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   Chapter 57 No.57

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'That was a close one' the masked figure spoke in a female voice, throwing down the shield she held, from which protruded two bolts. 'You're a lucky boy…or perhaps not.'

'Auntie?' Cam uttered.

'Sorry kid' the female voice replied. 'I am not her. She is long dead. Now you'd better hurry. I won't save you for a second time.'

Cam stared up at her, still unable to move.

'Go!' the figure snapped, shoving him back harshly.

Cam stumbled and fell.

His trance broken, he rose again, turning and running away as fast as his legs would carry him. He heard as he went, the guards were beginning to pursue him. Their voices rang in the distance as he tore through the streets. He dared a glance behind, seeing several running after him, moving in a line as if to block his escape if he tried to double back and slip past them.

It was then he suddenly noticed a bell was ringing nearby, the city's watch bell, to summon guards to a particular area.

Oh god oh god oh god they're going to catch me!

He skidded to a stop then, seeing a row of guards approaching from ahead. He glanced desperately about, searching for escape, no alleyway to escape by, no grate to slip through, the roofs were too high to reach and there was nothing he could climb on to reach them.

In his desperation he turned to the nearest door, a house, from which lights were flickering from inside through the windows. He banged on the door with both his fists, screaming at the top of his lungs.


He turned to face the street again, back pressed against the door and pushing himself against it, wishing to disappear, wishing the door would swallow him.

He glanced one way, then the other.

The guards slowed to a stop as they surrounded him.

They circled him, glaring at him with cold expression.

Cam saw no mercy in their eyes.

'I can't believe a little kid like you would try to pull a stunt like that' one of the guards said to him. 'Do you have any idea of the tortures you will suffer? I hope it was worth it.'

The door suddenly opened behind him, and Cam fell backwards. He jerked his head around, gasping at the figure that stood over him, holding the door open.


'What a staggering coincidence' the masked female said, standing behind the guards. Cam glanced ahead at the sound of her voice. He seemed to be the only one who could see or hear her. 'I promise you it wasn't us' she told him. 'You came here by pure chance…honestly.' And then sh

e was gone.

'Stu' Roland said. Cam was slow to realise that he was talking to him. 'What trouble have you been getting up to?'

Roland knelt before Cam then, lifting him and hugging him tightly.

'I'm so glad you're alright' Roland said to him as Cam blinked in confusion. 'Where have you been?'

'You know this kid?' one of the guards asked him sceptically.

'He's my brother' Roland glared at him.

'You look nothing alike.'

'Half-brother' Roland added, still holding Cam close to him.

As Cam stared over his shoulder inside the house, he could see the figures of Dee and Lucy, sitting at the table, halfway through their meal. There were three other figures at the table Cam did not know. They all stared towards the doorway with their mouths open, and a look of shock upon their faces.

'Is this true?' the guard asked in a grumble, addressing those sitting at the table.

'Of course it is' Dee said rising. 'I know my own son when I see him. Now what do you want?'

The guard didn't answer. Instead his glare returned back to Cam.

It was clear he was still extremely suspicious.

'He needs to be punished for his crime' the guard snarled.

'What crime?' Roland retorted, still holding him.

'He stole the key to the prison and set lose several dangerous men.'

'You let a boy sneak into your prison and steal the key?' Roland said flatly.

'We could have him hanged for this.'

Cam clutched onto Roland tighter, daring a glance back at the terrifying men.

'Not without a trial' Roland countered, rising to his feet. 'And you would have to explain how you let a boy make you all look like fools. You were supposed to be guarding those prisoners. Perhaps it is you who should hang. At the very least you will lose your jobs…if you are lucky.'

The guard ground his teeth furiously. He glared down at Cam, who returned his gaze in wide-eyed fear.

'If I ever see you again…' the guard snarled at him, but he never finished his sentence. Instead he skulked off, waving at the others to follow.

Roland rose swiftly and closed the door with a snap, turning his attention back onto Cam now; he spoke in a hushed voice.

'Are you alright?'

Cam stared up at him, feeling numb. He let out a sob, stepping forward and embracing Roland around the middle, hugging him tightly and bawling.

He felt a touch from behind; realising seconds later that is was Dee, recognising her voice.

'It's alright Cam. You are safe now.'

The rest of the evening was a blur.

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