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   Chapter 43 No.43

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'Well what do we have here?' an elder voice spoke out.

Cam and Luke gasped in surprise at the new figure. She was not a child like the rest of them here; she was a mature woman, but still young.

'Boys' the kindly woman smiled, holding a basket of clothes at her side. 'Twins.' Her long blonde hair was tied up in a loose bun, and she wore a faded dress of pale yellow with a white apron. 'Aren't you two sweet.'

She continued her descent down the wooden stairs towards them, looking almost angelic as she smiled warmly.

'KARI!' came another voice, howling. 'KAAARI!'

One of the shutters above their heads opened and a male figure leaned out the window shouting.

'Kari! Where are my clothes! You've taken my clothes again! And you've tidied my room! I don't know where all my stuff is! Where is my STUFF?!'

'YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH CRAKE!' Kari, the yellow haired woman carrying the basket screeched back. 'And don't feed me any more of your crap!'

Crake ground his teeth glaring at her furiously.

He leapt through the window, grabbing onto the clothes line with one hand and sliding down the line, letting go when he was close enough to the ground not to hurt himself. Landing cat-like on all fours and straightening up, he glared at Cam and Luke with displeasure, wearing only a towel around his waist. He addressed the boys as Kari protested loudly behind him, picking up all the clothes that had tumbled from the line when he slid down it.

'Who are you?' he snapped at them.

'We found them' Ian the young boy told Crake. 'They were sitting in the streets.'

'Are they homeless?' Crake asked Ian, leaning forwards with his hands resting upon his knees as he came to their level; staring at them closely.

Cam stared at the ground uncomfortably for a few seconds, before glaring back at the man, feeling a flicker of annoyance in him.

'Hey!' Cam snapped at Crake. 'We're standing right here you know. You want to know something just ask. We're not stupid.'

'Ha!' Crake barked, straightening again. 'You have spirit.'

'Cover yourself up' Kari snarled at him, having finished tying the fallen clothes back on the line.

Crake turned to her, approaching the basket she had put on the floor. He dropped his towel.

Kari shrieked in horror, darting up to him and picking the towel up again, lifting it up to cover him.

'Have some decency you fucking pervert' she hissed at him. 'There are children about.'

'I'm only naked' Crake said carelessly

back at her as he began to rummage through the clothes in the basket.

'Stop that' Kari snarled as he picked a shirt from the pile and began to put it on. 'It's still damp.'

'It'll dry' Crake told her. He picked some trousers from the basket, and began to put them on too.

'That's not even yours' Kari protested, as she continued to hold the towel up, hiding him from the children.

'It is now' Crake grinned back at her.

As this was happening, Cam was covering Luke's eyes with a hand, and Luke was covering Cam's eyes with a hand as they stood side by side.

At that moment two other children aged about twelve came running through the courtyard.

'Alex!' Kari snapped. 'Leave your sister alone!'

'But Boe is taking my stuff again!' Alex snapped.

'I did not!' his sister Boe protested back as Alex grabbed her, pulling her hair. 'Help!'

Kari marched up to them, forcing them apart and shaking them. 'Stop it both of you!'

'It gets a little crazy around here' Anthony shrugged apologetically at Cam and Luke. 'There are a lot of us.'

'How many are there?' Cam asked him.

'Oh gosh' Anthony thought then. 'Maybe twenty…five….thirty…?'

'That's a lot.'

'We're a family' Anthony said to them. 'We are all orphans here. We were saved from the streets by our father, Julius. He is our master and the keeper of this home.'

'So this place is an orphanage?' Luke asked him tentatively, clinging onto his brother's arm for comfort.

'No' Anthony replied, speaking loudly over the voice of Kari as she scolded Alex and Boe. 'This is a thieves guild.'

'A thieves guild?'Cam repeated. 'What's that?'

Anthony smirked knowingly, shoving his hands in his pocket and tapping his foot on the ground. He strolled up to Cam, walking close to him, brushing his shoulder with his body as he went by.

'What's this?' Anthony said as Cam and Luke turned back to face him.

'Whoa!' Cam said in awe as he stared at the penny Anthony had swiped from his pocket, something he had found in the streets hours earlier and had picked up.

'It's not worth much' Anthony said to him, studying the coin closely. 'It might buy you a crust of bread if you're lucky.'

'How did you do that?' Luke said in shock.

Anthony smirked at the twins again, tossing the coin back to Cam, who caught it in the air.

'Practice' Anthony told them. 'I'm by no means the best at thieving here, there are loads of others who are better than me, but I have some skill at least.'

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