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   Chapter 48 No.48

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Cam glanced to Luke beside him, clinging to his arm with wide eyes. He was scared suddenly; Cam could see he was truly frightened. But he did not speak. Cam knew that Luke trusted him, more than anything.

'We accept' Cam spoke for both of them. 'We want to be part of this family.'

Julius reached towards his bedside table again, taking a paper and quill and laying them on his lap before him, quill at the ready.

'So what are your names?' he asked them.

'Waaw! I can't believe you did it!' Anthony beamed, squeezing his hands together and jumping up and down excitedly. 'How did you convince him?'

'Brilliance' Cam smirked smugly.

'Don't be so bigheaded' Luke frowned beside him. 'I was so nervous. Julius is sort of scary.'

'Oh he's not so bad' Anthony waved them away. 'Anyway' he beamed. 'Welcome to the family!'

Around them the other children; and some older 'children' welcomed them. There were the five children they had first met the previous day, the fighting siblings, and Kari and Crake, who stood glaring over them with arms folded. Around them, were many other children they had not met yet, they totalled nearly thirty in number.

'Hey' a dark-skinned girl said moving up to Cam and Luke, 'I'm Lea; it's nice to meet you.'

'I'm Matt!' a boy called out from the back waving at them.

'I'm Tracy!' called another.

It took several minutes for them to be introduced to the large family. The children were kind, and they welcomed the twins with open arms.

'You're one of us now' Anthony smirked. 'We'll look after you. We all look out for each other here. If you need help, we will help you. If we need help…you will help us. Ok?'

Cam and Luke nodded eagerly at this. 'Ok.'

'Now' Crake spoke up, 'it's time we taught you to steal.'

He knelt before the boys, reaching towards each with a hand and touching their ears simultaneously. 'We will teach you many things' he said to them, withdrawing his hands from the back of their ears and producing a shining coin in each hand as he did so. 'By the time we are finished with you here' he said, 'you will know more than a trick or two.'

He gave the two coins each to the boys, who took them eagerly with wide eyes. They were in awe as to how he did it. His sleeves were short.

'Now' Crake said rising to his feet. 'I think I'm a bit tall for you to start practicing on first. Anthony' he said to him, 'come here.'

Anthony trotted up to him, taking his place beside him.

'Right' Crake bega

n, producing another coin from thin air and slipping it into Anthony's pocket. 'I want to you steal the coin from Anthony, without him knowing that you did.'

'I don't think we can' Cam spoke up.

'You can't' Crake replied. 'Not yet anyway. But you have to begin somewhere.' He tilted his head, regarding the twins. 'Now' he said. 'Begin.'

Cam and Luke exchanged nervous glances, feeling out of sorts as the many other children in the small dining hall watched in silent expectation.

'You go first' Luke said.

Cam swallowed the lump in his throat, taking a deep breath.

He took a step towards Anthony.

Many weeks passed

Cam and Luke sat side by side on the bench, sitting on the edge and kicking their feet happily. Around them in their small group were some of the other children, Anthony, Harry, Alex and Suzan. Huddled together they continued to eat, nibbling on their snacks and sweets they had gotten from the stalls around them.

Today was a special day. It was a festival, a celebration.

The celebration was one that happened only once every eighty years. It was a religious holiday that celebrated the first rays of sunlight that shone in the sky after an eighty year long winter. The holy stories tell of the god Ezla imprisoning the goddess Micro for eighty years beneath the rocky earth in a great cavern. He did this because he was madly in love with her, and wanted her for himself. Without the warm in the world that Micro created, everything grew cold. When at last she was freed eighty years later, a great party was held to celebrate her return. And this was the holiday people rejoiced in today.

It was a precious day for many, and one that most would see only once in their lifetime. The party started in the morning, and continued late into the night.

The fireworks were still to come.

'This is so good' Cam mumbled with his mouth full, frowning down at the delicious toffee apple he was munching on, savouring every bite.

'I like this stuff' Luke mumbled from beside him, staring at his own sweet.

'I don't even know what that is' Cam said to him, staring at the paper bowl that Luke held, within sat what looked like multicoloured dust.

'It's sugar' Luke told him, using his hand to shovel more of it into his mouth. 'Sweet sweet sugar.'

'You have a spoon to eat that with you know' Cam told him.

'I know. But it's more fun to use your hands…..mmmmmm….berry flavour… know, we never get this sort of food back at the p-'

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