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   Chapter 60 No.60

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She did not resist, nor show fear, as he drew a knife.

He pressed the point to her, and in a swift move drove it through her body, killing her in seconds.

Her death was painless.

The next morning came, it felt like a lifetime, but it came.

Cam lay in bed, his eyes bloodshot red, having not slept a wink the entire night. As the sun slowly began to rise higher in the sky, Cam pulled the sheet over his head, shielding his eyes from the bright light.

The door to the room opened, and Cam lifted his head, glancing over his shoulder.

Lucy stood in the doorway, hanging off the doorknob as she watched him.

'Breakfast will be ready soon' she told him. 'You must be hungry.'

'No' Cam mumbled lying back down. 'I'm not.'

'You have to eat' Lucy told him. 'It's not good to miss your meals.'

Cam didn't answer, lying with his back to her; he stared at the blue sky beyond the window.

'I'll be back a bit later' Lucy mumbled.

Cam listened to the sound of the door closing, then silence.

'How is he doing?' Dee asked her daughter when she had returned downstairs.

'Not good' Lucy shook her head. 'He just…looks so sad.'

'Oh' Dee sighed, her hand going to her heart. 'That poor boy.'

'He must have seen something terrible' Roland lamented. 'He looked so terrified…and the blood…I wonder where it came from.'

'Well it wasn't his own' Bill said. Lucy glanced up at her father.

'We should be thankful' Dee muttered, 'that he is not hurt.'

'Not physically anyway' Bill added.

The sons Daniel and Vincent listened silently from the table where they sat.

'We should keep a very close eye on him' Bill said, 'and give him anything he needs.'

'You're right' Dee nodded. 'Lucy. Would you mind going to check on him again a bit later?'

'Yes mother' Lucy nodded obediently. 'I will.'

About ten minutes or so later, when Cam had still not arrived downstairs, Dee sent Lucy to his room.

Lucy returned seconds later, all flustered.

'He's gone!' she panted to her mother. 'Cam is gone! I think he escaped through the window!'

'What?' Dee gasped in shock. 'But why would he…?'

'We have to go find him' Roland spoke up.

'Wait' Dee said back to him, gathering her thoughts. 'Wait. I know where he must have gone' Dee said rising quickly. 'Daniel' she said to her son, 'you come with me. Just in case. Vincent' she said to the other. 'Keep an eye on things here.'

'Mama' Lucy whined uncertainly. 'Where are you going?'

'It's dangerous for him out there' Dee replied, grabbing her shawl and throwing it around her shoulders. 'I'm going to bring him back.'

She marched out the door without further explanation, followed by her son Daniel.

She moved swiftly through the city, never slowing her pace, knowing exactly where to go, this path was familiar to her.

She came to the den, the home of the guild. Their base.

She drifted through the courtyard, stepping over the dead bodies of the guards around her. They filled the courtyard, body parts scattered and thrown about, blood and gore was everywhere.

Whatever had killed them, whatever had happened, it had been a slaughter.

There was blood on nearly every surface.

Dee tried hard to ignore all of this, heading towards the small door which led into the hall where normally the guild members would eat.

Here she found Cam, kneeling and crying over the dead bodies of Crake and Lily.

Dee moved closer, followed by Daniel a step behind.

She came up behind him, reaching forward tentatively and touching his shoulder.

Cam turned, seeming not to have heard her approach. His eyes were pleading, mirroring his pain and grief.

Dee knelt before him and Cam threw himself into her arms, hugging her tightly and crying.

Dee carried him back to her home, and Cam slept now in her arms, feeling utterly exhausted.

When she reached her home again, she lay him back in bed, and Cam was still.

'I'm going out again' Dee said to her family.

'Where are you going?' her husband Bill asked.

'I'm not going far' Dee told him. 'Don't worry, I won't be long.'

'Are you sure it's safe out there?' he mumbled.

She glanced back at him with a smile. 'I'll be fine' she said with confidence.

When Cam next woke, Dee made him take a bath. She offered him the clothes she had bought just for him, and made him change.

Cam sat at the dinner table when food was being served, clean and wearing the new clothes given to him, he waited for the food to be brought to him.

'When was the last time you ate?' Dee asked him, piling his plate with food.

'I….' Cam mumbled, 'I don't really remember…'

She brought the plate forwards, placing it upon the table before him. She leant down, kissing his cheek. Cam blinked at this, feeling a strange flutter in his heart at the sign of affection.

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