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   Chapter 83 No.83

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She turned from him, hobbling across the room and towards the door again. She opened it a crack as she slipped through, and Cam saw through the door, standing in the corridor was his brother. Luke caught his gaze for just a moment, turning away again and taking his mother by the arm, helping to support her, as they walked away.

The door swung shut again.

Cam turned sharply away from the door once he was alone again, gritting his teeth and balling his fists. He let out a cry of fury, punching the wall hard.

He stepped back, cradling his hand to him, chest rising and falling.

He was angry, so angry, and sick and tired of being afraid all the time, never knowing what the next day might bring, never knowing when he would be attacked again, and the confrontations with his brother as he was forced to push him away…

It was all too much.

'I don't know what normal is' Cam said to himself as tears spilled down his cheeks, 'but I know that this isn't it.'

Luke helped to walk his mother back to her room, and this was where she stayed, after that, he was alone again.

Luke sat on the steps in his home, absentmindedly carving into a block of wood. He was carving a depiction of roses and vines into the flat side of the wood.

He had been doing this for hours now, just to pass the time.

These last few years had been so desperately lonely for him. Without his brother, there were few people now he could speak to, and even fewer who actually cared for him, and even less still who loved him. He would often spend hours at a time, even in the years that had passed, thinking about Cam, wondering about him, and trying in his head to solve the riddle that was his brother. But as hard as he tried, he saw no solution to him.

He wanted to help Cam, but Cam would only push him away, and it was hard to help someone who resisted to be helped.

Luke had tried hard over the years, but slowly he was giving up.

Now he had become bitter.

His days were boring and his life had become meaningless. Cam, though Luke was certain that he hated it, was busy most of the time preparing for the day where he would become king. Not but two years from now.

Cam was kept busy, and the council spent a lot of time teaching him.

Brainwashing him.

Luke in years gone by was once included in these lessons, but once the council became more set as the years passed in separating the twins, Luke had been forgotten altogether. He didn't know what to do. Not only was the council doing their best to separate the bro

thers and keep them apart, but Cam was pushing him away also. Luke felt so disheartened and lost and helpless. He wanted to help his brother, but he didn't know how. He wanted to help his brother, thinking of how deep the council had dug their claws into him, how much he was being torn in different directions by the council, and being forced to carry this burden that he was sure Cam did not want to bear.

Luke was distracted briefly as a figure spoke to him. So caught up as he dwelt on his thoughts, he barely registered her until she stopped beside him.

'The council wouldn't like you doing that.'

He lifted his head at the voice, pausing. He saw standing beside him a servant, she had been walking up the stairs when she noticed what he was doing.

It was the roses he had carved that she referred to. Luke knew that the council believed that a prince should act a very specific way, and showing any interest in anything that might be considered feminine, to them was seen as weakness.

'I don't care what the council thinks' Luke replied darkly, bowing his head and returning to the carving. 'They don't care about me anyway. They only care about my brother…I am not important.'

'Now I'm sure that isn't true.'

Luke raised his head again to her.

'Isn't there some work you should be doing?' he asked her.

'I'm sorry my lord' she bowed submissively, remembering her place. She made to leave, pausing for a moment. 'Sylvia is unwell today' the servant girl told him turning back. 'Perhaps you should pay her a visit.'

She bowed to him again, before leaving swiftly, jogging up the stairs.


His old tutor.

She was the one person in the world now he could confide in, the one person who would listen, besides his own mother. He would even go so far as to say she loved him, and he thought that he might love her in return. It was strange, but he wasn't sure.

She had been old when the boys were first taught by her, and many years had passed since then. Now she was reaching the end of her life, and Luke knew she would not be around for much longer. Her health was deteriorating, her eyesight was failing, and she was becoming confused and struggled to eat. Now she was skinny and weak, and could no longer leaver her room without assistance. It was hard enough for her to leave her chair nowadays.

Luke entered her room a short time later to find it dark inside. He closed the door quietly behind him, though he needn't have bothered, there wasn't much that Sylvia could hear nowadays.

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