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   Chapter 68 No.68

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He didn't know how to feel about this, and so he felt nothing, facing only the next hour ahead.

That's all he ever did.

Cam fell back upon his bed, resting on his back with his forearm over his eyes. The book he carried resting by his side.

He was exhausted today, as he had felt on so many other days. The feeling never changed. He quickly gave himself up to sleep, without even bothering to get dressed, without taking his boots off. His mind drifted until he was in better places, at least at first.

He didn't remember the good part of his dream, only the bad part, the last part, before he woke with a jolt.

He dreamt of hands upon him, being forced to the ground. Then he woke with a gasp, sweating and panting.

Cam let out a slow breath, realising that it was all just a dream. He sighed, hand going to his head.

It was still dark.

He wondered what time it was, whether he had been asleep for an hour or several. Then he let his hand drop, feeling the book by his side.

Vanity's night.

He sat up, fumbling in the dark, he lit the candle which rested on the bedside table, and continued to read.

He read for hours, until the room began to brighten, and morning light shone through the warped glass window to his bedroom. Cam glanced up at the clock on the wall, it was half past seven. At nine o'clock breakfast would be served, in the meantime while he waited, he read.

When the time came, he put his book away and left his room, making his way to the dining hall several floors below. He had to traverse several flights of stairs before he reached the place, and when he did, he found Luke already sitting at the table.

Mealtimes were the only times they would regularly meet now, Luke would often wait for him before beginning his meal, as was the case today.

'Morning Cam' Luke said brightly to him.

Cam shut the tall door behind him silently, slouching towards the table. His eyes were red from lack of sleep; he had spent too long reading late. But that didn't matter, as he sat down now he produced another book, resting it on the table open and beginning to read. On the way he had briefly made a detour and picked it up in one of the palace's many libraries. Darker eyes it was called. It was a story about demons rising from the earth, formed from the hatred and greed of the human race, in time they became their own entity. But instead of being vanquished, they formed their own personalities, and changed drastically throughout the story, until at the end; they shrugged off all their bad traits and became holy. They were accepted into heaven itself as an example, as the humans from whic

h they were created, remained on earth, forced to suffer the torment and misery which they created, and brought upon themselves. Cam liked this story, he had read it several times already, but he was such a quick reader, he was more than happy to read it yet again.

'You were up late reading again weren't you?' Luke asked him, his voice echoing in the vast and otherwise silent hall.

Cam didn't answer. He only stared down at his book, turning the page loudly and obviously. Luke knew he used the book mainly as a distraction so that he had an excuse not to speak. He would do it at breakfast, lunch time and dinner time. Every single day.

At times Luke would make an attempt to engage him in conversation, other days he wouldn't bother. Today was the day he made the effort.

Luke's expression darkened; and he leant forward on his elbows.

'It's rude to ignore people' he told Cam sternly.

'Morning' Cam replied flatly without looking up. 'I was up late reading last night. You were correct.'

Luke gave an exasperated sigh, leaning back in his chair and turning away. He receded into a sullen silence, and said no more.

A short while later a servant brought Cam his breakfast. The princes would never ask what they were going to be given to eat, nor did they request anything. Food was simply brought to them like clockwork. Every day it was a little different.

Cam ate his eggs and buttered bread quietly, never lifting his head from the book. Minutes later he heard the noise of a chair being pushed back, footsteps, a door opening and closing, then silence.

Cam stopped chewing; he swallowed his mouthful and looked up. Luke was gone.

He let out a sigh of relief, sitting back in his chair and closing his eyes.

He felt tired, so very tired. His hand went to his head and stayed there for a moment, until he found the resolve to sit straight again.

When he had finished his breakfast, he decided to go back to bed, where he slept for the rest of that morning.

He was woken by a servant at midday, informing him that it was time to attend his lessons.

Cam sat up mutely and the servant left.

He left his room, meandering down several corridors, navigating several twists and turns and going up and down several flights of stairs before reaching the room where the lessons took place. Beyond the door the room was small and bright, sunlight shone through the warped glass on one side. Cam's attention hovered over the window, for a moment he longed to see through it, but his attention swiftly returned to the room itself, where the teacher waited at the table. Sitting beside the teacher was Luke.

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