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   Chapter 74 No.74

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Their mother arrived shortly after, saying nothing to either of her sons. She ate quickly and left, Luke finished after her.

'Do you want to go out for a ride with me?' Luke offered him. 'The horses could do with some exercise.'

Cam turned his head slowly towards Luke. The brothers had on more than one occasion ridden the horses inside the palace, only able to travel up and down the stairs with the gentler inclines. But there were so many stairs in the palace; they could still get to whichever floor they wanted.

'No' Cam answered shortly, shaking his head. 'I'm fine…thanks.'

'Are you sure?'


'Why is it taking you so long to eat your breakfast?'

'I've got a bit of an upset stomach' Cam mumbled in reply. 'That's why I got up so early...I couldn't sleep. I'll be fine.'

'If you say so' Luke rose to his feet, turning away to leave. He paused then, glancing back at his twin. 'Hope you get better soon' he said sincerely, before marching out of the hall.

'Bye' Cam mumbled after him, feeling tears prickling in his eyes.

The tall door shut, the noise echoing in the silent hall.

Cam glanced about the hall, and saw no one else around. He let out a heavy sigh, pushing his unfinished plate of food away from him and resting his forehead on the table. With his head still on the table, he lifted his shirt carefully with a shaking hand to see his stomach. There was large bruising clearly visible.

He sighed again, letting his shirt fall. He stayed where he sat for ages.

Of course, the real reason he had come to breakfast so early, was so that no one would see him walk, with his body hunched over, and the agony clearly shown on his face.

Interlude start

'Venus!' the man cried. 'Stop! You're tickling me!'

Venus clutched him ever tighter, hands moving quickly beneath the sheets as he worked.

'That's the whole point' Venus laughed, nuzzling into his neck. 'You are mine. Don't you know? You belong to me.'

Kai turned over to face him, resting on his side. His wrists were handcuffed before him.

Venus smirked at him. 'You're so handsome' he said, brushing Kai's shaggy black hair back, his pale skin was light and beautiful.

Kai smiled back at him, lifting his arms up so that the chain between his wrists went around the back of Venus' neck, holding them together.

'Don't worry' Venus whispered delicately in his ear, moving his lips down Kai's neck and to his shoulders as he held him close. 'It won't leave a mark.'

'I wouldn't mind if you did

' Kai admitted. 'I am yours after all.'

Venus's eyes fluttered up to Kai's face, before lowering again. He moved further down, until his lips were hovering over Kai's chest. He opened his mouth wide. Kai flinched, as Venus sunk his teeth in, his fangs drawing blood.

Venus moaned in pleasure at the taste of him.

'Your blood is so delicious…'

And then the door to the room opened.

Venus lifted his head slowly towards the figure standing in the doorway; Kai beside him stared in surprise.

'Reuben' Venus said, propping himself up on an elbow to see him better. 'Do you not know the meaning of a closed door in this sort of establishment?'

'I would say I'm sorry but I'm not' Reuben replied, removing the plague mask from his face and lowering his hood. 'How did you know it was me?'

'Only you would try to find me anywhere' Venus answered.

'Is this a friend of yours?' Kai spoke up.

'I suppose' Venus answered. 'Of a sorts…'

'He's handsome' Kai replied, turning his eyes back onto him.

'How did you know I was here?' Venus asked Reuben

'Because' Reuben said, leaning on the doorframe and crossing his arms, 'you're predictable.'

Venus stared at Reuben for a moment, before bowing his head and smirking. 'If you say so.' He sat up, pushing himself up the bed and leaning back against the headboard. 'So what do you want? Why do you interrupt my pleasure time?'

'I want your help with something back home, I was just looking at one of the monitors and……hey… you listening to me?'

As Reuben was speaking, Venus' attention quickly drifted back towards Kai. He began to caress him, tilting his head towards his and stroking his jawbone, running his fingers up his cheek and towards his ear.


A twinge of annoyance crossed Venus' brow, and his eyes swam back towards Reuben.

He gave a huff.

'What?' Venus huffed moodily. 'What is it? What do you want?'

'I want you to help me with something back home' Reuben told him patiently.


'Uh…yeah' Reuben said. 'Now.'

'You won't forget about me will you?' Kai whispered to Venus longingly, pulling him closer with the chain between his wrists. 'You'll come back for me won't you?

'Always' Venus uttered, turning his head towards him and kissing him deeply.

'Venus' Reuben said again patiently.


Venus lifted Kai's arms, freeing himself from the chain around his neck and shuffling across the bed beneath the sheets.

Reuben turned his back as Venus rose to stand, completely naked.

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