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   Chapter 82 No.82

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He did not touch it, only stared out through the window, through the warped glass he could see nothing but vague shapes and lights from the sky beyond.

Interlude start

'Why doesn't he help himself?' Tiara said.

'I think you'll find that he can't' Venus replied as if it were obvious. Which it was.

Tiara turned her eyes back to the monitor, absentmindedly playing with the plague mask in her hands as she watched the young prince sitting by the window with the book on his lap untouched.

'You know what I would do?' Tiara said.

'Please do tell me' Venus replied dryly. 'I am dying to know.'

'I would fucking kill that son of a bitch.'

'I'm sure you would' Venus replied distractedly, glancing at his fingernails.

'I mean it. It would be easy to do you know? Just hide a letter opener beneath your sleeve, wait for the opportune moment…..then bam!' she slammed her fists on the controls. 'Plunge that motherfucker right in his heart.'

'I'm sure it's not the easy.'

'What's so difficult about it?' she asked dubiously.

'If you were in his position…' Venus glanced to the monitor. 'He's probably just frightened and living in fear every day. I doubt the idea has even occurred to him.'

'More fool him' Tiara replied heartlessly, placing the mask over her face. 'If he lets himself continue to be a victim, then he has only himself to blame.'

'Being a victim is not a choice' Venus said flatly.

'Being a victim is a choice. You can be a victim, or you can do something about it.'

She took the mask away from her face.

'Only the strong make it in this world' she breathed.

'We could save him you know' Venus said. 'It would be more than easy for us.'

'Why would we though? I mean…why should we?' she smirked to herself. 'The best way to help someone' she said, 'is to tell them to help themselves.'

Interlude end

Many days later

Cam sat on the windowsill in his room, staring through the warped glass at the sky beyond, as he had done many times before. He would sometimes spend hours staring through this window, and seeing nothing.

His mind was blank, and he was almost in a trance as he sat there.

The door to his bedroom opened suddenly, and Cam looked around to see his mother standing there.

Cam rose to his feet, placing the book he held to the side as Miranda let the door swing shut behind her.

'Hello mother' Cam said flatly. 'What are you doing out of your room?'

Miranda narrowed her eyes at him. She moved forward gingerly, using a stick to walk. She went over to h

is bed, sitting down heavily upon it and turning to him.

'Did you order the death of the gypsies?'

'I….did' Cam finished uncertainly.


'They…' Cam began uncertainly. 'They are…dangerous…they spread lies.'

Miranda stared at him sadly, wearing an expression of genuine distress and despair.

'It breaks my heart to see what they've done to you, to see that they've gotten to you.' She looked away then. 'I failed.'

'What do you want?' Cam asked her shortly. 'Why did you come here?'

'You are my son' Miranda spoke softly.

Cam stared at her, clearly not understanding.

Miranda turned to look at him then.

'I care about you.'

'No you don't' Cam answered immediately.

'You must stop what they are doing to you' Miranda instantly diverged. 'You must stand up to them.'

'You don't understand.'

'No you don't understand' Miranda said, heaving herself up again and standing, holding the walking stick firmly with a hand. 'It's one thing to sit behind these walls and make these things happen, but to see it with your own eyes…the gypsies are being slaughtered in their thousands…like animals.' She fixed him with a cold stare. 'If you were to see the pain and suffering in their faces as their families were torn apart…babies thrown from buildings to their deaths, men being forced to dig their own graves, women being forced to chose which of their loved ones should die first…….to hear about this is one thing, but just imagine for a moment….being there, and seeing it for yourself.'

She fell silent for a few moments, letting her words sink in.

'The gypsies cause us harm' Cam said finally. 'Their deaths…will mean…for the rest of us….we will be safer.'

Miranda shook her head sadly at him.

'You're being controlled. Don't you see? If you don't stand up against the council…thousands more will die, and millions will suffer.'

Cam stared at her, mouth half open as if wishing to speak, but unsure of what to say.

'I….' he uttered then. 'I….' he drew a steady breath. '….I fear them' he breathed.

'Make yourself strong.'


'Find it in yourself' Miranda told him. 'The weak die. Life is hard, and if you are not strong, then you will suffer too.' She drew a slow breath, her body trembling slightly, though she hardly seemed to notice. 'Only the strong make it in this world' she said to him. 'Nothing lives forever, and in the end, everything dies. It's your job to live a good life' she said, 'and to do right by those around you, because your actions affect so many people.'

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