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   Chapter 44 No.44

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'I want to learn how to do that' Cam told him eagerly, balling his fists. 'I want to know how you did that.'

'You want to be a thief?' Crake spoke loudly then.

Cam and Luke raised their head to him.

He stood there with his hands on his hips, frowning at them.

'But what would your parents think?'

'They don't care' Luke glowered.

'I don't know' Crake turned away from the twins. 'We only teach this skill to our family.'

'Your family?'

'Everyone you see here lives here, and there are more. This is our home….our sanctuary….we don't accept those who already have a home, and we don't teach our skills to outsiders.'

'We want to be part of this family' Cam urged them. 'We want to live here and learn the things you know.'

'Sorry kids' Crake smirked. 'We can't help you.'

Cam gritted his teeth, glaring at Crake, spurred suddenly by desire and determination.

I want to be part of this life he thought desperately. I want it more than anything.

'Anthony' Crake said. 'I think you should take them home.

'Awww' Anthony whined. 'But why can't they stay? Julius might let them if you ask.'

'Julius is a very busy man' Crake replied. 'He's not borrowing children from anywhere. These kids already have parents. We don't have a good enough reason to keep you' Crake said raising an eyebrow to them. 'Sorry boys, but I think it's best if you return home.'

'I'm sorry' Anthony said to them shortly after, once he had shown them the way out again, this time through the front doors. 'We have to listen to our elders. It's the rules; we have to all abide by them.'

'We'll get in' Cam said to him. 'We will be accepted. Whatever it takes, I want to belong there; I want to live the life you do.'

'But why?' Anthony asked them. 'It's hard…and dangerous…and you have a good home you told us. Your parents are wealthy. Why would you want the life we have?'

'It's not as great as it first sounds' Cam said bowing his head. 'Our lives…' he shared a glance with Luke, who stared at him silently, eyes wide. Cam smirked then, turning back to Anthony. 'We have our reasons' he finished. He tilted his head back to the sky then. 'It's growing late' he said. 'Luke and I should be getting home now, but we'll be back' he said to Anthony. 'We will definitely be back.'

'I'll keep an eye out for you' Anthony told them. 'And anyway…you know where we are now….just keep it a secret ok? Our father Julius wouldn'

t want others to know.'

'Sure' Cam nodded.

Anthony turned and darted off then, without another word.

'Are you sure about this?' Luke asked Cam nervously once Anthony had gone. 'You want to be part of their guild?'

'Yes' Cam mumbled back, staring after Anthony as he disappeared around a corner. 'I want it more than anything.'

I want to be free of Brioke he thought silently to himself, and I want Luke with me when I escape…

Brioke walked down the corridor, beside him was Stire, matching his footsteps. The two were deep in discussion.

'I'm just saying' Stire grumbled, glancing suspiciously at the corridor all around them as if something was going to hurt them, a trap, a chandelier falling on their heads and killing them, an assassin leaping out from nowhere. 'This is as dangerous a time for us as it is for anyone else. Saidear still has not been found and Kirby is now missing.'

'Well I don't know about Saidear' Brioke spoke in a rumble, 'but whatever ill has happened to Kirby, he deserved it. That slippery eel was nothing but poison. I for one am glad that he's gone. I'm sure he's dead. I doubt we'll ever see him again.'

'You shouldn't talk like that' Stire frowned at him. 'He was a right hand of the king' he told Brioke, 'like we are. He was one of us.'

'Even so' Brioke replied sombrely, 'good riddance is what I say.'

'I think you are right however about his disappearance' Stire added. 'I'm sure he is dead, though I hate to say it.'


'Anyway' Stire went on, 'I'd watch yourself if I were you. And don't trust anyone besides yourself.'

'I know.'

They slowed to a stop then.

'This is where we part' Brioke said to him. 'My office is this way.'

'Very well' Stire replied. 'Take care of yourself.'

'And you.'

Stire nodded, walking the other way down the corridor as Brioke turned, continuing on.

He walked the silent halls for several minutes, before entering one of the smaller rooms off the main hall he passed through.

He opened the door, freezing in horror at what he saw.

The figure clad in black sat on the chest of another with his back to Brioke, pummelling the victim's face, smashing the bottle into him again and again.

The man he sat on was dead, blood soaked the carpet around his head, and as Brioke's attention drifted slightly, he saw two more bodies nearby, recognising them as Daizel and Celia, members of the left hand of the king.

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