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   Chapter 64 No.64

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She lifted a hand, caressing her own neck where the rope had hurt her.

'What's happening?' Cam spoke up, his voice breaking as he began to tremble in fear. '…Mother?'

'We have to let the council know about this' Luke said desperately. 'They'll protect us.'

'Don't you understand?' their mother hissed at him straightening and turning to face them. 'The council are the ones who have done this…though….I doubt I'll ever learn exactly which of the snakes it was……no……' she spoke mildly turning away. 'We're on our own.'

Luke and Cam shared a fearful glance.

'Boys' Miranda said facing them again. 'We're living in dangerous times. We have to protect ourselves. Remember this day, and never let your guard down.'

Cam stared levelly; his gaze travelled right through his mother.

Let my guard down? Cam thought. It's already too late for me.

'I want you boys to stay with me until…' she pursed her lips, becoming distracted suddenly. 'I need to speak to someone...'

The next day, the queen summoned her children to her bedroom.

They stood side by side, watching the strange figure that stood beside their mother with uncertainty.

'Boys' the queen introduced, indicating the figure standing beside her. 'This is Tim. He will be helping to protect us, in these difficult times. I want you to trust him.'

Cam and Luke stared at the man.

He was very average. Average height, not tall but not short either. Neither handsome nor ugly, nothing about his appearance that was distinguishing, his eyes and hair were brown and he dressed in dull clothes.

He would blend into a crowd perfectly. For that matter, he would blend well into a wall, or a forest, or likely any environment you put him in.

'Tim?' Cam repeated uncertainly. 'Is that his real name?'

'There are few people now we can really trust' Miranda continued as if she hadn't heard Cam. 'Almost everyone out there either wants to hurt or use us or get rid of us altogether. I know you boys trust each other, but even if you don't trust me, you should trust Tim' she said turning to him. 'I want you to trust him with your lives. He will keep you alive…if nothing else…' she fell silent for a moment. 'Stay alive' she said to her boys. 'When you come of age' she said to them, 'you will hold a very strong position of power………don't let them control you.'

She turned to Cam then, who was staring at the ground, trembling slightly, though he did not speak.

'Cam?' she said. 'Are you alright?

'Yeah' Cam mumbled to the floor avoiding her gaze. 'I'm fine.'

It was then

that Luke began to cry.

Without warning, Miranda slapped him hard.

'Stop crying!'

Cam tensed, immediately hugging Luke and shielding him from their mother. 'Please don't!' he begged her. When Miranda stepped back, Cam turned to Luke, whispering into his ear. 'We have to stay strong. It's what father would have wanted.'

Luke nodded silently, furiously brushing away his tears with the back of his hand and straightening up, his cheek red and burning where his mother had hit him.

Shortly after that, Miranda ordered them to leave, wishing for them to be away from her.

'Are my boys safe?' Miranda asked Tim when they were alone.

'I should think so' Tim replied in a quiet voice. 'You are the only one who is in any real danger' he spoke to the queen, 'it would look far too suspicious it anything bad happened to the boys, and besides' he paused, 'they would be very easy to control if the opportunity arose.'

Miranda didn't answer. She simply stared off into nothingness, her eyes unfocused.

Tim spoke again.

'Just think about this' he glanced to Miranda, 'your husband, whom you loved so dearly with all your heart, or at least that's what the people think, dies suddenly, when he could have lived many more years. His poor wife, left all alone in the world, so heartbroken…can no longer take the grief…'

'And commits suicide' Miranda finished quietly. 'It's perfect.'

'As long as you are never alone' Tim said to her, 'you should be safe.'

'Should be' Miranda raised an eyebrow, tensing slightly. 'I suppose that's the best I can hope for in these times.'

The next evening, the screams began.

Cam and Luke woke abruptly, hearts pounding in their chests. Cam glanced at Luke who sat up in his own bed, breathing fast.

'Cam?' Luke trembled fearfully.

Cam turned away from him, moving towards the window by his bed.

He leaned forwards tentatively, hands rested on the sill, he peered outside.

He saw in the courtyard just beyond the garden, a host of men, holy men wearing hooded robes. They stood in a circle around a burning pyre, to which was tied a man.

Cam didn't hear what Luke was speaking behind him; his brother's voice was a distant mumble; sounding as if he were speaking underwater. Cam stared wide eyed unblinking down at the courtyard, his trance only broken when the door to their room slammed open, signalling the appearance of their mother.

She spoke to Cam, ordering him to get away from the window. When he didn't listen, she grabbed him, pulling him back with a hand over his eyes.

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