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   Chapter 73 No.73

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'I've done what I can' Tim said in a distant voice. 'The boy's lives are not in danger. I've been watching the council members closely. They wish not to harm them.'

Miranda listened to his words as he spoke, but she did not answer.

He turned back to face her, staring at the back of her head, contemplating whether he should say more, before deciding against it. He looked ahead again.

'I should go now.'

There was a knock on the door then, Tim and Miranda stared at the door for a moment, before Miranda rose and went over to it, putting on a silk dressing gown as she went.

She opened the door a crack to see Luke standing there.

'You wanted to see me?' he asked her tentatively.

'No' she snapped shortly at him. 'Did you want something?'

'Um…' Luke began, uncertain now. 'No.'

'Then go away.'

She closed the door and returned to her bed.

Outside in the corridor, Luke turned away, his mind whirling furiously.

Cam knelt before the statue of the goddess Micro, a woman who stood tall, on one side she held her arm outstretched, on the other, her wing curled around her body. Behind her head upon the wall was painted a great circle to represent the sun. She was the goddess thought to take most pleasure in giving life, making the grass green, making crops grown rich and healthy; and making children born strong and happy.

Cam bowed his head, hands together as he prayed.

Minutes later he lifted his head, rising to his feet and turning away from the small room. It was a modest temple within the palace, a private room in which to pray. Cam came here more and more often as he grew up. He left, closing the door quietly after him as he wandered the corridors of the palace.

It was quiet, and there was no one else around as Cam made his way to his bedroom, thoughts of what book he would read next on his mind.

He had nearly reached the door to his room, when a voice stopped him.

'How are you this evening Cam?' Brioke asked him.

Cam's heart jolted in his chest, and he turned back to Brioke reluctantly. Twice in one day? Oh please gods no.

'I'm fine' Cam replied meekly.

'Are you doing well in your studies?' Brioke asked.

'Yes…I think so.'

'And you're doing your homework?'



Brioke made as if to turn away, but suddenly turned back sharply, backhanding Cam hard.

Cam fell to his knees at the force of the blow, facing away from him. Brioke grabbed him with one hand around the back of the neck, Cam instantly sobbed in fear, afraid of what would happen next. He thre

w Cam forwards on his front, but instead of feeling Brioke's bodyweight upon him like he usually did, he experienced instant pain as Brioke kicked him hard. Cam rolled onto his side. Brioke kicked him again several times in the stomach, then once hard across the face. Cam rolled onto his back, then Brioke bore down upon him, holding him in place with his weight.

Cam stared up in fear at Brioke. For a second he did nothing, then he grabbed Cam around the throat with one hand, with the other, he swung back a fist, punching Cam several times in the face.

When he was done, he leant close to him, whispering into his ear.

'Don't forget about me.' Then he rose and walked briskly away, not looking back, acting as if nothing had happened.

Cam held his bleeding nose with both hands.

He glanced about the corridor in case anyone had seen. He then wiped up the blood left on the floor beside him with a sleeve, and withdrew into his room.

It wasn't long later that Brioke returned, barging through the door without warning and slamming it behind him. Cam wheeled around, heart sinking in his chest at the sight of him, still bleeding and in pain from his injuries. Brioke strode up to him, grabbing Cam by the shirt and throwing him down onto the bed.

Sometime later her left, and Cam pushed himself gingerly off the bed, trying to stop himself from sobbing as he rasped painfully through clenched teeth, balling the sheets in his fists.

He washed himself tenderly, body aching all over. Then dressed in fresh clothes and went to bed.

That night, Cam woke with a start. He tossed and turned as he slept, feeling in his dreams unwanted hands upon him in the dark. He sat bolt upright suddenly, waking abruptly and gasping deeply with his racing heart.

He calmed after a few seconds, and then noticed dampness in the bed. He threw the sheets back and rose to stand quickly, staring down at the damp in the bed for several seconds in confusion.

He turned and strode away to change his clothes, sucking his thumb as he went.

In the morning he woke early and painted his face to hide the bruising. He was the first to arrive for breakfast, and waited for his mother and brother to appear while the servants brought him his food.

'Morning Cam' Luke said when he had arrived. 'What happened to your face? It's all swollen?'

'I walked into the door' Cam replied quickly, having thoroughly rehearsed this excuse.

'Oh' Luke replied. 'That was clumsy of you. I'm here!' he called to the servants. 'Can I have my breakfast please?'

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