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   Chapter 70 No.70

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'We're using it to fly with' the boy explained.

'May I see it?' Cam asked politely.

The boy handed it to him, and Cam took it gently. He unfolded the blue paper until it was a square sheet again, placing it on the ground and folding it again a different way.

He did this very quickly, and when he was finished he lifted his hand, the folded paper held between his fingers.

'Here' he said handing the paper, now folded in the shape of a flower to one of the girls. 'For you my lady.'

They all gasped in astonishment, gazing at it in wonder.

'That was amazing' the girl said taking it.

'You're so lucky to be a prince' one of the boys said. 'I would give anything to be you.'

'It must be nice' a young girl said, 'to have such fine clothes and jewels and all the things you could possibly want.'

'Well' Cam spoke slowly with a gentle expression, 'it certainly has its perks.'

'When you're king' one of the boys said, 'are you going to use your power to make the world a better place?'

Cam bowed his head to the young boy.

'I hope so' he replied.

'You're going to be a great king' one of the girls spoke up. 'I just know it.'

'I'm honoured that you have such faith in me' Cam replied, placing his hand gently upon her blonde head.

Her eyes grew large in admiration as she gazed up at him, as if she were nothing but a peasant, and he a god in the flesh.

'I only hope I am worthy of your praise' Cam said.

He rose to his feet now.

'Run along then children' he told them. 'A prince is very busy. I have much to do.'

'Bye Cam' the children said to him, before one by one running off. 'Goodbye your highness.'

Very soon, they were out of sight, skipping down the corridor and disappearing around the corner. Cam smiled dreamily after them.

Must be nice to be me? He thought. Must be nice to be you.

He continued his way down the corridor, heading to his room where his book waited for him, but before he could reach his bedroom, he ran into a figure.

'Brioke!' Cam gasped, his heart constricting in his chest. 'You're…you're back…?'

Brioke lifted his heavy eyes to Cam's. He had been absent for several months, travelling the kingdom on business. It was a common practice for members of the council to leave the palace in which they lived, for sometimes years at a time. Most it was said did so for their own safety. There were only twenty members of the council left, ten on each side. But there had not been any deaths for many years now, and the situation was considered safer. The left and right hand of the counci

l still ruled the kingdom in his father's place, and the prince's were still too young to rule the kingdom. Cam, being the older twin, would be king one day, until then, the council still controlled everything.

'Cam' Brioke said. 'I want to see you in my office'

Cam spoke before he realised what he was saying. 'But I don't want to go.'

Without warning Brioke backhanded him hard, sending Cam flying. He fell hard on his side, cringing, hand covering his face where Brioke had hit him as he cowered beneath him.

'It wasn't a question, it was an order' Brioke spat, punctuating the sentence with a swift kick to the gut.

Cam curled up, hugging himself in pain, weak and unable to protect himself, unable to do anything, he was completely at Brioke's mercy.

Brioke knelt down quickly, grabbing Cam by the shoulders. Cam flinched, thinking Brioke would hurt him again.

Instead he kissed him, Cam feeling Brioke deep inside him.

'I want to see you in my office' Brioke whispered into Cam's ear, still holding Cam up, hands gripping his upper arms tightly. 'Five minutes' Brioke told him. 'Don't keep me waiting.'

He shoved Cam back to the ground and strode away. Cam curled up then, holding himself, breathing slowly to calm his racing heart and blinking furiously, trying his best to keep the tears back.

A minute or so later, he rose slowly, hunched over and holding himself, hands over the place where Brioke had kicked him.

He jogged down the corridors, up and down several stairs, and headed to Brioke's office.

He knocked on the door, waiting sullenly for it to open. It did.

Brioke stood there, smiling down at him.

'You're a good lad' he said, standing back to allow him to enter.

Cam did so, turning towards the door mournfully, as it closed behind him.

The next morning at breakfast, Luke decided to try to speak to Cam again.

'This is horrible' he said, his voice breaking. 'Why are you doing this to me?'

Cam clenched his jaw, glaring furiously at the book on the table before him.

'Please speak to me!' Luke cried, standing abruptly and slamming his hands down on the table, the chair behind him fell backwards to the floor. 'I can't take this anymore…'

He moved over to him when Cam did not react, taking his face in his hands and turning Cam's face up to his.

'We used to be so close…' Luke whispered, '…what happened?'

Cam gazed up at Luke who held him, his body beginning to tremble, eyes beginning to shimmer. Cam's throat began to tighten, a small noise passed his lips, a whimper, barely audible.

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