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   Chapter 79 No.79

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In the years that had passed, the relationship between Cam and his brother had only gotten worse. Now Luke had become angry.

'Don't you walk away from me!'

Cam turned back to him.

'You gonna stop me?'

Luke's eye twitched then, Cam knew he had gotten under his skin.

'You can't shut me out' Luke snapped. 'I won't let you.'

'And what can you do about it?' I'm sorry Luke. This is for your own good. 'I don't care about you.'

'The most painful part of that to hear' Luke said, 'is that I'm starting to believe it.'

'Just get out of my face!' Cam shoved him back. 'How long are you going to trail after me? I have a life of my own you know. We're not kids any more. Things have changed.'

'I know that better than anyone' Luke spoke in a whisper, 'believe me.'

'What's all this shouting?'

Cam's heart jolted in his chest at the all too familiar voice.

'You shouldn't be causing such a disruption' Brioke said.

'Like you care' Luke snapped viciously. 'Why should you care?'

Brioke narrowed his eyes dangerously at him.

His attention turned towards Cam.

'Cam I want to see you in my office.'

Cam's heart sunk in his chest, and a dark cloud descended over him.

'Now please' Brioke said. 'Follow me.'

Cam spared his brother one last glance with an expression that revealed nothing, before following after Brioke. Luke gave the pair a strange look as they went, an expression Cam didn't recognise.

The walk to the office was torture. Each step that Cam took was filled with dread. Cam thought desperately for a way out, a route of escape. But nothing came to him, nothing that would work.

They reached the office door all too soon, and Brioke held the door open for him.

'After you' Brioke said.

Cam entered the dimmed office slowly with his head bowed, walking carefully past Brioke and watching him closely out of the corner of his eye.

Brioke closed the door, and locked it behind him.

Cam had wandered to the middle of the room. A place where Brioke both worked and slept, it had several desks about the place, one small bed in the corner, some bookshelves in other corners. It was a smallish room with no windows. It was lit only by a few small candles about the place. Cam wondered then if the servants of the palace lit the candles, and would they try to come into the room now or very soon? But Cam knew.

It was a distant hope at best.

Brioke strolled over towards his soft chair beside one of the desks, sitting back with, one leg crossed over the


He let out a heavy breath, regarding Cam closely.

'Take off your clothes.'

Cam tensed at this, their eyes meeting for a brief moment. Then Cam's eyes slid to the floor again, still wide with fear. He raised his hands to his shirt buttons, trying not let his hands shake, and began to undo them slowly, one by one.

Brioke did not tell him to hurry up, almost as if he was savouring the moment. He watched Cam as he unbuttoned his shirt, very slowly.

When all the buttons were undone, Cam slowly lowered the shirt off his shoulders, and let the garment slip to the floor. He held himself then, arms over his stomach and jaw tight. He did not look up.

'And the rest' Brioke ordered.

Cam didn't move.

'I said-'

'I don't want to do this anymore!' Cam blurted out, straightening slightly and looking him in the eye now.

Brioke didn't answer; he only continued to watch Cam for the longest time.

In his chest, Cam's heart began to race, and his palms began to sweat.

Brioke bowed his head very slowly, never breaking eye contact. He rose swiftly then, striding up to Cam and backing him against the wall. Cam was quaking in fear, pushing himself against the wall as if wishing it would swallow him up, staring up with wide eyes at Brioke, unable to get further away from him.

'I said' Brioke spoke dangerously, 'take off…the rest…'

Cam began to shake visibly now, unable to break his gaze from him.

He then dared look away, glancing to the only door to the office. He looked back at Brioke, and made a break for it.

Brioke grabbed him before he could take more than few steps, pulling him back towards him.

'Get off me!' Cam cried. 'Let go!'

He stumbled with Brioke still holding him tightly, and fell on his back, Brioke bearing down on him, fighting with him to keep him still. Cam began to scream in desperation.

'Be quiet' Brioke hissed, fighting to keep him subdued, fighting to keep his arms down.

In a split second that Cam managed to free one of his arms in the struggle, he lashed out at Brioke, scratching his face right across a cheek. Brioke stopped moving then, and Cam froze in horror at what he had done, staring up at him.

Brioke slowly touched a hand to his cheek, seeing specks of blood from the scratch on his fingers.

He looked back at Cam below him, his lip curling in a snarl of rage. Cam's fear began to heighten, but it all stopped suddenly, when Brioke grabbed a heavy paperweight from his desk, and swung it hard across his forehead.

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