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   Chapter 86 No.86

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He parted her legs.

She gasped suddenly as Luke pushed himself into her, moaning in pleasure and balling the sheets in her fists as he pressed deep inside. He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back and biting her neck, moving his lips down to her chest and sinking his teeth in as she grasped onto his muscular arms painfully.

Luke quickened his pace until he climaxed, panting heavily and leaning over her. The servant stared up at him, drawing heavy breaths, her body in a hot flush.

Luke relaxed his body, releasing her from his grasp as he let out a sigh, pulling out.

He turned from her, straightening his clothes and redressing, as the servant behind him began to tie up her dress.

Luke sat on the edge of the bed with his back to her, breathing slowly.

'Get out.'

The servant glanced up tentatively, moving off the bed she made her way quietly to the door.

'Wait' Luke called out suddenly, stopping her in the doorway.

The servant turned back to him.

'What is your name?' Luke asked.

The servant hesitated for a moment, as if reluctant to say. But then she finally answered.

'It's Bethany' she said.

Luke said no more, and Bethany bowed her head after a few seconds, turning back to the door and stepping out into the corridor, closing the door behind her.

Miranda held the sword in her hands, raising it up high before her. Her sparring partner facing her, was a young soldier.

'Are you ready?' he asked her.

She tightened her hands around the hilt of the wooden sword, feeling her arms already beginning to shake, her legs feeling weak.

I must be strong she chanted to herself over and over. I must be strong.

The soldier before her tilted his head. The bar master stood mutely watching nearby, leaning against the wall of the small courtyard.

Miranda sensed the young soldier hesitate, seeing her weakness clearly, but Miranda gritted her teeth in determination. The soldier looked for a moment as if he were about to question her, but then changed his mind.

He stepped forward, and Miranda moved to lunge.

It took only a few seconds for Miranda to stumble, though nothing had tripped her, frustrated and angry she threw her sword down.

'Fuck! Fuck!'

'I've seen this poison before' the young soldier said, stepping back and holding his wooden sword in both hands. 'Do not be disheartened, you're lucky to be alive.'

'If you could call this alive' Miranda hissed. 'I call it a mere existence.'

'It's still more than some have.'

She turned to him, meeting his eyes.

'You won't be able to fight' he said to her, 'not anymore, not the way you are now, but…there are still many here who are wi

lling to protect you, and not just for coin.'

'What?' Miranda gasped in shock. 'What are you saying?'

'There are many still loyal to the old king' the bar master spoke up from the edge of the courtyard. 'We're not blind, we know what's going on and we know how corrupt the council has become. There's probably not much we can do, but if you need our help, then we will be there. Remember, it's more than just you who suffer because of them. The boy' the bar master indicated the young soldier Miranda had been sparring with, 'he lost his entire family, because they followed the wrong religion.'

'I would see them all dead' the young soldier snarled. 'I would give my own life if need be…in order to protect the princes, and see them on the throne.' He paused, drawing a slow breath to calm his anger. 'I want to see this country ruled by its rightful bloodline, not these leaches that call themselves the council.'

Miranda smiled. And then she began to laugh, tears running down her cheeks.

I am not all alone after all! There are still people who fight for the greater good. There are still people who see this evil…even after all this time…

It was some days later, when Luke met Bethany in the hallway again.

'It's good to see you again' she beamed at him.

'Is it?'

'You don't have to be so cold' she told him sadly. When he didn't reply, she went on. 'There are people here who care for you, you know?' when he still didn't speak, she continued, changing tact. 'You can have me' she told him quietly, '…if you want, whenever you want.' She bowed her head. 'I am only a servant after all. I'm supposed to serve you.'

Cam appeared in the corridor then by chance, walking towards them on one of his many wanders about the palace. Luke's expression immediately soured as he saw Cam glaring at him.

Cam jerked his head away from his brother angrily, storming down the corridor and disappearing from sight around the next corner.

'He's always so angry' Bethany said to Luke in a mumble. 'It makes me nervous to be around him.'

'Follow me' Luke told her shortly, marching briskly down the corridor and heading to his own room.

Bethany scurried after him, struggling to keep up with his wide strides.

She followed him into his bedroom. Luke closed the door after them and turned to face her.

She stood uncertainly before him for a moment, looking so sweet and timid, wondering what he would do to her.

He couldn't resist her.

She tensed suddenly as he rushed towards her, closing the gap between them fast as he grabbed her, his roving hands tightening around her waist and jerking her head back as he kissed her deeply, tasting her.

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