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   Chapter 69 No.69

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Cam took a seat mutely at the last remaining empty chair, and the lesson began.

The lessons changed every time as they covered each subject, but there were certain things that the princes would be made to return to, certain lessons they were taught over and over again. Today was one of those lessons.

Cam was made to read a passage from one of the books upon the table, reading out loud as the teacher and Luke listened silently.

As he read, Cam glanced briefly up at Luke. The expression his brother wore appeared to be blank. But Cam noticed the slight downward curl of his lips, the way his eye twitched as he followed the passages, staring down at the book on the table before him. He knew that Luke hated these lessons that happened three times a week, at the same times every week. Cam knew that everything they were being taught was against everything he believed in. Luke was a good and honest person at heart, with a pure soul. He was forgiving and understanding, and couldn't bring himself to cause harm to other people, no matter if they hurt him or someone he cared about, no matter how much they deserved it. Luke just wasn't that way.

Cam on the other hand…

He faltered for a moment, his lips hanging onto the end of the sentence he spoke.

He didn't know what he could do or was capable of if he was forced to it.

In the past Luke had questioned these lessons, even one day going so far as to refuse them altogether. His punishment had been to be locked in a small room for three days with nothing but a bed to lie on. He had been fed well, and allowed out to use to toilet, but other than that he was left in solitary confinement. The boredom had been too much for him to bear. After that, he seemed to welcome the lessons presented to them, pretending to absorb every detail of them.

He never again questioned or spoke against them.

'Cam?' the lecturer spoke expectantly. 'You've stopped reading.'

'Sorry' Cam mumbled, returning his attention back to the pages before him. He continued reading. 'Obey' he began. 'The seven gods are our mothers and fathers, we cannot live without them, we cannot exist without them, without them, our lives are meaningless.' He drew a deep breath before continuing. 'The world is filled with the dead and dying, the world is filled with hate, corruption and betrayal. The gods execute righteousness and justice, through the holy men, we hear their voice.' Cam paused.

'Go on' the teacher said. 'Continue.'

'There are those who are different, there are those who wish to harm the perfect world we are trying to create. Those who are dif

ferent, wish to harm our way of life, these heathens deserve only to be removed, to burn in flames. Those who are different, deserve to die.'

The lessons only lasted for three hours or so at a time, and after this, the princes could do as they wished.

Cam was left alone, this time Luke did not try to speak to him. Cam made the long trek back to his room, thinking about the book called Darker Eyes he was reading, eager to get back to it, he picked up his pace.

Along the way he heard several voices, the voices of children coming his way. He slowed to a stop, watching the end of the corridor, the direction the sounds were coming from. A few seconds later, and the children appeared.

They came running around the corner, laughing as they went. There were five of them. The oldest one was seven, the youngest was five.

The leading child was running with a folded piece of paper in his hand, the paper was shaped like a point and flew through the air when he threw it. The other children chased it as he did this, each trying to catch it.

As they approached Cam, they slowed to a stop one by one, staring up at him. One of the children caught the folded paper wedge before speaking.

'Hey!' the young boy said. 'It's the prince.'

The children all beamed up at him in awe and wonder and reverence. These were the sons and daughters of some of the council members that had moved to live in the palace. Many had brought their wives with them when they did this, some brought children. They lived here with their families permanently now; some of the children had even been born here.

There was plenty of space for all of them in this vast palace, but even with all the extra people the building housed, it still felt empty, and most of the corridors were still deserted most of the time. The guards were no longer stationed at their posts as they used to be.

Cam smiled kindly down at the little faces beaming up at him. The children loved both the princes, especially the younger children. They looked upon both Cam and Luke like the holy men looked upon the gods. To them, the princes seemed almost like the legends and heroes stepped out of the pages of the adventure books they grew up reading, and they adored them. Especially Cam, who was destined to be king, the older twin, born minutes before his brother.

'Hello children' Cam spoke softly.

They all surrounded him, gazing up at him wide eyed.

Cam tilted his head down at them, looking at the folded paper in the boy's hand.

'What do you have there?' he asked, kneeling before the boy and looking at the paper closely.

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