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   Chapter 56 No.56

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She did not seem surprised to see Cam there, and for a moment Cam thought he was invisible to her.

'Suzan' he whispered to her. 'It's me.'


'Hey is that the key?' one of the burley men asked him, moving forwards.

'Keep your voice down' Cam hissed urgently. 'They'll hear you.'

'Are you here to let her out?' another burley man said jabbing a finger towards Suzan who continued to tremble. 'The moment you open that door, we'll all be out of here.'

'I'm only here for her' Cam shot back angrily.

'Oh yeah?' another own gleamed cruelly. 'Hey guards!' he suddenly called loudly. 'I think you have a rat problem!'

The guards standing in the entrance turned.

Cam paled instantly.

He had been spotted.

'Hey!' one of the guards snapped. 'You there! Stop!'

Cam turned from them, panicking as he shoved the key into the lock.

One of the guards grabbed him from behind and lifted him, just as Cam turned the key.

He watched in horror as the door was thrown open from the inside, and the burley men charge out.

The guard that held Cam was punched hard in the face by one of the prisoners, and Cam was suddenly dropped as the guard fell.

Cam rolled to his side, staring in wide-eyed shock as the guard had his face bashed in.

Blood flecked Cam's cheek as he stared in horror, watching as the bones in the guards face cracked and broke, blood and teeth mashed together as the attacking prisoner stomped down on his head again and again.

He whimpered, curling up into a ball and holding his head as the other prisoners leapt over him, attacking the guards with the violence and rage derived from those who were born into a cruel life, and suffered anger, pain and injustice every day since childhood.

The guards without their weapons had been caught by surprise. But they quickly fought back, and were killing the prisoners who were unarmed.

Cam pushed himself up, forcing himself to stand and fighting against the wave of fear, he ran back into the cell, grabbing Suzan roughly by the arm and pulling her up.

'Come on!'

He held her by the wrist as they ran, jumping over the fallen bodies of the guards and prisoners at their feet. One of the guards called out to them to stop as they sprinted past, but Cam and Suzan only slowed when they were a short distance from the prison, watching as the men still fought behind them.

Cam stared ahead as he panted.


He gasped suddenly as he saw her, lying on the cold stone of the street, with fresh blood blossoming from her navel. Her

entire midriff was damp, even with the red dress that she wore, even in the darkness, by the dim light of the lamps that hung from the buildings around them; Cam could see the blood had begun to pool around her.

Cam's heart constricted in his chest, utterly horrified as he met her eyes.

She blinked.

Oh gods she's still alive!

Suzan glanced down at her, gasping with hand clapped over her mouth.


What did she say?!!!

'You there!' called a voice from the building above them.

Cam glanced up briefly to see a shadowy silhouette standing on the roof of the prison. His mouth went dry and he struggled to swallow as he saw the vague outline of a crossbow in the man's hands.

The man raised it.

'Run!' Cam screamed, dragging Suzan with him and tearing down the street.

He had never felt terror like this before in his life, save for that day when Auntie was killed. It was the raw primal emotion that existed in only the deepest part of the mind and surfaced, only when faced with certain death.

I'm not going to make it! Cam thought desperately. I'm not going to make it!

Suzan stumbled then, drawing suddenly a sharp intake of breath.

'Come on!' Cam cried, trying to pull her up and not even looking.

Cam heard a strange noise, at first he didn't know what it was, until he glanced down at Suzan, and saw the two bolts sticking from her back.

Her grip as she held him weakened, and she fell forwards, landing heavily on the floor.

Cam stared down at her in terror, for several seconds unable to move as his body froze.

His eyes travelled slowly up, back to the roof of the prison, where stood now not one crossbowman, but two.

They were reloading their weapons, and doing so quickly.

Move move move Cam thought franticly, as he watched the silhouettes raise their weapons and take aim.

Oh gods help me! Cam bowed his head, squeezing his eyes tight shut and hunching his shoulders, waiting for the impact. This is going to hurt….oh gods I'm really going to die…why can't I move!!!

He threw his head back screaming.

'Somebody help me!'

He heard the thwak thwak sound of the bolts strike a target, but he blinked in confusion, realising that he had not been hit.

And then he looked forwards, perplexed for a moment when he could not see anything at all.

It took him several seconds to realise that someone was standing right in front of him, a tall figure cloaked all in black and hooded.

The figure turned, and Cam's heart jolted when he recognised the crows mask.

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