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   Chapter 49 No.49

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Cam swiftly hit him over the head to shut him up before could say the word palace.

'This is the best day' Anthony gleamed from beside them, looking across the streets that were now brimming with people.

The city now was a hive of activity, usually busy on most days, now the streets were packed throughout.

'We have to make the most of this you know' he told the others. 'It may be a special holiday, but we still have work to do, today now more than ever.'

'It never ends does it' Harry sighed.

'Of course not' Anthony told them. 'We always have to eat, and it takes a lot of work to look after our large family.'

'Our family' Suzan grumbled. 'It grows larger by the month. 'I'm not saying we shouldn't accept them all…but…'

'I know' Alex spoke up. 'The bigger our family is, the more we have to steal and the more risk we put ourselves in.'

'We can't help it' Suzan whined. 'We all have to eat! Why do we get in trouble for trying to survive? None of us want to be criminals.'

Cam watched her silently as she spoke. Over the last few weeks, life for the guild had gradually changed, slowly becoming worse as life became harder.

The council, the group of men that had taken over the king's role back at the palace were growing stronger in influence, their power spreading like a sickness. They were using fear to control now; one of their means was through religion, as their claws sunk deeper into the holy temples. Their authority had leaked into the lives of the holy men and women who lived there, their lives, and the lives of everyone who was involved with the temples (and even those who weren't) now belonged to the council. They had started burning supposed heathens. People were becoming afraid as law tightened and punishments grew more severe.

Many children were left without families, and the guild had taken many new members in a short time, which made it harder for them to live.

The more they stole, the more they risked being caught.

They were living on a razor's edge.

Cam ground his teeth, suddenly feeling frustrated and helpless.

Why? Why did father have to die so soon? Dam the council's existence. I wish with all my heart that Luke and I were older; we could avoid all of this…we could have done something…

'I hate the way things are now' Suzan went on. 'Why are things the way they are? It's all so hard…'

'I know' Alex growled at her. 'You think I don't know? I've lost my sister because of the way things have changed.'

Boe, Alex's twin sister had been captured by authorities for stealing. She had been locked up in one of the prisons and never seen again. Attempts had been made to try to find her, but they were all in vain.

She was now presumed dead


'm scared' Suzan cried, hugging herself as tears ran down her cheeks. 'I'm afraid…that I will be next.'

'Keep it together' Alex snapped shoving her. 'We're all in the same position.'

'Come on let's not argue' Anthony said to them as Cam and Luke turned away. 'At least for today let's be happy.'

'We still have work to do' Harry reminded them.

'You're right, we should get to it' Anthony said rising. 'Come one' he said loudly to the others, clapping his hands as they rose to their feet, Suzan brushing the tears from her eyes as she did so. 'No rest for the wicked, or so they say' Anthony told them.

'We'll meet back at home in a few hours then?' Alex asked him glumly.

'Yeah' Anthony nodded. 'They'll be serving food by then. Don't want to be late and miss it…I don't fancy going hungry again….'

'Right' Alex spoke with determination, gritting his teeth. 'Let's go!'

They all went their separate ways, each of them heading in opposite directions away from one another, as was the way. It wasn't always practical to move in groups, as many would be more suspicious of them if they did so. Especially the palace guards. Even Cam and Luke nowadays spent more time apart than they did together, which they would normally never do. But in this new life that they were living, this half life, they were forced to do what they were told, to appear 'normal', or else they would be rejected. And this life here, despite its dangers, made the twins feel safer than staying at the palace, it made them feel loved and wanted, and for the first time in a long time, they felt like they belonged.

The atmosphere in the palace had grown heavier, their mother the queen was suffering; they could see it. She tried to hide the cuts on her body, the cuts she had inflicted herself, but the boys were familiar with her ways. They could see she was suffering and in pain, both physically and mentally.

Here in the streets they could get away from that, at least for a short time.

Cam moved through the crowd, seeking out his targets. He was short, surrounded by the adults around him; a boy his age was invisible. In this circumstance, that was ideal. He moved quietly, trying his best to remain small and unseen. The celebration around them continued loudly, there were coloured flags above their heads, trumpets sounding, singing, food being served, gypsies that danced and played music. Everyone was distracted, which for Cam was perfect.

Cam had been taught enough to be able to steal in most circumstance, but he still had a lot to learn, as did his brother. He sidled up to several people, looking up at them and around, before slipping his hand into their pockets and taking whatever was there, before moving on.

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