.

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