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   Chapter 58 No.58

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Cam could not clearly remember what had happened. He had been led away from the door, the other members of the family speaking in murmurs around him. He had been taken to another room, the blood washed from his face. Then Dee had led him to a bed.

'Stay here' she told him gently. Cam noticed vaguely that there were tears in her eyes. 'Rest' she said. 'You are safe now. We will look after you.'

Cam lay on the bed in the dark room, experiencing the foreign environment around him, everything he saw, the feel of the sheets, and the distant voices coming from downstairs.

No doubt they were talking about him.

But he could not sleep. Everything he had seen and now remembered, would haunt him for a very long time. But despite the fear he had suffered, what frightened him most now was something else.

Luke…where are you….? He squeezed his eyes tight shut, hugging the pillow to him. A tear ran from the corner of his eye.

Please….Luke….please be safe……please…..oh god please don't die….

From outside the window, sitting upon the roof and peering in was a masked figure.

'No doubt…' the female voice spoke, 'you fear for your brother.' She leant back, holding a knee. 'I wonder where he is…'

She smiled to the night. There was a break in the clouds above, and for the briefest moment, the moonlight shone down upon the city.

'It's beautiful' she sighed. 'Oh so beautiful.'

The figure rose to her feet then, moving and walking away. Her footsteps were light on the tiles below her. She reached the edge of the rooftop and jumped, leaping down to the street below.

It was here that she met another figure that looked like her.

'And who are you?' she said to the figure, who wore the same mask as she did, the same black cloak and gloves.

'Isn't it funny' the person said, speaking in a male voice, 'that even amongst ourselves we cannot recognise each other.'

'Oh' the woman said on hearing his voice. 'It's you…Reuben.'

'And it's you' he said to her. 'Callista.'

She smiled behind her mask.

'What are you doing here?' Reuben asked turning to her fully now.

'Just taking part a little in the action' Callista replied. 'We are all part of this story.'

'Why do you care so much for the boys?'

'Don't lecture me' Callista waved at him. 'I know you feel the same, or else why would you be here?'

'I have things to do' he told her vaguely, gliding away.

'As do I' she replied, moving the opposite way.


e two parted, each heading in different directions.

'What fun this is going to be' Callista gleamed, holding her hands together before her as if she were praying.

'Where are we going?' Luke huffed as he struggled to keep up with Crake.

'We need to do one last job' Crake replied feverishly, glancing back at him. 'Then we can escape and be gone from this city forever.'

'Gone…' Luke mumbled, 'forever…'

Luke realised they had reached their destination when Crake suddenly stopped. Luke craned his head back up at the house. It was a grand building, slotted between two others not so grand though still ostentatious. The buildings were tall, and imposing. Luke thought them a little scary.

'This is the richer district' Crake said distractedly, glancing first one day down the street, and then the other, ensuring the coast was clear.

'What are we doing here?' Luke asked him, trying to sound brave.

'Our guild has many spies' Crake said, not looking at Luke, but continuing to survey the surroundings.

At last he looked at Luke.

'We know a lot about this city' Crake went on, 'we know all the important people here, who they are, what they do and who they know.'

'Whose house is this?' Luke asked tentatively.

Crake glanced distastefully behind him.

'It's the home of a high ranking soldier' he spoke with a sneer. 'A guard.'

Luke's heart went cold.

'We don't have enough money right now' Crake said, 'we need just a little more to guarantee our survival. We need food to feed our family, money to buy a new place to stay.'

'So we're going to steal from this home?' Luke asked. 'Are we taking a lot?'

'No' Crake met his gaze at last. 'This person is vastly wealthy; we just need one thing, just one…that will be enough. A valuable stone…a weapon…a piece of silver or gold…'

He regarded Luke with a look of scrutiny. 'I will pass it to you through the window when I find it. Ok?'

'Yeah' Luke nodded.

'Follow after me.'

Crake grabbed onto the bricks of the home, using the cracks between the rock and the pipes and began to climb.

Luke followed after him.

Crake reached the window on the second floor, using a lock pick to open the window. He slipped in, moving swiftly and fluidly.

Outside just below the window, clinging to the rock like a spider, Luke waited.

Crake slipped into the dark room, seeing a study around him, lit only by a single burning lamp hanging from a bracket on the wall.

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