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   Chapter 76 No.76

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All around them as they walked the streets, they saw industrial steam powered machinery, along with so many other things.

'So you're going by the name Venus now' Reuben said.

'I sure am.'

'What happened to your last name?'

'I decided to change it' Venus sang happily back winking at him.

'Do you even remember your original name?' Reuben asked sceptically, raising an eyebrow and ignoring the gesture. 'The one your parents gave you?'

'Umm' he pondered. 'It was Aubrey.'

'Why did you decide to change it?' Reuben asked.

'Why not?' Venus shrugged. 'I like the name I have now. I can do whatever I want.'

'Are you going to change it again?'

'Most likely.'

'What to?'

'I like….' he thought for a moment, 'Vergil' he finished. 'That will be nice. I'll probably use it in a few years time.'

He winked to a woman with short blonde hair on one side, and long black hair on the other. She wore laced gloves and on her shoulder was a tattoo on an octopus with pretty flowers sprouting from the ends of its tentacles. There were many with tattoos here, one shirt-less man they passed had a tattoo of a snake winding up his spine. Another had a tattoo that looked like the inside of his body was mechanical, with a metal beating heart and metal ribs. One woman they passed had a tattoo on her leg that made her flesh look as if it had been carved like wood with beautiful patterns.

'Your man seems nice' Reuben commented, glancing back down the street and towards the building they had left.

'I love handsome young men with black hair' Venus winked.

'He's a bit young isn't he?'

'He's nineteen' Venus said flatly. 'He's well above the legal age.'

'You're a bit old for him aren't you?'

'Yeah but I look young don't I?' Venus suddenly grabbed his arm and wheeled him around. 'Come on. How young do I look? Twenty? Twenty five? Young…fit and sexy. Who wouldn't want me?'

'It still doesn't change the fact you're really really old.'

'Hey' Venus shrugged. 'It worked in twilight.'

'That was a shit book.'

'Yeah it was.'

Reuben frowned at him. 'Anyway, I thought you weren't gay.'

'I wasn't until recently. You never know what you like until you try it.'

'What?' Reuben scoffed.

Venus moved closer to him so that their faces were inches apart, his lips hovering over Reuben's. Reuben instantly adopted a bored expression, his eyes glazed over.

'You never know' Venus smirked playfully; '…you might like it.' His eyes became gentle and warm. 'I like handsome young men with black hair' he said again, reaching forwards and caressing Reuben's black hair. He leant forwards towards Reuben.

Reuben's hand quickly shot up as he clamped it over Venus' mouth before he could kiss him.

'I think not' Reuben said stepping back. 'I don't sit on that side of the fence.'

Venus smirked again; the edges of his eyes crinkled happily.

'Suit yourself' came his muffled reply behind Reuben's hand. 'Your loss.' He stepped back, tilting his head. 'So what do you want me to help you with?'

'I want you to come with me back home' Reuben said. 'There's something I want to show you.'

They came to the edge of the town, looking over the wall to the world below their feet.

The entire city was a floating city, a great engine always running, cutting a path through the clouds as it forever glided over a silent world hundreds of feet below.

'Beautiful' Venus sighed, as Reuben used his magic to open a portal beside them.

He slipped through, and Venus followed, returning to the place they called home.

A few moments later, and the two were staring at one of the monitors, watching a young boy on his knees, praying before a statue his people knew as the goddess Micro.

'You dragged me here for this?' Venus asked incredulous. 'Couldn't it have waited? Why didn't you ask your brother, or anyone else for that matter?'

'You were the only one I could find' Reuben said. 'He needs help' he said turning back to the monitor. 'He…'

Reuben broke off suddenly.

'What?' Venus asked him.

'Look' Reuben said, watching the boy on the screen closely. 'Do you see that?'

'What?' Venus said again, turning back to the screen.

'Read his lips.'

Venus fell silent as he did so. Seconds later he spoke.

'Wow' he said. 'That's amazing.'

'He's praying for his brother's safety' Reuben said in awe. 'He's praying to keep Brioke to himself.'

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