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'He must care greatly for his brother' Venus said, leaning over the controls and typing away furiously.

'You just changed the weather' Reuben told him.

'Oh.' Venus leant back. 'What was it you wanted me to do?'

A flicker of annoyance crossed Reuben's face.

'Help him' Reuben said shortly. 'Please. Do something.'

'I've got it' Venus continued, leaning back over the controls and typing. 'I will answer his prayer.' He pressed the 'enter command' button.

Reuben and Venus straightened, watching the screen.

Cam on the monitor rose to his feet and left the prayer room, making his way to his bedroom. That was when Brioke appeared.

'What did you do?' Reuben asked suspiciously, as Brioke on the monitor backhanded Cam hard, causing him to fall on his knees.

'You care too much' Venus said simply, watching as Brioke grabbed Cam around the back of his neck and threw him to the floor.

Reuben gritted his teeth as he watched Brioke kick him several times. He then bore down on him, punching him several times in the face.

'This is not what I wanted' Reuben said through his teeth.

'What do you mean?' Venus asked innocently.

Reuben typed on the controls, pressing the 'enter command' button. He glanced up to the monitor again.

Brioke leant over Cam, whispering into his ear. Then he rose and walked briskly away, not looking back. Cam withdrew into his room.

'You're doing it wrong' Venus protested, typing his own commands into the machine again. 'He asked for Brioke to be kept to himself.'

'To protect his brother' Reuben protested.

'I'm only giving him what he's asked for' Venus said in his defence. 'Enter command' Venus sang happily, pressing the button again.

Reuben and Venus watched the monitor expectantly.

It wasn't long later that Brioke returned, barging through the door without warning and slamming it behind him.

'You're a sick man' Reuben said flatly, watching as Brioke threw Cam onto the bed and began tearing at his clothes, bearing down on him.

'He's the one who is wrong' Venus said, eyes flashing as he watched Cam on the monitor. 'He asked for this.'

Venus turned his back swiftly on the monitors, smirking at Reuben before striding away.

Reuben glanced back to the screen, watching as Brioke thrust into Cam, Cam biting on his own hand to stop himself crying out.

Reuben sighed deeply, reaching forward and turning the screen off.

He walked away.

Interlude end

Three years later

Twins aged seventeen

It had been years since Tim had first gone missing, and Miranda could only

assume the worst.

In all the time that had passed, the council had only grown stronger, and their hold over her eldest son had only strengthened.

Now she lived in constant fear for her life. It had been over two years since she left the floor her bedroom was on after recovering from near death after being poisoned, and on most days she didn't even leave her room at all. Her servant did everything for her. She brought books and games for her to keep her occupied throughout the days, told her news of the happenings within the council and the kingdom beyond, and brought her all her food, or course tasting all of it before allowing the queen to eat.

Miranda was now a shadow of her former self, she had never been happy in the palace, but now, things had never been worse. She had survived her poisoning years ago, but had never fully recovered. She suffered everyday for it. Her life could barely be called living anymore.

One day, Luke came to her.

'You can't spend your life in this room' he had said to her.

She had nothing to say in reply, too tired even for an answer, she couldn't find the strength in her to even care.

'When was the last time you went outside?' Luke asked her, kneeling before her as she sat on the edge of her bed. He leaned closer to get a better look at her. 'Your skin is so pale.'

'Outside?' Miranda mumbled. 'I don't even remember.'

'Come with me.'

'Where?' she groaned. 'All of the doors to the outside are either locked or guarded, and I dare not venture where I might be seen.'

'You don't have to' Luke said to her. 'I know a place where you can see the outside. It's been a secret all this time. No one else knows about it…save for Cam.'

'What are you talking about?' she murmured.

'Come with me' Luke said, taking her gently by the arm. He helped her to her feet.

Her handmaiden stationed by the door, watched silently as Luke helped his mother walk. It was difficult for her, and she held onto her son's arm for support. But shuffling along slowly, she managed.

'It's alright' Luke spoke gently to her. 'Nothing's going to happen to you, you're safe with me around.'

'Thank you' Miranda whispered quietly. 'Thank you…'

It took them several minutes to walk the distance that for Luke would have taken no time at all, and as Luke held onto his mother to support her, couldn't help but noticing how her body trembled constantly.

She groaned then, stopping suddenly and rubbing her chest firmly.

'It hurts' she wheezed, short of breath. 'My heart…'

'Are you having trouble breathing?'

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