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And then he gathered himself. His brow furrowed, he gritted his teeth in a snarl, grabbing Luke's hands that held his face and shoving him away.

'Don't touch me.'

Cam rose quickly to his feet, turning his back on him and storming away, tears running down his cheeks.

I have to keep Brioke to myself he thought furiously, I have to…or else he might….

Cam slammed shut the doors to the dining hall behind him, leaning back against them and covering his eyes with his forearm.

I have to protect my brother….I have to…I love him.

Chapter Nine

Miranda lay on her bed, gazing blearily up at the ceiling. She now wore her wig all the time, even in bed, to hide the fact that she was losing her hair. But this was the least of her sufferings.

She experienced painful, burning sensations in her arms and legs, weakness, headaches, the feeling that she was walking on hot coals.

She sighed deeply, clenching her teeth and concentrating hard on not throwing up. There was a bowl on her bedside table in case she did so, one that was replaced regularly by her servant.

'Miranda?' a voice spoke softly.

She turned her head towards the healer.

'I need to you take this' he offered her.

Miranda blinked slowly, staring at the blue pill.

'It will leach your system of the poison fairly quickly' the healer told her. 'Here.'

He handed the pill to her with a glass of water. Miranda struggled to sit up. The healer put the pill in her mouth, holding her head back as he gently held the glass to her lips, helping her drink.

'I need you to eat this' the healer said once she had swallowed the pill, handing her a bowl.

'What is it?' Miranda asked weakly, staring into the bowl.

'It's a cut up banana. It will help replace the potassium you've lost in your body.'

He straightened as Miranda began to slowly eat.

'How does your heart feel?' he asked her.

'Not good' Miranda whispered back.

The healer placed a hand upon her chest, feeling her beating. He straightened again.

'Your blood pressure is still high' he told her, 'your heartbeat is rapid.'

'When can I leave this room?' Miranda asked him, lifting a piece of banana to her lips.

'When you feel ready' he told her simply. 'Just concentrate on recovering. You're lucky to be alive.'

'How are the boys?'

'They are fine.'

'Will I ever fully heal?' she asked.

'Only time will tell' he replied.

He left her

shortly after.

She would often wonder as she lay there alone for hours on end, day in, day out, how deep their claws had sunken into her children, and how both sides of the council would be doing their best to rip them apart.

She stared up at the ceiling, too weak even to wish to speak.

It was many weeks later when she was well enough to join her children for breakfast.

Cam and Luke glanced up as the door to the breakfast hall opened. They were both surprised to see her make an appearance; it was clear on their faces.

Miranda moved slowly across the hall, her new handmaiden that followed her, pulled the chair back for her as she sat, and pushed her up to the table.

'Thank you Tess' Miranda said quietly. 'You may go now.'

Tess bowed low and moved away.

Miranda turned her attention onto the boys then. She leant forwards with her elbows on the table, glancing from Cam to the Luke.

'Children' she said to them, 'how have you been?'

Cam and Luke glanced uncertainly at each other.

Triss had always been a happy girl. She had been raised by good parents, and had many siblings, all of which were older than her. It had been hard growing up being overshadowed by all of her brothers and sisters, but Triss had blossomed into a fine woman with a good temperament. She was kind of heart and pure of soul, always seeing the good in everything, no matter how dark. She was beautiful, with long wavy hair, yellow and bright light the sun, and her pretty smile would make anyone else smile too, no matter how sad they were.

But she was never sure as she grew up what she wanted in life. That was, until she met him.

His name was Peter, and she remembered the day she first laid eyes on him in the wheat field.

It was a windy day, and his cloak billowed back as he stood there before her, seemingly as captivated by her beauty as she was by his.

He had dared to reach towards her, drawing his hand back sharply. He placed it over his chest and bowed low to her.

'What a beautiful maiden' he had said. 'You must have walked right out of the fairy tales I've read so often, for I have never in all my life seen such magnificence.'

They were married soon after, and both were smitten with each other.

It was shortly after that, that she found out he was an alchemist.

'Magic' she had hissed in shock at the discovery. 'Sorcery.'

'No' Peter had shook his head. 'Science.'

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