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'I'm sorry' Sammy butt in, 'but we don't have time for that. We've only got a few hours of light left….and….' she trailed off.

'It's getting harder' Dee nodded sympathetically, 'I know. I don't entirely agree with all this stealing…but…' she sighed with a sad smile. 'We must all do what we have to to survive.'

'Thank you ma'am' Sammy nodded to her respectfully.

She grabbed Cam by the sleeve and yanked him along. Cam stumbled as he was pulled through the crowd.

'Keep your mind clear' she glowered back at him, finally letting him go, 'we don't have time for this.'

'I didn't do anything!' Cam shot indignantly back.

'How much have you got?' Sammy asked him, sifting through his pockets.

'Enough' Cam answered shortly, jerking away from her and turning his back.

'Fine' she snapped. 'Best head back then, just to empty your pockets. We don't want you getting in trouble again now do we?'

'Fine' he grumbled at her resentfully.

The two walked side by side through the crowd, moving swiftly until they came to a narrow alleyway, which was deserted.

'It feels good to have some space at last' Sammy said, meandering forwards through the alleyway.


'Come on' Sammy said pulling the grate in the floor and holding it open for Cam.

Cam crouched and slipped through the hole, creeping through the tunnel. Sammy followed after him.

They emerged sometime later in another part of the city. The streets here were busier than they normally were, because of the holy day, but these streets were quieter than the ones they had left behind.

'Come on' Sammy huffed impatiently.

'Alright!' Cam snapped back, crawling through the grate and straightening. 'Jeez you're moody today.'

They trotted through the alleyway, coming out into the wider streets.

Cam slowed to a stop, staring away.

'Come on Cam' Sammy growled.

Cam ignored her, instead he continued to stare.

'What are you looking at?' Sammy asked him, returning to his side and following his gaze.

Cam and Sammy stood side by side, staring down one of the alleyways, where they saw three figures.

There was a young woman of about eighteen, and two children, a boy of about nine, and a girl of about seven.

They sat huddled together in the alleyway, their clothes were filthy, and they shivered as they clung to one another. Cam could see that they had been crying, all of them.

He moved towards them.

'Hey' he said, 'why are you out in the streets? Have you lost your family?'

The three raised their h

eads slowly to Cam, realising he was speaking to them. The younger ones remained silent.

'Our parents were killed' the young woman sobbed. 'We have no home now.'

'What are your names?' Cam asked.

'Tracy' the young woman replied. 'This is Jennifer' she said indicating the girl, 'and Markus' she said, nodding to the boy.

'Come with us' Cam offered, as Sammy behind her planted her hands on her hip, frowning, not entirely pleased with the way things were going.

'Where?' Tracy asked suspiciously, hugging her siblings tighter to her. 'Who are you?'

'I'm an orphan' Cam replied, echoing the lie he had told so many times before to those around him. 'I'm part of a family of orphans now. We all look after each other.'

He extended a hand to her.

'You can come with us if you like; I will take you to our father, the master of our family. He is the head of our guild. He may accept you into our family, but we all have to pull our weight. Or' Cam added, seeing her hesitation, 'you can stay here.'

'I don't have anywhere to go' Tracy told him. 'I want to look after my brother and sister.'

'You will' Cam told her, 'if you come with us.'

Tracy's attention drifted towards Sammy, as if looking for reassurance.

'We will look after you' Sammy told her, 'if our father accepts you…if you pull your weight.'

'Alright' Tracy relented, feeling that there was no other way. 'I will come.'

She rose to a stand.

'Come on' she whispered to her siblings. 'We're going with the children somewhere nice. We'll be looked after.'

'I'm scared' Jennifer moaned, her lip trembling.

'It's ok' Tracy comforted. 'As long as we stick together, we'll be fine…'

'Where are we going?' Markus whined.

'Somewhere safe' Tracy told him, 'somewhere warm.'

'We won't have to sleep in the streets again?' Jennifer asked miserably.

'No' Tracy said hugging her. 'Not again.'

Cam felt a mournful pang in his heart at that. These last few weeks he had lived amongst the 'normal' folk, had been an abrupt awakening as to what life was truly like, and he saw and experienced things he never had before. His life, more so before his father had died, had always been easy, comfortable, and carefree. Even after his father had died, life was relatively easy. He always had food and a soft bed to sleep, a roof over his head, an education, and he lived now in the knowledge that if life became too hard in the streets, he always had a home to return to, as unpleasant as it had become, unlike those around him.

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