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   Chapter 54 No.54

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'You do so at your own risk' Julius said glancing back at her. 'If you run into trouble, there will be no one coming to rescue you.'

'I understand' Kari spoke deeply, bowing her head. 'I am willing to try to save her if you allow me.'

'Fine' Julius said turning away. 'Just remember that you do so at your own risk.'

'I need someone to come with me' Kari went on. 'Not you' she said to Anthony as he was about to volunteer. 'I need someone a bit smaller and faster.' Her eyes roved across the hall, until they landed on Cam and Luke.

She pondered upon both of them for a moment, before choosing.

'Cam' she said. 'Will you come with here?'

Cam shared a nervous glance with his brother only briefly, before stepping tentatively forwards, feeling very self-aware now that the attention of the entire hall was upon him. He walked to the head of the hall, and ascended the steps to stand beside Kari, gazing up at her with large eyes.

'There's a good boy' she smiled kindly down at him.

'There is one last job I need to be done' Julius went on. 'We need to escape from this city and move to another place, it's become too dangerous for us here. We will move to another town.'

Cam's eyes lit up as he heard those words, his heart began to soar.

We can escape the palace after all! He realised. We can begin a new life!

As he glanced over at Luke who stood in the crowd, realising by the expression on his face that Luke was thinking the exact same thing.

'One last job' Julius was saying. 'We need to escape, but we need money to do so. Crake.' He turned to Crake who stood behind him. 'I want you to go out on this job.'

'Yes father' Crake nodded obediently, standing suddenly tense.

'The rest of you are to stay here for your own safety until I say otherwise…once we have the means to escape, we will be gone, and never look back. Luke!' Julius barked.

Luke jumped at his name.

'You will go with Crake to keep an eye out. Two eyes are better than one.'

Oh no Cam thought, as he watched Luke hurry to the front of the hall, weaving as fast as he could around the bodies, and ascend the steps to go stand beside Crake.

'Kari' Julius spoke. 'You take Cam and try to find Suzan, Crake, hang back and I will tell you the details of my plan, the rest of you, stay here, the elders will bring you food shortly.'

Cam cast one last desperate glance towards Luke as he was led away, and he wondered briefly in his head when he would see him again, fear jolting in him at the thought that he might not see

him again.

Luke watched him go with wide eyes.

Cam hated being parted from him like this, but he had no choice. The master's word was final. If you tried to resist him or if you pushed him in the wrong way, especially at a time like this, then he would make you wish you hadn't.

Kari went to her room to change quickly, while Cam waited for her in the courtyard, the feeling of nervousness growing stronger within him with every passing minute. He scratched at his sweaty palms as he waited, sitting on one of the benches with his head down.

He looked up to the sky again, his stomach tightening as he realised, we should be sitting at home eating with our mother now……there is no way she wouldn't know by now that we are gone…

Kari returned shortly after. She was dressed in a vivid-deep red dress, with a tight corset to push her chest up, and bare arms and shoulders. Her blonde hair was tied up to expose her neck, and she wore modest but pleasant jewellery. But beneath her dress, hidden under the layers of skirt, she wore heavy boots, perfect for traversing rough terrain if she had to.

She marched up to Cam.


He nodded silently to her, unable to speak.

'Then follow me' she said, turning and striding away.

They passed through a small doorway leading out of the courtyard, winding through several narrow corridors, before stepping out onto the street. Cam kept close to her heels as she went, like a well trained dog, never falling more than two steps behind.

Interlude start

The figure leant forward upon her elbows, gleaming behind her mask as she watched on the monitor, the young boy and woman heading through the streets.

'There you are' she grinned.

Interlude end

It was dark in the streets as they moved along, and Cam kept his head down as he trotted after her, feeling nervous at first, and then shortly after, he began to feel afraid.

Kari paused for a moment, turning to him.

'When we get there' she said to him, 'we mustn't waste time. Wait for the right moment; then move as quickly as you can. Have you got that?'

'Yes' Cam nodded quickly, heart beating faster in his chest.

Kari turned away from him, moving on.

'She was taken in this part of the city' Kari mumbled to herself glancing about her. 'There is only one prison in this area. That is where she must have been taken…' she pursed her lips then. 'Security is not exactly tight' she told him. 'They would have the keys hanging near the entrance of the place. They should be fairly easy to find…'

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