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   Chapter 52 No.52

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'What happened to your parents?' Cam asked the young woman carefully as they went.

'They were…' she began, biting her lip, '…burned…' she finished, '…as heathens……because they did not believe….'

Cam faced ahead again, swallowing the lump in his throat.

What a cruel world we live in he thought silently.

'Die you fucking scum!'

Graham tightened his hold on the metal coil as Soutar before his began to choke, pawing uselessly at his throat, trying to get a grip of the coil and free himself. But it was too deeply embedded into his flesh, and he could not get a hold of it to pull it free.

Suddenly the doors behind burst open and several members of the council on both sides streamed in.


Graham glared at them.

'Let him go!' one of the council members ordered, and Graham obeyed immediately.

Soutar fell forwards, coughing violently and holding his throat, bleeding where the wire had cut him.

'What is the meaning of this?' Lobello demanded, as Quill moved over to Dair who lay on the floor nearby, examining him. But Dair was utterly still.

Quill rose after only a second. 'He's dead' he announced.

'You will hang for this' Faisel hissed through gritted teeth, tears of rage and grief in his eyes. Dair had been a close friend of his for years.

Within the group, Brioke looked on silently.

'This isn't how it looks!' Graham called desperately to the others. 'They tried to kill me first. I was merely protecting myself!'

'Lies' Soutar wheezed, lying on his side on the ground and holding his throat.

'Silence you snake' Graham spat, kicking him hard in the gut before being pulled away by several of the other members, fighting against them in vain.

Graham was later tried, found guilty and hanged. From then on, the guild members became even more suspicious of the others than they had been before, and were forever looking over their shoulders. Every one of them had suspected foul play, but never before had they seen it so clearly played out.

A short while later and the five 'children' were standing in the courtyard before Julius, who sat at one of the tables smoking a pipe.

'How old are you?' Julius began.

'Eighteen' Tracy replied.

'And have you been with a man before?'

Tracy ground her teeth, puffing her chest out and balling her fists. 'I don't see' she began furiously, 'how that's relevant.'

'We would be happy to give you a home here' Julius told her. 'But we all have

to pull our weight. Each of us if the oil that helps the machine run smoothly. If you are not useful, then we get rid of you' he said. 'So. Have you been with a man before?'

Tracy grew a deep breath. 'Yes' she answered shortly.

'Good.' He turned to Kari behind her. 'Kari' he said. 'Could you take her away?'

'What about my siblings?' Tracy asked.

'They stay with me' Julius answered hastily.

Cam spoke up, as Tracy opened her mouth to protest.

'It's ok' Cam said to her. 'You can trust him. 'He's looked after me all the time I've been here. He is a good man.'

Tracy glared at him, though through her anger, Cam could see her fear, and uncertainty. She feared for her siblings, it was clear she cared deeply for them, as Cam did for Luke. But also from her expression Cam could see she feared also for herself.

'I have a good life here' Cam pressed. 'I survive.'

Tracy turned to Kari, who waited patiently nearby with a smile.

'It's alright' Kari beamed encouragingly. 'I'll look after you.'

Tracy relented. She bent down, embracing Jenifer and Markus tightly.

'I'll come back to you' she whispered to them. 'I promise.'

'Please' Markus begged. 'Please don't leave us.'

'I have to' Tracy said. 'I have to…'

She gave them each a kiss on the cheek, cupping their faces in her hands.

'I'll be back' she said to them as she straightened. 'Have I ever let you down?'

'No' Markus mumbled.

She nodded to them, turning away from them and following Kari out of the room.

'Now' Kari began as they went away, 'what size dress are you?'

Julius diverted his attention back to the remaining children, back to Jennifer and Markus.

'Right' he said to them. 'Have ever you stolen anything before?'

It wasn't long after, when Luke came back in a panic. Julius listened silently as Luke spoke quickly as to what had happened. When he had finished, Julius bowed his head sombrely, and turned to face the others in the courtyard.

Cam who waited nearby had not heard what Luke had said. Luke, the moment he appeared had run straight to Julius. The other thieves that had returned at the same time as him waited a short distance away.

Julius spoke loudly, addressing the others.

'I want every member of our family returned here as soon as possible' he called out to those that remained. 'Go out now and find who you can and tell them to return home. I need to speak to all of you. There is something I must say.'

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