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   Chapter 59 No.59

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He crept forwards, eyes roving all around him.

The room was lavish, the wood of the desk, the centrepiece of the office, was made of fine polished oak, above which the chandelier hung, holding many little beads of glass, tiny and beautiful. Everything was clean and orderly in the room; Crake could only imagine the host of servants the owner of the home possessed.

He moved closer to a chest of drawers, seeing many valuable things.

His eyes came to rest upon an ornate clock. It was a beautiful thing, intricately decorated with gold swirls set in blue stone.

He reached up for it, taking it carefully in both hands and lifting it from the shelf.

'Do you like it?'

Crake's eyes darted around, seeing before him a tall and muscular figure.

'Oh shit' he managed to say, before the figure struck him.

Crake stumbled back, dropping the clock which fell to the floor with a heavy thud.

The guard, the soldier, the owner of the home, grabbed Crake by the front of his shirt, pulling him close and glaring at him.

Crake stared helplessly back and watched, as the guard balled his fist and swung back to strike him again. Crake tried to fight back, tried to fend himself, but he was only young, and the guard that hurt him now was far bigger, stronger, and more savage.

Outside the window Luke heard the thud and the commotion within the room. His heart constricted in his chest as he suddenly realised Crake was in trouble.

'Luke!' Crake's voice howled through the window, suddenly punctuated by a cracking noise and cry of pain. 'Luke!' he called again. 'Get out of here! RUN!'

Luke as quickly as he could climbed higher up the building until he reached the roof, trying hard to block out the screams of pain from coming from the office, as Crake was tortured.

Luke paused, leaning over the edge of the roof and trying to see into the window.

'Crake!' he sobbed in fear.

'Run!' Crake shouted. 'I'll hold out for as long as I can!' he moaned then, and Luke heard the sound of something break.

Luke's eyes shot up as he heard the sound of the bell ringing, the sound that would draw every guard in the area to this place.

He turned and ran across the rooftop, sliding down the tiles until he reached the edge. In his haste he didn't even try to slow, instead simply fell off the edge and onto the floor below, tumbling and rolling. He hit the ground of the street hard, groaning as he forced himself to his feet again.

He glanced around, hearing dista

nt calling, swiftly coming closer.

'He went this way! Hurry! Don't let him escape!'

Luke turned and ran.

Later that night, Crake returned to the guild alone.

His entire family, who had stayed in the hall on Julius' command, where shocked and horrified at the sight of him.

He was barely clinging to life. Bruises covered his whole body and he walked with a hunch, hugging an injury at his stomach. His left eye was swollen shut and he could only just about see from his right eye. Cut lip and broken teeth, his fingers were broken on both hands and he bled from numerous places.

'Julius…' he whispered, crawling forwards up the steps. 'I…failed…..Luke…..gone…'

Julius stared down at him in alarm, his fear only heightened when he heard a crashing noise from beyond the hall, and several male voices shouting from outside the door.

'The guards…' Julius whispered. He turned to Crake angrily now. 'You led them right to us?! We're all going to die now!'

'Not if I can help it!'

The 'children' in the hall all looked up to the figure that had spoken, a figure hanging from the beams above them, and wearing a crows mask and a hooded black robe.

'I will protect you all.'

'Who are you and why would you help us?' Julius called to the figure, as the noises continued from outside.

'Who I am is none of your concern' the figure spoke in a male voice. 'I help you, because someone I care about, cares a lot for all of you. But…he is not here right now.'

'Who?' Julius called back. 'He? You mean Cam or Luke?'

Behind the mask the figure smiled, but did not say.

'You can escape through that door' the figure pointed. 'I will deal with the rest.'

He leapt down from the beams, landing lightly on the table below him. He walked across it casually, making his way to the door at the front of the hall and opening it, facing the danger outside alone.

Several minutes later he returned to the hall, bearing no signs of the fight he had just taken part in, save for a few minor cuts to his robe.

The hall was empty now, save for two figures, the figure of Crake, who lay at the front of the hall now dead, and Lily, the sick child who sat near his body.

'Poor girl' the male masked figure said standing over her, 'you are sick. Your body cannot take the stress…you will die soon…'

She gazed up at him with large teary eyes, but there was no fear there, only sadness.

'Here' the masked figure said kneeling before her. 'Let me ease your passing.'

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