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   Chapter 72 No.72

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'Why have you not told me before?'

'It's a dangerous profession, especially in times like these where the holy rule over us all. If they found out about this…I don't know what they would do.'

It was only a few weeks later, that they came for her.

'What are you doing?!' Triss had cried in panic as they grabbed her by the arms as she went out to the market to buy some food.

'Triss Lesart. You are under arrest.'

'What for? I've done nothing wrong!'

'You are guilty for the crime of being a witch' the other holy man told her coldly. 'You will be tried and face your punishment.'

Later that night, she was tied to a great wooden cross in the dungeons, the torturer slowly prising her toenails from her with red hot pincers.

Her throat was hoarse from screaming.

'I've done nothing wrong' she repeated yet again. 'Please…please let me go…I am innocent!'

'I'm out of nails' the torturer said, kneeling before her, acting as if he hadn't heard. 'What should we do next?'

'Is this going to take all night?' the council member sighed as he stood by the door. 'I've got better things to be doing.'

'Just as soon as she confesses' the torturer said.

'Then get her to confess' Brioke told him calmly.

Triss screamed again.

'I'm trying' the torturer said lazily, straightening as he rose to stand before her, 'but she is a stubborn one.'

Brioke unfolded his arms, striding forwards down the short flight of steps that descended into the dark room. She gazed back at him in wide eyed terror as he stopped before her.

'Would you like to see your husband again?' Brioke asked.

Triss opened her mouth, uttering his name. '…Peter?'

The next day, she walked through the streets in chains, crowds of people gathered to watch.

Her hair, once glossy and golden, was now faded and lank and greasy, her dress was filthy, and she was covered in blood. Her wounds had received no care at all.

She raised her head as the guards that surrounded her stopped.

Here she saw her husband.

One of the guards behind her shoved her forwards, towards Peter.

'I'm sorry' he sobbed to her as she was tied to the stake beside him. 'You're here because of me…'

She stared at him, unable to speak, shaking as she slowly turned to face ahead of her, still not coming to terms in her head with what was really happening.

This was really happening.

She was going to die.

The guard finished tying her, stepping back as another lowered the burning torch to

the wood and straw tied below her.

The crowd watched in utter silence as they both screamed, the flames licking their bodies and growing ever higher.

From one of windows in the palace, Brioke watched.

He closed the window, the warped glass blocking out anything that could be seen clearly. He locked the window, placing the little black key back into his pocket.

He was in his room, still hearing the screams from outside, but fainter now.

He left his room, wandering down the corridor. It was here that he ran into Luke, trailing through the halls alone, purely out of boredom and seeking something to do.

Cam came across them only by chance, heading through the palace in search of another room to hide in; one secluded and quiet where he could read in peace; a place where he would not be bothered by anyone else.

He froze as he saw Brioke and Luke standing there at the end of the corridor, talking.

He clenched his fists. The beat in his chest began to quicken.

'Luke!' he called out suddenly. 'Mother wants to see you.'

It was a lie of course. His first instinct was to separate the two, and keep Luke away and safe.

Luke gave him a sceptical look, surprised that Cam had spoken to him, before wandering off to find their mother.

When Brioke and Cam were alone in the corridor, Brioke approached him.

'What are you doing?' Brioke glowered.

'I…' Cam whimpered, holding his hands behind him and staring at the floor. 'I don't want you to touch Luke…I want you to myself….' he felt sick as he spoke these words, disgusted at himself.

Brioke grabbed his chin and lifted, bending down and kissing him.

He took Cam to a quiet room, where they stayed for several minutes.

Afterwards, Cam went to wash himself. And then he went to pray.

'Tim' Miranda said with surprise as she entered her room to find him standing there. 'Is everything alright?'

'It is' Tim answered solemnly stepping forwards.

'Are the boys safe?'

'Yes' Tim replied. He stared at her intently. 'It's time to receive my payment' he spoke in a low voice.

'Now?' she sighed wearily.

He nodded.


She undressed quickly and lay on the bed.

He rose from his seat, moving over to her, undressing and leaning over her.

He parted her legs, pushing into her. And then he began to move.

She took no pleasure in the act as he did this to her, but he didn't care.

When he was finished, they each sat on the edge of the bed, backs to one another.

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