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   Chapter 88 No.88

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'I just don't know what to do' Luke was saying. 'I still care for him so dearly, he is my brother…he's all I have left. Father is gone…and a mother…' he trailed off. 'Who can you rely on in this world if not your own brother?'

'It's not an easy thing' Sylvia replied to him in a quiet voice. 'Just think of what your brother must be going through.'

'I try to help him' Luke pleaded, voice breaking. He balled his fists. 'I want to help him…more than anything….but he only ever pushes me away…sometimes I think he hates me.'

'Did you ever think that maybe he was pushing you away to protect you?' Sylvia asked him.

Luke hesitated at that.

'But…' Luke began uncertainly. 'He's my brother….I would suffer any hardship in order to protect him.'

Sylvia smiled at this. 'Perhaps he too thinks the same.'

Luke faltered.

'I believe that Cam is stronger than any of us knows, including himself' Sylvia told him. 'I believe……things will all work out in the end.'

'Oh Sylvia' Luke sighed unhappily. 'Do you really mean that?'

'It is what I truly believe' she said to him. 'Do you remember when you two were children?'

'We were never apart' Luke nodded at the memories. 'Those were the good days…when father was alive……and I didn't feel anxious all the time.'

'I believe that he still loves you' Sylvia smiled. 'He is your brother…I doubt he has forgotten those days either.'

Luke smiled silently at this. He held Sylvia's hands in his, grasping lightly as he sat by her bed.

It was the very next day; that Sylvia died.

Luke sat on the steps outside her room, crying into his arms, knees pulled up to his chest.

It was horrible, all so horrible, to be pushed away so viciously by Cam, and to lose now the only person in the world who had seemed to care for him, the only person he could talk to, save his mother.

But there was one other person it seemed in the world he had.

Bethany came to him, sitting beside him on the steps and hugging him as he cried.

His hand came up and he grasped her by the arm.

'Bethany….' He whispered. 'Thank you…'

It was only a few weeks after that, when she left the palace for good, having to return to her family in the north because of strife. Luke had begged her not to go, had pleaded, telling her that it was dangerous, even going so far as to say that her family might already be dead. Hundreds already were after all. But she would not listen. She loved her family, they were very close and she had not seen them in an age.

And she so left; and Luke was alo

ne again.

On one night, after yet another night of restless sleep, Luke lost his temper. Screaming in fury and throwing things about the room, breaking everything he could in his anger, unable to take anymore.

And then noticed his window, the window that held glass that was warped, so that nothing could be seen in or out.

He grabbed a heavy candleholder from the floor and threw it as hard as he could at the window, shattering the glass.

Luke stood there for the longest time, chest riding and falling as he breathed heavily, his hot skin chilled by the cool breeze that came from the outside world.

He had calmed now, all the energy was gone from him.

He fell to his knees, and cried into his hands.

Cam sat in the wide corridor now, completely immersed in his book and the fabulous world within. The story he read now was about giant creatures made of metal and steam, creatures which could have been called animal. They destroyed all in their path, and polluted everything around them. The only man to stand up to them, was not a hero, but a normal person, some might have called him a nobody. Together with his pet dragon, they fought the iron beasts alone, destroying them and bringing peace to their world again. It was a happy ending.

Cam closed the book slowly, staring off into nothing. He sat frozen on the steps in silence for many minutes, the book resting on his lap.

His trance was only broken when the door at the top of the steps opened. Cam's head snapped up, and he stared with wide eyes towards his tutor.

'Come here' Eden said to him.

Cam rose obediently, obeying his command and jogging up the stairs towards him. The book he had carried he left behind on the steps.

They walked for a short distance until they came to a mighty hall.

'Two years' Eden said to him. 'Two years from now, will be your coronation. You will be crowned king, in this hall' he said turning and indicating the great hall around them, a hall that could hold hundreds of people. 'It will be a big day for you' Eden continued. 'I will tell you what needs to be done.'

He stepped forward, moving through the vast the hall, Cam following a step behind.

Their footfalls were softened upon the red carpet, that reached from the double doors at the entrance, all the way to the alter on the far side.

Cam glanced nervously to the tall windows that surrounded them. The glass here could not be seen through, it was stained many different bright and beautiful colours, and told the stories of their religion.

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