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   Chapter 78 No.78

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Luke in his childhood had had little care for his mother, but as he matured, as the gap between himself and his brother had widened and the council's poison had spread, he had developed new feelings for her. It hurt him to see her suffer like this, and he might have even gone so far as to say that he cared for her, loved her even, as a son should love his mother.

But he didn't know what that felt like, so he couldn't say for sure.

'I can't…' Miranda gasped. 'I can't…'

Luke bent down then, holding her and lifting her in his arms.

'Luke what are you…?'

'It's easier this way' he replied simply to her, beginning to walk. 'I don't want to put unnecessary strain on you.'

Miranda relaxed in his arms, tilting her head and resting against his chest. She let out a sigh, closing her eyes.

Luke put her down after a time, once they had reached a small door, the entrance to the tower.

'What is this?' Miranda gasped as she straightened.

'Can you manage the rest of the way?' Luke asked her. 'There is something I wish to show you.'

'I will be fine' Miranda nodded. 'Thank you.'

Luke nodded. 'After you.'

Miranda led the way up the tower, Luke followed after her, closing the door behind them quietly.

When Miranda reached the top of the tower, she froze.

'Well?' Luke asked, unable to stop himself from grinning. 'What do you think?'

'This is amazing' Miranda uttered, tears brimming in her eyes. 'It's been so long since I felt the sun…felt the wind…saw the sky, the city and the beach' she said turning to face one way then the other way.

Miranda bowed her head then, brushing away her tears before Luke saw them fall.

'You come here with Cam sometimes?' she began hastily, trying to divert Luke's attention.

'Not for a long time. Now…I come here alone.'

'Well now you won't have to' Miranda finished, turning to face him again.

Luke glanced at her. He broke into a smile.

'This is a spectacular find' she said to him. 'Thank you for sharing this with me.'

'Its fine' Luke said turning away. 'Don't worry about it, just…keep it secret.'

'That goes without saying.'

That sat together for hours, simply watching the world around them, watching the sun crawl across the sky, before beginning to sink towards the horizon, casting the buildings in the city before it an orange glow.

'It's beautiful' Miranda said as they sat upon the wall. 'So so beautiful….' She sighed wearily, bowing her head.

'Are you alright?' Luke asked her.

'My b

ody feels numb, ' she mumbled, 'and my head…' she said, touching her forehead. 'I'm constantly suffering the most terrible headaches.'

Luke looked to her now. She no longer wore her wig these days, the wig that made her look far prettier than she really was. Her black hair, though scruffy and cut uneven as it always had been, had grown a little longer, and she was no longer losing her hair. She no longer dressed in 'decent' clothes anymore. Most of the time, she simply wore her white under dress, or the nightgown she slept in. Nowadays, no one even saw her anymore, save for her servant and her own sons.

She had natural beauty once, and had been as beautiful as her sons were handsome. But no more.

'Am I going to die?' Miranda asked out of the blue, speaking quietly, though her voice seemed to cut sharply thought the air. 'What is going to happen to us?'

'I…' Luke hesitated, 'I don't know…'

'I wonder what Cam is doing now?' Miranda said aloud.

'I don't know' Luke said again. 'I hardly see him anymore.'

'A king must care about his people' his male tutor was saying. 'He must listen to the advice of the council which guides him, the left and the right hands of the king, this is most important.'

Cam stared down at the open book before him, the histories of his kingdom. He had already been told of several examples of kings not listening to their people and the suffering it caused, in one case even leading to civil war. He blinked back tears as he stared down at the pages, not even hearing his tutor speak anymore as he was being prepared for the day he would become king, which was fast approaching, and Cam was terrified.

His throat felt tight and his mouth felt dry. He felt so frustrated and angry all the time, and wanted to pick up the book and throw it away.

But more than anything, Cam was scared.

He was so tired of being frightened all the time, with only two years until he became king, he felt suffocated with the pressure and expectation that closed ever tighter around him with every passing day.

Sometimes he wished he could just run away from it all. He didn't want to be a king. He didn't want to live in a palace. He didn't want to live every day of his life in fear. Fear of being beaten, fear of being raped, but most of all fear for his brother, because if anything happened to Luke, he could never forgive himself.

At least he is safe Cam thought as he swallowed the lump in his throat, clenching his teeth. At least there is that…

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