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   Chapter 62 No.62

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The guard came to him a short while later.

'You're finally awake then are you?' he sneered at Cam.

Cam only glared silently back, his face still throbbing painfully where the man had hit him.

Cam was in a cell on his own. There was no one else around him, save for the three guards that stood before him now.

The guard that had spoken grabbed him, throwing him hard against the wall, kicking and punching him.

'You think you're so clever?!' the guard howled at him, kicking him again.

Cam was curled up in a ball on the floor, shielding his head from the blows.

The guard stepped back after a time. Cam thought he would stop, but he came at him one last time, driving his metal-tipped boot hard into his gut one last time, before stepping away again.

'I was hoping……Luke might be here' Cam groaned, rising slowly and hugging himself, forcing himself to stand even through all the pain. 'I am willing to return home if it's the only way I can find him…but only if I had to……only if I had to…'

Cam rose to his feet, wiping the blood from his mouth as he did, standing tall and without fear, ignoring the aches in his body.

'My name is Cam' he said loudly. 'I am the missing prince.'

The guard that had beaten him, instantly paled.

A short while later, the guard that had beaten him was dead, and Cam was returned to the palace.

He glared at his mother coolly. She was livid.

Outside the capital, many miles away, a troupe was travelling from the city, heading to places new. The guild, having escaped successfully, was in search of a new home.

The road they walked now was a busy one, but the large troupe, having moved quickly at first, had now slowed their pace as they walked on foot, they were nearly fifty in number.

They had all survived, save for Crake and Lily. Even Luke was among them, having found them as they made their way out of the city. He walked amongst them now, feeling ravenous, with his feet in agony. But he trudged on, along with everyone else, enduring his pain in silence.

'Hey Luke!'

He stopped, turning towards the figure that had spoken, feeling only mild surprise, though being too exhausted to show it.

'Auntie?' he mumbled.

The female masked figure chuckled as she stood by him. 'No' she smiled. 'I am not her.'

'Oh' Luke mumbled, turning away and continuing to walk.

'You are heading towards an uncertain future' the masked figure told him, moving to keep up with him and ignoring the strange glances she was being

given by the figures that walked with them. 'Who knows where you will end up or what will happen.'

Luke ignored her.

'If you return to the palace' the figure suggested, 'you would be protected.'

'I will never go back to the palace' Luke snapped, rounding on her.

'Oh really?' the masked figure replied smugly, stopping as he did. 'Not even if it meant seeing your brother again?'

Luke's eyes widened then, and he held his breath.

'Your brother has willingly returned to the palace in order to find you, believing the queen will eventually find you and bring you home. He is there now' she breathed, 'waiting…for you…'

Without another pause, Luke turn tailed and ran.

The figure watched him go with a smile. But before she followed him, she turned back to the troupe, seeking out the one named Julius.

'I have a gift for you' she said to him, bringing forth an item hidden beneath her robes.

She pulled the cloth back, revealing a beautiful and ornate clock, intricately decorated with gold swirls set in blue stone. The clock that Crake had tried to steal.

Julius' eyes grew wide at the sight of it. 'That could feed all of us for months!'

'It's yours' the masked female figure said to him, 'take it.'

Luke ran without pause until he reached the city again, ignoring the figures he passed on the road as he went. Eventually he slowed to a jog; the stitch in his side became unbearable.

He paused after a time, glancing back and seeing the masked figure standing behind him a distance away, realising she was following him.

Luke faced ahead again, and continued his slow jog, retracing his steps, along the many miles all the way back to the city.

When he reached the gates, he found them shut.

'Let me in!' he ordered, grabbing the great bars with his small hands.

'Piss off' the nearest guard snapped at him. 'The gates are shut on order of the queen. We don't let in street urchins.'

'I'm the missing prince Luke!' he cried. 'Let me in' he commanded. 'Take me to the palace!'

Not long after that, Luke was being led through the palace, struggling to keep up with the soldier's swift march.

He was taken to the higher levels, where his mother the queen and several council members were waiting for him.

Miranda frowned with displeasure down at him, but Luke could see relief there also. He must have been gone for several days. He couldn't even remember how long.

'Your brother has been worried about you' his mother said to him curtly.

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