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   Chapter 47 No.47

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'Why does she stay in the courtyard when the others go?' Cam asked.

'She's sick' Crake replied. 'The other members of our family come and go throughout the day as they please. But she has to stay here for her own safety.'

'Why?' Cam asked tentatively.

'She's dying' Crake finished.

'Is there nothing that can save her?' Cam asked.


Cam glanced back down to the young girl, who must have been only about six in age. He looked at her more closely now than he had done the day before. Cam saw the girl with the kitten asleep on her lap watching him. He noticed then that she looked a little pale, a little skinny, her eyes a little sunken.

'What is her name?' Cam asked.

'Lily' Crake replied shortly.

He came to a stop before one of the doors; he paused, waiting for the boys to catch up again, before opening the door and stepping in.

Cam and Luke lingered outside for a moment, before Crake beaconed them in. Cam and Luke shuffled into the room and Crake closed the door after them.

The boys gazed at the room about them. It was a humid day today, and the room they stood in now was stuffy, with thick red curtains hanging over the windows. There were many things about the room. Bookshelves filled with books, dressers with shelves creaking with an assortment of various ornaments, globes and statues and relics and lamps and wooden sculptures and pieces made of expensive metals and gold, alongside several boxes with holes in from which seeped wisps of smoke. The incense here burned strongly.

Crake stepped forwards towards the four-poster bed at the back of the room, his heavy footfalls muffled by the lush red carpet placed upon the wooden floor.

'Julius' Crake said, reaching out to the sleeping figure and shaking him lightly. 'There's someone here to see you.'

As Crake spoke to the sleeping figure, Cam's attention drifted to the room again. He saw several chests stacked against one wall, and smaller chests upon the dressers, one of which was open, from it spilled a vast amount of coin, so many that the lid could not be closed properly.

The sleeping Julius groaned as he slowly woke, turning over and sitting up in bed.

He was a slender figure, aged in his late fifties, with a shaggy beard and scruffy hair.

He groaned again, running his hand down his face. 'What?' he said shortly, speaking loudly.

'These kids want to join our guild' Crake told him.

'What happened to your parents and family?'

Julius grumbled to them, leaning forward in bed and glaring at them.

They didn't answer, even Cam who had been caught on the spot was unable to speak, his words stuck in his throat.

'They say their father has died and that their mother will die soon' Crake answered for them.

'From sickness?' Julius asked. 'How soon?'

Crake glanced expectantly at the boys, waiting for an answer.

'It's hard to say' Cam spoke up. 'She is bed bound…she hardly eats or drinks anymore.'

'Soon then' Julius said coldly. 'Do you have any other family?'

'None that we know of.'

'Hm.' Julius turned to Crake. 'Do you trust them?'

'No' Crake replied shortly. 'But they gave us these to show their loyalty' he said, producing the bag and slipping his hand into it, pulling out several of the jewels and holding them in his palm, several of the necklaces hanging between his fingers.

Julius reached to his bedside table, pulling open the draw and brining out a little glass. He took one of the jewels that Crake held, looking through the little glass at it closely. 'It's real' he said flatly after a few seconds. 'Where did you get these from?' he asked the boys.

'Our mother' Cam told him. 'She is a jeweller with lots of money. She won't notice they're gone though' Cam added hastily. 'Not now anyway…'

'Why do you want to join us?' Julius asked them.

'Our father is dead' Cam told him. 'Our mother will die soon, and we have no family.'

'Do you know what we do to those who betray us?' Julius said to the boys.

'No' Cam mumbled, a little nervous now.

'We are a very close family' Julius explained, 'we look after each other, but what we do is illegal. We are liars and thieves, but we care for our own….but….those who betray us…are not only rejected by us, but killed by us. We will accept you into our family, as long as you understand that if you betray us we will kill you.'

'What if….' Cam stammered, feeling a little frightened, '…something happens…an accident…?'

'We're not trying to catch you out' Julius told him. 'We will look after our own if they make a mistake, but if you knowingly and maliciously try to harm us, or cheat us, then we will punish you, and if you betray us we will kill you, but if you are good…then we will treat you like family.'

The boys hesitated.

'Do you still want to be part of this family?' Julius asked, as Crake stood silently beside the bed, regarding the boys with a hawk-like expression.

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