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   Chapter 53 No.53

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The other guild members scattered, and Luke at last came over to talk to Cam.

'Suzan's been caught by authority' he said in a hushed voice to Cam. 'She's been taken away by the palace guards and imprisoned.'

'Oh no' Cam groaned, feeling a sinking in his heart.

'What can we do?'

'I'm afraid we can't do much ourselves' Cam replied. 'We have to wait for Julius to speak and see what he says.

Luke turned away then, grinding his teeth and staring at the ground.

'What is it brother?' Cam asked him.

'Do you….I mean…' Luke began. 'Do you feel guilt about stealing from others?'


'Maybe you should.'

'But why?' Cam agued. 'These people only steal because they have to, and we only take from those that have money.'

'But we could get in trouble for it.'

'Sometimes it's worth the risk' Cam told him.

'It's so unfair' Luke grumbled, 'and yet…' he drew a deep breath. 'Do you ever think…' Luke went on, 'what if we could stay here forever and never go home?'

'Yes' Cam mumbled back. 'All the time.' He tilted his head at Luke then. 'Do you wish that? Do you wish we could stay here and never go back to the palace? Even living through all this danger?'

'Yes' Luke mumbled without a pause. 'At least in this life, I feel safer, despite everything. At least in this life, we have freedom, and more certainty than the life we live in the palace.'

'Yeah' Cam nodded. 'I feel the same.'

'Then why don't we stay here?' Luke glanced up, feeling suddenly excited. 'Why don't we live like the others do and never go home again?'

'Because' Cam sighed, 'unfortunately, we are too important. Just think about it for a minute. There is no way they wouldn't try to look for us. And why would you want to say that now of all times? Look at what's going on.'

'I'm sorry I just…' Luke bit his lip, blinking back the tears from his eyes. 'I'm not thinking straight, I just said it on a spur of the moment......I'm sorry…you're right…'

Cam was about to speak.

'Luke! Cam!'

They both tensed as their names were called out.

'Did you hear what I said?' Julius growled to them. 'Go out and find your brothers and sisters and hurry, there's no time to stand and talk.'

The boys scattered instantly then, slipping through one of the many secret passages out of the courtyard and heading into the streets.

That evening a few hours later, the entire family of nearly forty was crammed into the dining hall. The older 'children' standing at the head of the hall aro

und Julius, as the young children sat upon and around the tables. It was so cramped, that those that did not fit at the tables sat on the ground between them, while others stood by the walls, some even hung from the beams overhead.

The hall, despite holding so many people, was utterly silent. Not a single breath was heard.

Julius waited for a moment longer, just to make sure everyone was listening, their attention all fixed on him, before speaking.

He rose from his seat, and surveyed the faces before him.

Towards the front of the hall Tracy hugged her siblings Jennifer and Markus to her. Cam and Luke waited silently nearby. Cam glanced nervously to the window where he could see the sky beyond was growing dark.

He swallowed the lump in his throat, hoping against hope that no one back at the palace would notice their absence. But he was here now, and he knew that none were allowed to leave. Especially not now. If he even tried, the master would be furious, would likely punish him on the spot. And his discipline was severe, and at that time he feared Julius, more than he feared anything else.

Julius spoke.

'I'm sure you all are fully aware of the situation by now' he droned in a bored tone, he didn't speak loudly, but his voice echoed clearly in the still hall. 'The new laws and harsher punishments are causing more and more children to be orphaned, more and more children that we are compelled to take in. We were never meant to be as large a family as we are, and we are collapsing now under our own weight, the more we steal the more we make ourselves obvious, and we have already lost several of our siblings.' His gaze lingered then upon Alex, whose twin sister had gone missing and was now presumed dead. 'But' Julius continued, his voice carrying far to the back of the hall, 'for every one child we lose, we gain two……this pattern has been going on for quite some time. From now on, we will no longer be taking any more members. No exceptions. And from now on, we will no longer steal from the streets, it's now become too risky, we don't want them to find our nest. That would be the end of us.'

'What about Suzan?' the brave boy Anthony spoke up.

'Forget about her' Julius told him coldly. 'She is lost. We risk more by trying to save her.'

'I care deeply about Suzan' Kari spoke out, talking over Anthony as he was about to protest, mouth open wide in shock at Julius' words. 'I would go out to try to look for her. I cannot simply give up on her.'

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