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   Chapter 61 No.61

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'Eat' she told him, stroking his hair back softly. 'Please.'

Cam picked up his fork, and began to eat slowly, at the same time crying silent tears, as the emotions of receiving such kindness swelled within him, mingled with the fear.

Where is Luke…?

'It's good' Cam mumbled.

'I'm glad you like it' Dee beamed at him, taking her seat at the table opposite him. 'Eat as much as you want.'

Cam glanced up at the family around him.

There were the parents, Dee and Bill, and their four children. Three boys, Roland, Daniel and Vincent, and their youngest child, their daughter Lucy, who looked to be about the same age as Cam.

Cam bowed his head again, wishing to remain unnoticed as he continued to eat.

Is this what it's like to be a part of a normal family? He wondered, thinking of how Dee seemed to really care for him, as if he were her own child, even though she didn't really know him. He thought of how she had offered to let him stay here in her home, had given him a bed and bought new clothes just for him, how she worried about him, and told him to eat.

He hadn't experience anything like this before…not since….


Cam chewed slowly, blinking back the tears in his eyes and trying to stop any more from falling.

'It's good…' he mumbled quietly again, his voice shaking.

The family of six all glanced up at him, watching him silently.

'I'm glad you like it' Dee answered quietly back.

'I've never had a normal life' Cam mumbled to his knees after dinner had ended. 'I wish…I wish I had been born into another life…to a different mother…one who actually loves me.'

I wonder what she's doing and thinking now Cam thought glumly. I bet she's looking for us…I bet she's furious…

'What do you mean?' Lucy asked him as she sat nearby; they were both in the small enclosed courtyard at the back of the house.

She had been given the job by her parents to watch over Cam for his safety. To make sure he was alright, and didn't try to run off again.

'I thought you were an orphan' she said to him, 'and that your parents had died.'

'No' Cam said glumly. 'I lied.'

She watched him curiously then, waiting to hear what he would say next, and what he said next, shocked her.

'I am not who you think I am' Cam told her, speaking firmly now. He rose to his feet, turning to face her head on, his expression hard as if set in stone. 'My name is Cam' he said. 'I am the prince of

this kingdom. My brother Luke is the prince. My father the king is dead, my mother the queen lives, and my home, is the palace.'

Lucy's eyes widened, her hands clapped to her mouth, struggling to comprehend what he had just told her.

'A…prince…?' she uttered.

Cam turned away from her, feeling a sudden and strong drive of determination, he began to mutter.

'I must return home' he mumbled to himself. 'If anyone can find Luke…it's mother…'

He glanced towards Lucy, before turning and darting away, leaping upon several boxes.

Lucy ran after him, seeing he intended to use the stacked boxes to climb upon the rooftop and escape.

'No!' she cried, setting after him and grabbing him by the arm. 'You cannot go!'

'You have to let me go' Cam said calmly to her.

'I was told to look after you' Lucy shouted at him, tightening her grip. 'Mama will be furious if…'

'Lucy…' Cam uttered, moving closer as he addressed her. Though she still did not let him go. 'My brother needs me' he told her. 'I have to find him.'

'No' Lucy called desperately, 'you will put yourself in danger. You could get hurt…you could die!'

'Please let me go' Cam said, speaking calmly to her, his body relaxed. 'Please. My brother needs me.'

Lucy hesitated, seeing the tears in his eyes.

'I promise I will be safe' he said. 'I promise I will see you again.'

Cam leant forward, and kissed her on the cheek.

Lucy blushed suddenly, quickly letting go of him.

'Thank you' Cam whispered, before turning and darting away, climbing swiftly and smoothly over the stacked boxes, over the rooftops and away.

Cam found the guard he was looking for without too much effort, the one that had threatened him the night he had been pursued by the guards after breaking into the prison.

He grabbed a heavy rock from nearby and threw it as hard as he could against the guards head.

'You!' the guard snarled, utterly livid. 'You little bastard!'

'Hey fat head!' Cam called back. 'Were you looking for me?'

The guard stormed up to him, lifting him by the front of his shirt.

'You'll pay for that' he growled.

Cam did not resist as the guard drew his fist back, then everything went black.

He came too in a new place, pushing himself up gingerly, and finding himself in a prison cell, one larger and darker than the one he had visited before.

It took only a few moments for him to realise that he was underground.

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