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   Chapter 55 No.55

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'I can do it' Cam said, speaking with more conviction than he felt.

She glanced back at Cam, whispering to him.

'Follow my lead.'

They approached the prisons a short while later, Cam slowing his pace and hanging back instinctively as Kari marched forwards towards the guards that hung lazily about the front of the prisons. Leaning on their weapons with their helmets resting on barrels beside them, they sat about on the benches, muttering amongst themselves. An orange glow radiated from the building behind them, but it was not a gentle one. There was no door to the front of the building, no proper entrance, just a space that opened onto the street. This space was where the guards would sit on rainy days, and was mostly empty, save for a few chairs and a simple desk.

The prison itself was at the back of this space, where dark bars separated the cells.

Glancing at the building, Cam though of how miserable it looked, how basic and ugly it was and how cold it must be inside.

Poor Suzan Cam thought. Don't worry. We're coming for you….we'll get you out.

The clouds above them were thick, blotting out any light from the moon, and casting the city below it in shadow.

It was damp in the city, the air felt heavy, as if it were about to rain.

Cam hugged the wall, pressing his body close to it, trying to make himself invisible.

Don't see me. Don't see me. Don't see me. He squeezed his eyes tight shut. I can't believe this is happening? How did I get into this situation? If mother knew…oh gods… He began to shudder. What if I am killed? He shook his head violently. No! I mustn't think of such things!

He glared now at the scene before him, as Kari approached the men boldly. The guards raised their heads up at her.

Concentrate. Cam thought. I must pick my moment carefully.

'Hello boys!' Kari called to the men strolling up to them, hands placed upon her hips. 'How do you fancy a bit of fun?'

Cam gritted his teeth, turning his head sharply away, before forcing himself to look back.

He knew this was necessary, he knew Kari, like so many other women in this city, in this world, must do what was needed to survive, like so many other men and children, forced to do terrible things…to degrade themselves…to pretend to enjoy it.

What a cruel world we live in Cam thought, as he watched Kari kiss one of the men, who ran his hands over her body and between her legs.

'Don't you have all the fun' one of the men called moving closer. 'Give her here!'

So disgusting Cam thought, barely able to hide his expression of revulsion, as his brow furrowed and lips twitched in a snarl. I will never be like that when I grow up. Never! Not if I live forever.

Cam hung back, waiting for the right moment. Kari allowed herself to be pushed back upon the bench as the guard bore down on her, lifting her legs up.

Cam crept closer, clinging to the shadows he slipped around the corner. Cam peered around, touching the building where the prisoners were held.

He was close, so very close now. The guards were within an arm's reach, but they all had their backs to him, all their attention was upon Kari. There were four of them.

Cam took a slow and steady breath, bracing himself.

He was just thinking about stepping forward, heart racing at the very thought, when he drew sharply back suddenly, as another guard stepped out from the entrance of the prison.

Dammit that was too close Cam thought as he peered around again from his hiding place. Five. He waited for a few seconds, assessing the situation.

All the guards were distracted.

This was his moment…

Cam slipped around the corner and darted into the prison. He was in full view of the guards now if they turned, and his heart beat so hard in his chest it hurt him, and all he could hear was the blood pumping in his ears. He realised with horror that his very life now hung by a thread.

He knew that if they caught him, they would kill him.

Cam glanced quickly back towards the small group of men gathered at the entrance, who were all distracted still. He listened to Kari's moans as he reached for the key on the large ring that hung on a hook on the wall above the table. There was just a single key, a skeleton key that would open all doors here.

Cam climbed as quietly and carefully as he could upon the wooden table to reach the hook, lifting the large ring with the single key up over the hook.

He slipped off the table, glancing back towards the guards, who were laughing now.

Cam stepped lightly, heading further into the small prison and towards the back.

The cells were overcrowded and cramped. Mostly they held hardened looking men, but there were, hidden amongst them, a few women, some younger boys…and…..

'Suzan' Cam hissed, rushing up to her.

She glanced up at him, huddled in the corner of one of the cells as far away from the burley men who shared the space with her as she could. She was shaking violently, and her face was streaked with tears.

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