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   Chapter 91 No.91

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He drew another breath as if about to speak, but instead chose to remain silent.

Miranda rested her hand against his chest, hearing his heartbeat as she hugged him.

She pushed away slowly then, rising to her feet and beginning to get dressed.

'My son will become king in two years' Miranda spoke. 'But even so, I doubt he will protect me. I've done what I can but…by the time Cam is nineteen…' she broke off then, hugging herself. 'I shudder to think what the council have already done to him.'

'You are still willing to leave?' Incognito asked her, 'even if it means leaving your children behind?'

'Yes' Miranda answered quietly. 'There is too much strife in this city. Too much suffering…too many supposed heathens being burned by the holy figures. The council already have too much power…I am afraid to stay…' she pursed her lips. 'The children are on their own now. I feel there is nothing I can do for them.'

'When do you want to leave?'

Miranda was silent for a moment.

'In a week's time' she answered at last. 'I…I need time to think…'

He caught her hand as she made to leave.

'I look forward to that time' he said to her. 'I want to be with you, and start a new life… together……I might even choose a new name for myself, a proper one.'

She smiled at him.

'I wish for that' she whispered, 'I do with all my heart.' She smiled to him again. 'I cannot wait to escape this city altogether and start over you. I want to forget my entire past…everything. I want it to be as if none of it ever happened……only you……'

She moved close to him again, embracing him in a deep kiss.

Cam sat on the stairs folding paper. Normally he would be reading, but he wasn't in the mood at the moment, and so he found something else to do instead, and he was good at this. He had folded several roses of different colours, several different birds, a whale, a seahorse, a cat, and several things he had only read about in his books. A blue dragon breathing fire, for which he had used red and orange paper, thin enough to see through. A winged mermaid made of several different pieces of paper coloured blues and greens. A chimera, a single creature made up of three, with the head of a dragon, a goat and a lion. This had been the most difficult.

Cam had quite a collection around him now, and was surrounded by these things. He had finished making them, and had run out of pape

r. He leant forward now, staring silently at them, glancing from one to the next, admiring them, admiring what he had done. He reached for the chimera, poking it with a finger and moving it slowly across the smooth floor, before turning it around to face the other way and moving it back.

Cam let out a heavy sigh, turning his attention away from it and hugging his knees.

He stared down the stairs to the floor below with eyes out of focus, his mind was far away. Beyond these walls he had been trapped behind, this palace, which to him was nothing more than a grand prison.

One of these days…I'm going to escape the capital altogether. I am going to run away…and never come back…or I will die…

Cam closed his eyes.

Either way…one day….I will get out…

He stayed where he was for many minutes, resting his chin on his knees with his eyes closed, until he heard a noise.

His heart skipped a beat and his eyes shot open. He tensed, hearing someone approaching.

Leaning to the side and gazing through the balustrade to the floor below, Cam spotted Brioke.

But by the time Brioke came to the place where Cam had been sitting, all he found were origami creatures in a circle around where Cam had sat.

Cam was already long gone. He was safe for today, but Cam could not always get away from him. Brioke would always find him in the end.

On one particular morning, Cam was walking down the corridors heading to the dining hall for breakfast.

'Morning Cam' Brioke spoke softly, almost kindly, as he glided past the prince.

Cam who had hunched up and hugged himself at the sight of him, leant back against the wall, suddenly tense. Brioke had appeared so suddenly.

'M-morning' Cam said hastily.

'Come here' Brioke said, opening a nearby door and indicating Cam to go through it.

Cam did so automatically and without pause, without realising he was doing it.

The closing door.

It was what Cam feared the most. They would not be disturbed here.

He bit his tongue, heart racing as Brioke moved towards him. Cam knew something was about to happen.

Brioke stopped before him, Cam's breath caught in his throat.

'Did you break a window in the palace?'


'You're not lying to me are you?'

Cam's stomach twisted and his heart constricted in his chest. He began to sweat as his mind went blank.

'I am your master' Brioke began, 'am I not?'

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