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   Chapter 45 No.45

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The figure with the bottle froze suddenly, head whipping around to see Brioke standing there. Brioke saw the man below him. His name had been Dorian.

In an instant the murder rose, charging towards him. Brioke was slow to react, seeing the assassin's head covered by a cloth, with only the eyes visible and lined in black. Make up. A woman? He managed to deflect the blade from his gut just in time. Brioke jumped back, avoiding the swipes made towards him before lunging forwards himself and pushing the figure back.

The figure groaned, hunched over and holding themselves where they had been struck, it seemed they bore some hidden injury. Brioke saw a ring upon the assassin's finger then, a common ring made of blue stone and worn by several members of the council, on the right hand and the left hand of the king.

A man? Brioke thought briefly, before the assassin threw between them a smoke bomb.

Brioke stepped back, hand going to his mouth as he began to cough.

By the time the smoke cleared, the stranger was gone, and Brioke was left alone with three bodies.

He looked about him.

Dorian had been beaten to death. Daizel had been strangled, and Celia? It wasn't clear how he had died.

Brioke turned around, walking swiftly in the opposite direction. No doubt it would look suspicions for him if he were to be found here, or even if he were to report what he had seen.

Who would believe him?

And so he just left, and pretended that nothing had happened.

That evening, Cam and Luke sat at the long table in the dining hall. Their mother ate slowly, casting a glanced over at them, before lowering her head. She stabbed her food, lifting it to her mouth, pausing as she watched the boys, before putting the food in her mouth and chewing meticulously.

Cam and Luke were sitting side by side close to one another, their food hardly touched.

'So' Miranda spoke up, breaking the silence. 'Have you boys been keeping busy?'

Cam and Luke glanced at each other.


'Yes' Cam said shortly.

'Have you been keeping out of trouble?'

'Yes mother.'

'Where do you go in the days?' she asked them.

'We…' Cam began, 'sit and read…we play board games. We just try to keep out of the way.'

'It's best that way' Miranda told them. 'We are living in dangerous times.' She leant forwards on her elbows. 'Keep to yourselves and sta

y safe.'

She pushed her plate away when she had finished, rising to her feet and sauntering from the room without speaking to the boys again.

The echo from the door slamming rang through the dining hall.

Moments later, a servant hurried up to the table, clearing the queen's empty plate away and scurrying out of sight.

Cam watched her go, before staring down, back to his own plate where his food was getting cold. Luke glanced sideways at him.

'What are you thinking brother?' Luke asked him.

Cam didn't answer.

Luke rose, holding the bottom of his chair he shuffled closer to Cam.

Cam blinked as Luke leant into him, hugging his arm and resting his chin on his shoulder.

'Cam...' Luke whispered, 'I'm cold…'

Cam turned to him, wrapping his arms around his brother.

'Can we go to bed now?' Luke asked him. 'I'm tired.'

'No' Cam whispered back. 'We can't…not yet.'

'Why not?'

Cam chewed his lip in thought. 'I want to get into that guild.'

'Why?' Luke mumbled into his shoulder. 'Is it really that important?'

'I don't feel safe here anymore' Cam said to him. 'I want to get away.'

Luke was silent for a moment, as he thought about what Cam had said.

'I feel the same' Luke said glumly after a time. 'Things have been so different since father died, but won't it be dangerous?'

He raised his head to Cam.

'Do you think we could really do it?' Luke asked him. 'Do you really think we could get away from here and join that guild?'

'Yes' Cam replied without pause. 'I know it will be hard…'

'But they said they didn't want us.'

'They said they don't trust us' Cam corrected.

'You think we could change their minds?'

Cam bowed his head, resting his cheek upon Luke's hair.

'I remember the stories father used to read to us' Cam said. 'Do you remember Luke? Do you remember those stories?'

'Yes' Luke breathed, still holding his brother.

'They said they were a thieves guild' Cam said to him, 'they said that they teach children how to steal.'

'Only children who have no home.'

'They know nothing about us' Cam told him, hugging him tighter. 'Remember…our stories…our pasts….can be whatever we want it to be.'

'You mean we lie?' Luke asked him, leaning back and staring into his brother's face.

Cam released him.

'I don't like to lie.'

'Would you rather stay here?' Cam asked him.

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