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   Chapter 85 No.85

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Her hand went to her chest then, where a fabulous blue stone shone, part of the crest that was her family's and woven into the dress.

'My lady?' the bar master gasped. 'My…queen…. You're…alive?'

Miranda drew her cloak tight, concealing the blue stone again.

'I am who I say I am' Miranda said. 'But…you could hardly call me a queen nowadays, my powers disintegrated the moment my husband died and that absurd council took control.'

'I'm sorry to hear-'

'No you're not' Miranda finished. 'Let's cut the pleasantries. I came here for a reason.'

'Of course' the bar master fumbled. 'What do you need?'

'Men' Miranda told him, 'and protection.'


'For myself…and my sons, especially the one who is destined to become king.'

'Cam?' the man mumbled. 'Yes…of course, follow me.'

The bar master led her through the building and to a small courtyard out the back. Here they could be alone. Here the two of them spoke.

'I have access to plenty of money' Miranda told him. 'I need men to protect me, and I need to learn how to protect myself if they are not there to do so.'

'You want to learn how to fight?'

'Yes' Miranda spoke quietly. 'This is something I perhaps should have done a long time ago.' She raised her hands before her, holding them together, feeling them shaking slightly. 'I don't know yet if it's already too late for me…'

Luke sat on the edge of his bed, resting with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, his mind fraught with worry.

He was losing Sylvia, he knew this. It would only be a few days now until she died, and after that….

He let out a heavy sigh, breathing slowly.

There was suddenly a knock on the door. Luke opened his eyes, straightening up.

He hesitated, staring at the door for a moment, before rising and marching over to it.

He opened the door, seeing the figure standing in the hallway before him. It was the servant who had spoken to him before when he was carving roses into that block of wood.

'What do you want?' Luke asked her shortly.

'You didn't come to the dining hall for your meal' the servant replied, holding a tray in her hands before her. 'I…thought I'd bring you your food….in case you were hungry….'

'Who told you to do this?' Luke asked her flatly.

'Nobody' she mumbled. 'I…was worried about you…I thought that…I should do this.'

Luke narrowed his eyes, pausing for a moment as he considered her, feeling a slight suspicion. But when he could think of no reason not to let her in, he stepped back, letting the door swing open.

The servant entered shyly, placing the tray on a nearby table and turning to him.

Luke stood by the open door, waiting for her to leave, when she didn't, he closed the door, the cold draft howling down the corridor and around his ankles instantly ceased.

'I'm sorry' the servant said, hugging herself and glancing towards the tray. 'It may be a bit cold now. It took me a while to climb all the stairs to reach your room.'

'Why did you bring it to me?' Luke asked her.

'Because you didn't come to the dining hall' the servant repeated.


'I thought you might be hungry.'

'Why would you care if I was?' Luke asked in a cold voice.

The servant raised her head. 'I was worried about you.'

'And why do you care about me?'

'You're the prince.'


'Well…I mean….you need to be cared for.'


'Because you are a prince.'

Luke sighed heavily, his patience growing thin.

'What do you want?' Luke snapped at her. 'Why are you still here?'

The servant hesitated, staring at him. She moved closer to him, reaching forwards to touch his face, running her fingers over his lips. Luke glared at her, frowning at the touch.

'You're so handsome' she whispered.

Luke felt her thumb run across his skin.

A moment of silence passed between them, a moment of hesitation.

And then the servant stepped closer to him again, leaning forward and kissing him, running her hands around his body and holding him.

Luke felt her lips on his, lifting his hands as she kissed him.

He suddenly grabbed her roughly, pulling her into a tight hold as he kissed her back. He pushed her back into the room, breaking away from the kiss to shove her back onto the bed.

The servant let out a gasp as Luke descended upon her, pulling at the lace at the front of her dress as she reached up to him, clawing at his shirt. He pushed her further up the bed, running his hand up her dress and lifting her skirt so that he could reach her. The servant grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him down to her so that she could kiss him again. She ran her fingers through his jet black hair, hearing the sound of him unbuckling his belt.

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