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   Chapter 46 No.46

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'But will that be enough?' Luke asked as Cam rose from his seat, moving away. 'They probably won't believe us if we just lie to them and change our story.'

'Thieves…' Cam spoke slowly. He hummed to himself in thought for a moment, before raising his head. 'Come on' he said turning back to Luke. 'Follow me.'

'Where are we going?' Luke asked scampering after him across the dining hall.

'I have an idea' Cam whispered back to Luke, pulling the tall door back and leaving the hall, slipping into the corridor beyond.

'What idea?' Luke huffed impatiently. 'Tell me.'

Cam ran down the corridors and stairs quickly, moving swiftly through the dark, his brother following closely after him. They moved to the higher levels.

'Where are we going?' Luke asked again. He faltered when they reached the door to the queen's bedroom. 'Why are we here?' Luke frowned.

'Mother has many valuable jewels' Cam smiled back at Luke happily.

Luke's expression brightened suddenly. 'You want to steal from her and give the jewels to the guild.' He hesitated then, his initial excitement flickering. 'Do you think that would work? Do you think that would convince them to let us join?'

'It would show our loyalty' Cam replied. 'It would show that we are serious.'

'But we're just kids' Luke said doubtfully. 'What if they don't take us seriously?'

'From what I saw' Cam told his brother, 'most of them were just kids.'

They waited outside their mother's room for several hours in the dark, waiting for the moment where she would be fast asleep. In that time they huddled together, sharing their body heat against the cold, where a chill seeped into the corridor through the creaky windows around them. They could hear the wind howling through the spacious building.

'It's scary out here' Luke whispered to Cam shivering.

'Come on' Cam said quietly back, rising and pulling Luke to his feet. 'I think she would be asleep by now. But she's a light sleeper…we have to be quiet.'

Luke stared at his brother, giving a single silent nod.

'I'm ready' he said.

Cam held Luke by the hand as he opened the door to their mother's room, doing so ever so slowly.

The boys stepped in.

Interlude start

The masked figure stared at the screen, pressing a button on the keyboard before him; then pressing it again, then again.

The picture before him changed, and he saw several images from inside the palace. The dining hall, the many libraries, the boy's bedroom…

'Hmm' the figure said behind his mask as he searched through the palace. 'Where are those boys? Where are those yo

ung princes gone?'

Interlude end

The next day

Cam emptied the contents of the small bag upon the table. Crake's initial protests at seeing them again were swiftly cut short as he gazed down at the jewels piled up upon the wood.

His eyes grew large.

'Whoa…' he managed to say, reaching forwards and picking up one of the blood-red stones, staring at it closely. 'Where did you get these?'

'Our mother gave them to us' Cam lied.

Crake's hand reached for a gold necklace, feeling the metal between his fingers.

'This is incredible' Crake breathed. He looked past the necklace then at the two boys.

'Why would she give these to you?' Crake asked them. 'Does she know you're giving them away?'

'She's dying' Cam mumbled quietly. 'She's not going to be around much longer.'

'Why?' Crake said, lowering his hand, still holding the necklace.

'She's sick……she has been for a long time.'

'And your father?' Crake pressed.

'I'm sorry…' Cam bowed his head, holding his hands behind his back. 'I lied before. He's been dead for…' Cam drew a breath. 'He was a soldier. He was killed a long time ago…in a distant land…we haven't seen him in years…he hasn't been around for most of our lives' Cam said.

Luke stood beside him silently, biting his tongue as he clung to his brother nervously, listening to Cam spout these lies.

'Is your mother sure to die?' Crake asked them.


'And you have no other family?'


He frowned down at them. 'Fine' he sighed. 'Come with me. I'll take you to Julius.'

Crake collected up the jewels and stones and returned them back to the bag, carrying it with him as he turned on his heel, marching up the wooden steps to the balcony above.

'Well?' Crake said impatiently to the boys who hung back in the courtyard. 'Are you coming?'

Cam stepped forward, pulling Luke with him; he walked with his arm around him.

Crake's steps were wide as he ascended the stairs, pausing at the top and waiting for the boys to catch up.

Cam and Luke reached the top of the steps and Crake continued onwards, his heavy footsteps thumping on the wooden floor of the balcony that ran around the inside of the building around the courtyard. Cam glanced down the courtyard below them as they went. It was quiet now, unlike the day before when they had seen several figures, the 'children' as they fought amongst themselves. The five children who had introduced them to this place where nowhere to be seen, the fighting siblings were gone, as was Kari. Only the little girl with the little white kitten remained, sitting in the quiet courtyard alone.

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