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   Chapter 92 No.92

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'You are' Cam mumbled, 'master' he added hastily.

'You know what will happen if you upset me?' Brioke asked him, raising a hand slowly and caressing his face.

'Yes master' Cam whispered in a trembling voice. 'I do.'

'Never the less' Brioke smiled cruelly, 'let me reinforce the lesson.'

'No please!' he cried. Anything but that. He would rather Brioke kissed him, touched him, anything but the pain.

But he had learnt long ago that Brioke had his way.

Brioke would always have his way.

He grabbed Cam roughly by the hair and threw him hard back against the wall. Cam moaned in pain.

And then Brioke slapped him hard, again and again both sides of his face. Cam could do nothing to stop it, he didn't dare even try. And then Brioke stopped suddenly.

Cam hung his head low, waiting, always waiting.

Brioke grabbed Cam by the throat, pulling him towards him then shoving him back against the wall. He balled his fist and drew back, punching Cam several times in the face, before hitting him once hard in the gut with all his might.

Cam slid down the wall, hunched over and holding himself in agony; face burning, stomach in pain. Brioke punched him again on the shoulder, forcing Cam to the floor, where he was most vulnerable. Brioke kicked him several times when he was down, his metal tipped boot causing so much pain and untold damage. But he was always careful where he hit him the hardest. Most of the injuries Brioke inflicted were places that could be hidden. Body, legs, arms…most of them.

Cam broke away from him, unable to stand it; he tried to crawl away, moaning in agony and fear.

'Please….!' He sobbed as he dragged himself across the floor. '…I can't take any more…!'

Brioke followed him, standing over him he turned Cam over with a foot. Cam was rolled onto his back, trembling violently, battered and bruised he stared up helplessly at his master, arms curled up before him, hands before his face in a vain effort to protect himself.

With no effort at all, Brioke moved Cam's arms out of the way, pressing a foot down on his throat. Cam instinctively grabbed his boot, gurgling as he fought for breath.

'Never forget' Brioke whispered dangerously down at him. 'I own you.'

Cam gripped his boot harder with trembling hands, struggling to breathe.

'I am your master' Brioke continued, pressing his foot down further. 'You do what I saw, whatever I say.'

Brioke pressed down harder.

'Do you understand me?'

Cam continued to tremble, his whole body quivering, unable to breath, choking. After a few seconds he drew his hands ba

ck in submission, releasing his grip on Brioke's boot.

Brioke smiled cruelly down at him.

'Now you're learning.'

Broke stepped back, releasing Cam who instantly rolled onto his side, coughing violently.

By the time Cam glanced up, Brioke was gone.

Hours later, after the pain had mostly ebbed away to nothing but dull throbs over his body, he went back to his room to apply makeup on his face to hide the bruising. Then he went to the dining hall.

It was empty, his mother and brother having eaten long ago and already left. Cam waited for his breakfast to be brought by the quiet servants, which it was shortly after his arrival.

Cam ate what he could, then left, heading to the tower. The one place in his home from which he could see the outside world. The one place in his home which he didn't hate.

He sat here for ages, just sitting and staring at the world around him. Despite how much he hated the palace, the view from this tower was always beautiful.

On one side could be seen the beach and open sea, where he and his brother once played together, and the cliffs and open plains where they had first met Auntie, the strange masked figure. It was a peaceful place, quiet and empty.

On the other side was the city, the capital, where the homes were built close together and it was always noisy, always crowded, always busy. The city was like a hive, never resting, not even at night, where the streets which may have seemed deserted at first, were in fact dominated by beautiful women, and shabby vagrants.

Cam moved forwards, leaning over the wall.

His attention shifted then, and his eyes looked down to the drop below.

He stared at the ground hard, fixated on the spot immediately below him.

His heartbeat began to quicken, as he leant forward again, gripping the wall of the balcony.

And then suddenly, his heart stopped in his chest. His breath was stolen away, as he saw…


Her hair was unmistakable, orange like the setting sun, and beautiful. She was gliding about the palace gardens now, going from tree to tree, picking the best fruit.

What are you doing here? Don't you know it's dangerous?

Cam left the tower, returning shortly after with a length of rope. He gazed about the gardens below him, desperately searching for her. But she was nowhere to be seen. Not now.

Undeterred, Cam tied the end of the rope to the railings by the door, throwing the coil over the balcony wall.

It's alright he reassured himself. This is easy. You were always a good climber when you were young; it's a skill you never lose.

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