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   Chapter 67 No.67

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'Luke?' Cam spoke experimentally as he approached the door. 'What are you doing?'

'I told you' Luke replied with surety in a muffled voice. 'I'm coming in, even if you won't let me.'

Cam turned on his heel and strode away.

Luke was just unwinding the last screw in the hinge, when the door fell flat.

He stepped into the library, glancing all around him. But there was no sign of his brother.

It was then that Luke noticed with a disappointed sigh, the hatch left open in the wall. Before the room was a library, it had been a cleaning room, and dirty clothes had been put through the hatch to slide down the chute to the floor below.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons that Cam chose this room, because he could escape if needed, because he could not be trapped here.

Luke turned from the room miserably, heading back out to the corridor. He would never find Cam now, he would have to go a long way around to get to the floor below, and in that time, his brother could be anywhere.

A floor below, Cam was striding down the corridor, taking with him the book he had been reading, Vanity's Night. He sought now to find a new place to hide, a new place that was his and his alone. His secret.

He slipped away, like a ghost. His presence was just as much. He would hardly interact with those around him anymore, not even his brother.

Instead he would just float around, from one place to the next, always seeking solitude, always seeking to be alone.

Always hiding.

He came to the door that led to the tower, the tower which was the last place the princes could still see the outside world.

It had remained a secret all this time.

Cam trudged up the spiral staircase, coming at last to the balcony at the top of the tower. Here he sat and watched the sun set, resting upon the wall with his feet dangling over the drop, the book resting on his lap.

The golden sun cast its gentle glow over the city to one side, the palace garden below him, and the open land to the other side, the open land where he and his brother used to play with Auntie. That stranger. The princes had come to love her like a mother, and felt closer to her than they ever had their own, and she in turn had loved them.


Even so, they had known almost nothing about her.

She had become only a distant memory to Luke, but to Cam, he had forgotten her altogether. But he still suffered nightmares. Not the ones he had of her death, and the masked figure that had threatened him, but ones far worse.

His life had been hard before Auntie's death, now like the dreams he suffered at night, his waking moments were more painful.

He watched as the

tip of the sun dipped below the horizon, its last rays of light bleeding into the sky in a crimson smear over the land. It was so tranquil, so beautiful.

The houses in the city were dark; lights from the windows dotted the scene, keeping back the total blackness. The beach and open plains and forests on the other side however, were already fading from sight.

Cam gave a weary sigh, putting his head in his hands. The book on his lap stayed where it was. It was too dark to read now anyway, he would have to read by candlelight, or wait until morning.

His thoughts briefly drifted to his brother then, though he couldn't help himself. He tried his best to put him out of his mind, but from time to time, it would catch up with him.

Luke was sure to find him here. Both brothers came here at times, it was the only place they could feel the wind, the warmth of the sun, the chill of the snow in winter. It was their favourite place. If one wanted to find the others, the best place was here.

Cam lifted his head, blinking slowly, lowering his hands to rest on the book on his lap. He allowed himself to think of his brother, if not for a short time.

The distance between them had been growing ever wider. With every passing year, Cam tried harder to push Luke further and further away, he thought that Luke might eventually give up on him and move on. But he never had. Not yet anyway.

Cam stayed where he was until all he could see were the lights from the windows in the city, and the twinkle of the stars overhead.

He swung his legs back over the wall, clutching his book in one hand and coming to stand.

He made his way slowly back down the spiral stairs, opening the door carefully when he reached the bottom, and glancing both ways down the corridor to make sure no one was there.

The palace was empty now.

Cam walked away.

But there was one figure who watched him as he went. Luke saw him move away, walking with his back to him. He stepped out from around the corner to see him clearly, but something held him back. He didn't speak, or make himself known, but simply stood there watching his brother mournfully. His lips turned downwards, his eyes hollow and his expression of despair.

Luke turned and walked in the other direction.

Cam went to his bedroom. He no longer shared a room with Luke, as the princes had grown older, a decision had been made by others that it was best to separate them. Only children shared rooms they were told, and a maturing prince needed his own space. Cam thought for a moment. In a few more years, when he was nineteen and considered of age, he would no longer be a prince, but a king.

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