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   Chapter 90 No.90

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He frowned down at her as he watched, and wondered for a moment what she was doing there and how she got in.

He stared at her for a moment, seeing her red hair.

And then his heart jolted as he suddenly recognised her. His eyes widened, and he drew a slow gasp.


Cam rushed through the palace, desperately trying to find a way out to reach her.

I have to speak to her…I have to…

He could not get to the gardens from the tower, which was the only place from the palace he could see the outside world.

He would have to break a window to escape, and he would do so…so desperate was he to see her again.

But when he reached the ground floor and ran out into the palace gardens, he found that she was already gone.

Cam slowly returned to the palace feeling deeply disappointed, frustrated and unhappy. Stepping over the broken glass he climbed gingerly back through the window, moving carefully so as not to cut himself on the edges.

He returned to his room and took his book out to read alone in silence.

Miranda raised her hood, marching through the streets with her head down and face hidden. On her person she carried several knifes among other things, such as poison and several smoke bombs.

She was a woman alone after all, and she knew better than most how dangerous the streets were.

She had left the palace behind her; it stood there looming over here like a monument to her suffering. She saw it not as the beautiful structure that many saw it as, but as a horror, where she had spent the majority of her life living miserably.

But as she came to think of it, her life with her parents when she was young wasn't that great either.

She escaped the palace now, using a secret tunnel that had been dug on her order. Only she and two other people knew about it, the two people who had dug the tunnel. Even Miranda wasn't sure herself what they were. Mature men they were, mercenaries or thieves perhaps, who knew? She didn't ask and they didn't tell. That was what she liked about those men, they didn't ask questions, they just got on with their job, and were more than happy to obey her orders. She did pay them handsomely after all. But it was not just the money that compelled them to follow her word, or at least, that's what they told her. Money of course would sweeten any deal.

But now she had to leave the palace herself, as she needed to see someone who would not come to her.

A man called Incognito.

It was a dank and filthy place he lived, at least that is how it looked from the outside, inside however, it was quite beautiful.

Miranda came to the h

ouse. Its grey walls were streaked with black filth the rain had washed from the building itself. Its windows were clouded from the inside by a strange substance, and nothing could be seen through them.

Miranda stood at the front steps of the building, knocking loudly on the door, doing so hard enough to make her knuckles hurt.

Seconds later, the door opened.

Miranda stood there as the man called Incognito surveyed her for a moment, before stepping back and allowing her to enter.

He closed the door after her and Miranda lowered her hood.

'I'm so glad to see you again' she told him.

'As I am glad to see you' he told her. He cupped her face, kissing her gently.

Miranda sighed as he stepped back from her.

'I only wish that were true' she said to him.

'You think I don't truly love you?'

'I don't know what to think of you' Miranda answered. 'I don't even know your true name…'

He moved away from her and into the room, sitting upon the thick and luxurious sofa, leaning back and breathing heavily.

The room around them was brilliantly decorated and comfortable; it was far more homely than the palace Miranda had come from.

'What's on your mind?' Incognito asked her, getting to the point.

Miranda turned to face him, the hem of her long black cloak swaying about her ankles as she turned.

'I plan to leave the palace for good' she told him.


'Do you love me?' Miranda asked him out of the blue.

'Yes' he replied. 'I truly care for you.'

'I can only hope that's true' she said. She bowed her head, weaving her fingers together before her, before lifting her chin again. 'My life…' Miranda began, 'I am in danger every day. I want to get away from the palace…I want to live a normal life.'

'Don't we all.'

'I want to share a life with you' Miranda said. 'Would you accept me? Would you accept such a thing?'

'I would' he told her solemnly. 'I love you Miranda, and I want to be with you.'

She lowered her arms, allowing them to hang limp by her sides.

She moved up to Incognito, bending over him and kissing him.

He rose then, lifting her swiftly in his arms and carrying her light frame upstairs to the bedroom.

Afterwards, they lay together on the bed in one another's arms.

'Why can I not know your true name?' Miranda asked him.

'I have no true name' he told her, holding her close. 'I was an orphan. I passed from one home to another throughout my entire childhood. Throughout that time I was given different names. When I grew up and began to travel, I used a different name every place I visited. I am nobody, I am nothing.'

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