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   Chapter 65 No.65

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The next morning, Miranda was furious.

The boys could hear her screaming at the council members, their response to the queen, and their explanation for what had happened the night before, was that the man was a heretic, and needed to be made an example of. Though the boys didn't know it, the council members were slowly gaining more power, and using fear to do so.

'Things are changing for the worse' Cam said in a distant voice, standing at the window and staring down at the charred body of the man still smoking in the courtyard beside the garden. 'We have to be strong' Cam told his brother.

Luke began to cry then, covering his face with his hands and sobbing.

'I miss father' he whispered. 'I miss him so much. He kept us safe…nothing like this happened when he was alive.'

Cam turned to him.

'Why did he have to die…? It isn't fair…'

'Listen to me Luke' Cam said, grasping his shoulders and shaking him firmly, 'we have to be strong. Like the heroes in the stories he used to read us. When bad things happen to good people, they fight to see their way through.'

Luke stared through teary eyes back at his brother, blinking miserably.

'We have to be strong' Cam said to Luke, tears brimming in his own eyes, 'for ourselves…for each other………for father…….'

Luke bit his lip hard, trying to control himself. His lip began to bleed.

'I will grow to be king one day' Cam told him, 'and when I do I will make things better. But for now, I will do what I can to protect you.'

And it was true. By keeping his silence to what he had seen the day Auntie had been murdered, and his encounters with Brioke, he was protecting his brother by keeping him blind.

'There's nothing I wouldn't do for you Luke' Cam whispered to him. '…Nothing……'

The next time their mother appeared to them, she pulled them away from the window again.

Shortly after that, every single window in the palace was replaced with warped glass, so that the sun could shine in, but nothing could be seen in or out. And every door in the palace, even those leading to balconies where locked. Only a few of the guards held the key.

The outside world was completely cut off to the twins; they could not even glimpse it from a distance anywhere in the palace.

Save for one place that had been missed.

A single door in one of the higher levels in the palace, leading up a spiral staircase and to the top of a tower, from which the world outside could be seen.

The twins would sit here often side by side in silence, watching on one side the city, their home, where the lights in the streets and building

s would twinkle at nights. On the other side the beach, which was barren and dark, stretched far into the horizon.

It was beautiful here, peaceful and tranquil and theirs.

It was perfect, save for one thing.

From here they could hear the screams, as more men and women were burned in the courtyards and streets below them.

They grew up very quickly after that.

First the gates had been shut so they couldn't leave the palace grounds. Then after the incident in the streets in which Cam and Luke had gone missing for several days, all the doors and windows in the palace itself were locked so they couldn't get out of the building. Then finally, after the burnings, the windows themselves were made so that none could see in or out, but the sun could still shine through.

But there was one place the boys could still see the outside world. There was one place that had been forgotten about, a door leading to a tower on one of the palace's higher levels, which led up a spiral staircase and to an open balcony where the elements could be experienced in their full.

'I fear some days the suffering will never end' Cam mumbled, speaking to his brother who sat beside him, balanced precariously on the balcony wall with his feet handing over the drop below.

'I know' Luke replied quietly. 'I still…can't believe this is happening….I still can't believe how much things have changed.'

'It will be alright' Cam replied confidently, turning to his brother. 'As long as we have each other, everything will be ok in the end.'

Luke smiled weakly at his twin.

The two looked away then, towards the setting sun

Chapter Eight

Seven years later

Twins aged fourteen

Bella Rose bit her lip, her body trembled. Her family waited expectantly around her. Her mother and father, whom loved her so much, her dear little sister, who meant the world to her, but they did not understand, they could never understand.

'Where is he?' Bella shrieked desperately, clutching at her chest, flinching as every heartbeat caused her pain. 'I have to know.'

'But what about us?' her dear little sister Sonia pleaded. 'We're your family…if you leave us…we'll never see you again…'

'But…' Bella whimpered, hunching her shoulders and hugging herself, her luscious bosoms pushed up by the tight corset she wore, her shoulders were bare. 'It's true love.'

'But don't you love us?' Sonia pleaded.

'I'm sorry' Bella whispered. 'I choose him.'

And then she ran, fleeing from her home in the dead of night, her red dress trailing after her, the thin veil of the fabric was light and transparent.

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