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   Chapter 75 No.75

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'I couldn't find any of the others' Reuben was saying as he stood in the doorway, speaking to the open sky above.

'Not even your brother?' Venus asked, lifting the black robe over his shoulders.

'He went out' Reuben replied simply.

Venus took his plague mask from the desk nearby, leaning forwards over the bed and kissing Kai one last time before straightening again and raising his hood, he tucked the plague mask in a hidden pocked inside his robe.

'Until next time' Venus said to Kai, turning from the room and following Reuben out the door and into the streets beyond.

He closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. Venus followed after Reuben who had raised his own hood, and hidden his own mask in a pocket inside his robes. Venus picked up his pace to keep up with Reuben.

'I love this place' Venus said glancing about him. 'It's my favourite world.'

The streets around them thronged with people of all sorts. It was always busy here, even at night.

'Oh by the way' Reuben said turning to Venus tapping his own lips, 'you've got a….uh…'

Venus wiped the blood from the corner of his lips, straightening up again.

'I know I'm clockwork now' Venus said as they walked, 'but the desire for blood has never gone away.'

'It's all in the mind' Reuben told him. 'I'm sure you don't even need it to live anymore.'

'You're probably right' Venus admitted. 'But it's hard to give up a habit I was born into.'

'Do you miss your old life?'Reuben asked him.



'Because now…' he smirked. 'It's much more fun. I am no longer confined by the night.'

'You just like the power and control' Reuben frowned.

'That too. Don't tell me you don't enjoy it as well.'

They walked in silence for a while, Venus gazing happily about them as they went.

Even at a mere glance one could see this city was a special place indeed. It was a mishmash of different cultures, styles, races and religions. This was an open city, just like so many in this world. They were a tolerant people. Almost anything was allowed as long as it didn't cause harm.

Two women passed them in the street wearing what appeared at first to be only their underwear but made of leather. They wore heavy jewels around their necks, clocks and mechanical pieces in their hair, and around their waists, belts filled with pistols and knives.

They continued walking, passing a small section of green in the city, one of the few gardens that existed here, where a couple were having sex out in the open, though everything was covered by the woman's long skirt. No one paid them any attention. They were blocked momentarily from view by a carriage, pulled by a mechanical horse made of silver metal, moving at a trot.

They also witnessed a man approaching them in the street walking the other way, he had ve

ry dark skin. There were black plastic strips weaved into his hair and clearly visible, and from his back grew large wings like that of an angel. But these were mechanical wings.

By his side walked a shaggy black dog, around its muzzle was a sharp mechanical jaw and upon its head, it wore a top hat.

These were only a few of the things that they saw.

Despite all the differences of those that lived here (or those just passing through), there was one thing that all the people here shared.

The desire to travel.

'Do you miss your old life then Reuben?' Venus asked, catching the eye of a young woman they passed. She had ivory skin, white blonde hair and a pretty blue dress. Wrapped around her waist was a giant snake, with white skin like the girls, and pale eyes.

'There are some things I regret I cannot enjoy anymore' Reuben admitted, 'people I miss, friends…loved ones.'

'That place you knew still exists' Venus said. 'I don't understand why you don't go back there.'

Reuben shook his head. 'That time has been and gone, like growing up in a happy childhood. It was great at the time, but you can never go back and re-experience it. It would never be the same.' He sighed. 'All the people I knew back in the life I used to live are dead now. Times have changed….I could never go back.'

'Such is the curse of immortality' Venus said sarcastically. 'Oh what a burden.'

'It is a burden' Ruben argued. 'Of a sorts.'

'How so?'

'Well…I'm not a guardian anymore. Neither is my brother. I cannot use my old powers in this body.'

Venus shrugged at that mutely.

'The same goes for Tiara' Reuben continued. 'She is no longer a Weather Maker.'

'You sacrifice something small' Venus told him, 'to gain something far bigger. Look at all you know now and have learnt over these many years. Look at the worlds you have visited and visit still.'

'I'm grateful at least that I can share this experience with my brother' Reuben said.

'Yes' Venus replied in a comical tone. 'At least Lucas plays this game more seriously…or less seriously depending on how you look at it…hmm…which is the best way to phrase it?'

They slowed their pace slightly to make their way through a crowd that had gathered on one of the street corners just outside a theatre. The men wore waistcoats, the women wore corsets, but both sexes wore top hats and lots of leather and the same sorts of trinkets carried on their person. Clocks and stopwatches and mechanical cogs they wore in their hair, on their clothes, or hanging from their waists. Some had goggles on their hats, keys and pendants and chains. Many women wore high boots. One of the women they passed was fanning herself with a metal fan. One of the men they passed had a mechanical hand; blue lights from the joints shone brightly even in the daylight.

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