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   Chapter 89 No.89

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There was Micro, the first, who gave life to the earth. There was Faeroe, with his fox-like ears, lizard tail and spiked disc on his back, a fighting god, the stained glass depiction of him was a magnificent and dramatic one indeed.

'You will be dressed appropriately' Eden began as they continued their swift march to the other side of the long hall. 'All of the most important people in the kingdom will be here' he continued.

Cam continued to stare at the stained glass around him. He looked to his other side, seeing more depictions of the gods and goddesses that ruled over them. There was Ludus, in her beautiful blue crown of feathers, the young Filis, a six winged boy, Zeana with her great curved horns. Kachi, maiden of the sea, around her scaly tail were wrapped several eels. And lastly, there was Ezla, the god who grew out of the rocks, the one that has imprisoned Micro for eighty years for the love he felt for her, causing an eighty year long winter.

These were the seven gods which they worshiped.

'Here is where you will stand' Eden told Cam, stopping at the head of the hall and turning towards him.

They stood elevated above the rest of the hall; the short flight of steps allowed them greater height.

'You will address the people' Eden said, 'and speak your piece. You will bow to the holy man, he will place the crown upon your head, and you will stand tall…as king.' Eden paused. 'Do you understand?'

'Yes' Cam said shortly.

'You will say the following lines. I am Cameron, now your king, and I swear under the seven gods above, to be a just and honest king, loyal to his people, and always kind. Repeat what I just said.'

'I am Cameron, now your king, and I swear under the seven gods above, to be a just and honest king, loyal to his people, and always kind'

'Say it with conviction. Speak loudly so that everyone can hear you, and don't falter.'


'The council members will be standing here' Eden said indicating an area off to one side, 'they will be watching over and guiding you. Your brother will be standing there, the holy men will be standing there, the lords and ladies there…'

Eden talked for quite some time, drilling the information into him. When this was all done, Cam left the hall, pausing at the bottom of the steps to pick up his book.

He made his way back to his bedroom, intending to read.

But before he could reach it, a voice broke into him, destroying everything.

'Cam! I want to see you in my office.'

Cam stopped suddenly. Jaw tense. He glared back dow

n the corridor at Brioke who stood in the doorway of the office, waiting for him.

Cam took a deep breath, then turned and walked back, heading towards the office and dropping the book on the floor as he went. Brioke opened the door wider for him as he approached, smiling at him as he stepped in.

'There's a good lad' he said.

Some time passed.

'You're a good boy you know that Cam?' Brioke was saying as he looked in the mirror, straightening his clothes.

Cam didn't answer, only stared off into nothing. He sat on Brioke's bed now, naked beneath the sheets that covered him, leaning against the wall behind.

'You could smile a little more though' he added.

Cam still said nothing.

'Be sure to cover up that bruise before you leave here' Brioke went on. 'We wouldn't want anyone noticing and asking questions now would we?'


'Cam?' Brioke said sternly turning to him. 'Did you hear me?'

'Yes master' Cam droned.

'And you will hide that bruise before you leave here?'

'Yes master.'

'And cheer the fuck up.'

'Yes master.'

Brioke turned back to the mirror, pleased now. 'Good' he said happily. 'Now I must go, I've much to do.'

He approached the bed before heading to the door.

'Cam' he said slowly.

Cam lifted his head.

Brioke leant forwards, taking Cam's head in his hands and holding as he kissed him deeply. Cam cringed inwardly as he felt Brioke's tongue inside of him.

Brioke leant back, looking Cam deep in the eyes. Cam stared miserably back, utterly silent.

Brioke straightened up and moved away. He left the room without another word, leaving Cam alone at last.

Cam lay down on the bed, holding the sheets to him and curling up.

Sometime later he rose, moving over to the dresser and picking up the makeup pot, painting the flesh-coloured paste around his blackened eye. When he was done, it looked as if there was nothing there.

He dressed, went to his own room to wash himself, dressed again in fresh clothes, and then went to the tower, the only place in the building where he could see the outside world.

He sat on the wall, staring down at the drop below him, wondering what it would be like then to fall through the air.

He wondered what it would be like…what it would feel like……to hit the ground.

It would be quick he thought to himself as his heart raced at the thought, as he began to seriously consider it. Then never again would I ….

And then he noticed something that wasn't there before, a young woman moving through the garden below him.

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