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   Chapter 50 No.50

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Along the way he met another, one of his sisters and for many years a member of the guild.

Sammy grinned at him, nodded her head, before moving swiftly on. They were expected to steal a lot in a single day, and if they didn't take what they could, some days the master, the father of the 'family' would refuse them food, and there were only so many hours in a day.

Julius was a strict man many would agree, strict but fair. If he were not harsh as he was, their family would not have survived for this long, especially in times like these.

Cam moved up to a man, watching him closely.

The man was distracted by a group of dancing gypsies. The olive-skinned women were very beautiful, their bodies slender and bellies bare, they swayed their hips when they moved, rolling their shoulders seductively.

Cam's eyes travelled down the man's body and to his open pocket as he watched the women dance. He stared at it for several seconds, before glancing up at the man, then back down to the pocket.

His reached towards it, slipping his hand in.

The man's eyes flashed and he whipped around, hand lashing out and grabbing Cam's wrist tightly. Cam cried out in shock, staring up wide-eyed at the man.

'You little thief' the man snarled through gritted teeth, tightening his hold around Cam's wrist. 'Do you know what they do to those who steal?'

'You're hurting me' Cam sobbed, suddenly very frightened, he began to tremble. 'Please let me go!'

'Roland!' came a female voice. 'Roland!'

The man glanced around, momentarily distracted from Cam then.

Cam began to struggle harder, thinking perhaps this was the best opportunity to escape while the man was distracted. But if anything the man's grip grew even tighter.

'Roland!' came the girl's voice again. Cam gasped as he recognised Sammy coming through the crowd, heading towards them. Having seen her not moments before, she had not wandered too far. 'He's one of us' Sammy gasped at Roland coming to a stop before him. 'Please let him go.'

Roland turned back to Cam; all anger suddenly gone from his expression.

'I'm sorry' Roland said. 'I didn't know you were a part of the guild.'

He released Cam suddenly; Cam fell back in the dirt, staring up in surprise at Roland, though no longer feeling afraid.

'I'm sorry' Roland said again as Cam fell. He bent down, grabbing Cam under the arms and hauling him to his

feet. 'Are you alright?'

Cam's eyes never left Roland as he straightened up, grinning down at him.

'There' Roland beamed. 'No harm done.'

'Cam you idiot' Sammy hissed, smacking his shoulder hard. 'We don't steal from those we know.'

'I'm sorry I didn't know' Cam said hastily in his defence.

'Come on Sammy' Roland frowned down to her. 'There's no need to scare the poor boy, I think I've just scared him enough. Hey' he said suddenly to Cam. 'Why don't you give us a smile?'

Cam grinned suddenly then. He didn't know why, but he felt suddenly happy.

'There' Roland said cheerfully back, grinning too. 'That's better.'

An older lady approached them through the crowd. 'Roland? Who are you talking to?'

The three turned to the older lady as she stepped forward. Aged though still fit, she had red hair tied to side.

'Who's that?' Cam asked.

'This is my mother' Roland gleamed putting his arm around her. 'I love her very much.'

'And who is this?' the older lady said, leaning forwards to get a better look at Cam. 'What a sweet little boy' she said. 'You know, I have a daughter about your age.

'This is Cam' Sammy introduced. 'He's new and a bit of an idiot, I'm sorry that he tried to steal from you' she said again to Roland.

'Think nothing of it' he waved her away happily.

'Hello Cam' the older lady nodded. 'I'm Dee.'

'It's nice to meet you' Cam nodded back to her.

'Such a polite boy.'

Cam's eyes travelled down then as he saw a small hand appear on the skirt of Dee's dress, and a face appear from around her. The small figure was hiding behind her shyly.

'Lucy' Dee said to her daughter. 'Come on now, don't be shy. Come out and say hello.'

Lucy stepped out from behind her mother's skirt, head hung with hands behind her back, she stared at the floor.

Cam blinked as he watched her, his heart skipping slightly. She was cute, with short hair that matched her mother's but brighter in colour, red like the setting sun. She wore a delicate white dress with flowers all over.

'She's really pretty' Cam spoke aloud, then he went red, realising what he had said.

'Do you liiiiiiike her?' Sammy teased, shoving him playfully.

'N-no' Cam stammered, 'I didn't mean…!'

Dee began to chuckle lightly, as Roland beside her smirked in amusement.

'Why don't you children play together?' Dee suggested, 'it's a good day for it.'

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