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   Chapter 42 No.42

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'Cool' the children all said.

'We'd love to see your house' the younger girl said. 'I've never seen a jeweller's house before. I bet you're really rich aren't you?'

'Actually our mother is sick' Cam told them. 'She spends most of her time in bed nowadays, so I'm afraid you can't come over.'

'That terrible' the young girl said.

The older boy turned to them. 'My name is Anthony' he said. 'This is Craig' he said pointing out the middle boy, 'and Ian' he pointed to the younger boy. 'And this is Suzan and Megan' he said, indicating the older and younger girls.

'I'm Cam. And this is my brother Luke. We're twins.'

'Does that mean you were born at the same time?' Suzan asked.

'Of course it does' Craig said. 'Stupid girl.'

'Shut your face!' she snapped angrily.

'Do you want to come home with us?' Anthony asked them. 'We can show you were we live.'

'Yeah!' Luke beamed. 'I've never seen a commoner's house before.'

Luke jabbed him sharply in the ribs with his elbow, hissing at him.

'We don't say commoners house you idiot.'

'I mean…' Luke corrected himself hastily. 'We'd love to.'

'Then follow us' Antony said to them.

The small group of children turned and ran. Cam and Luke slid off the wall and made after them, Luke's leg fully healed now; he was able to keep up easily with the others.

'Where are you going?' Cam asked uncertainly as the children, instead of running down the alleyway they were heading, veered off the left and slipped through a grate hidden in the corner of the street.

'It's an escape route' the little girl said. 'We all use it.'

'Escape route' Luke replied nervously. 'I don't know if I like the sound of that.'

'Oh don't be so pathetic' Craig sneered at them, shoving Suzan through the hole before following after her.

Suzan fell forwards into it, complaining bitterly of this treatment, but she was ignored.

'Come on' Ian said encouragingly to them. 'It's perfectly safe. We'll all fit.'

'What if it's dangerous?' Luke whispered to his brother nervously.

Cam hesitated. 'It's weird I know.' He turned back to the grate all the children had slipped through. They were all gone now.

'Are you coming!' echoed a voice from through the grate. 'Hurry up or you'll get lost.'

Cam crouched down, slipping through the hole.

'Cam!' Luke hissed, frowning furiously after him.

'Come on' Cam told him. 'I'm going in. Are you following me?'

Luke glanced about

him, fearful suddenly of being left alone, more than he feared entering the tunnel below.

He crouched down, entering the underground through the grate.

'Close it behind you' Anthony told him, and Luke did so. 'Now follow me.'

They walked for a short time along the narrow tunnel.

'So what kind of an escape route is this?' Luke asked the children who walked ahead of them, trying to sound casual. 'Why do you need it?'

'Oh we need it' Anthony answered shortly. 'This tunnel has saved more than one life.'

'Saved a life?' Luke echoed.

He gulped loudly.

'It's alright brother' Cam told him quietly, grasping his hand tightly. 'We'll be alright as long as we're together.'

Luke let out a breath, feeling a little calmer for Cam being beside him.

'Ok' Anthony said slowing to a stop. 'Here we are.'

He pushed the grate they had reached above them and crawled through the hole, turning back and helping the other through until only Cam and Luke were left.

Cam stepped forward cautiously, looking up through the square hole and into the open world above.

'It's alright' Anthony said offering his hand down to Cam who stood in the dark.

Cam hesitated only for a moment, before taking the boy's hand and climbing through the hole.

He turned around and helped Luke up, pulling him to his feet.

The boys straightened, glancing about them at their new environment. They were in a courtyard within a home of some sorts. A balcony on the second level ran all the way around them, and on the ground the space was open, occupied only by benches and tables scattered haphazardly about the place. There were barrels stacked here and there, and a line over their heads on which hung clothes.

'Hey guys' said a girl sitting on the bottom of the wooden steps which led to the level above them. She was young, wearing a pretty little dress with a kitten sitting on her lap. 'Who are they?' she asked, pointing at Cam and Luke.

'We found them' Megan told the girl dancing up to her.

'Like strays?' the little girl said beaming. 'Like how I found this kitten?' she said hugging it.

'Yeah' Meagan said turning back to Cam and Luke. 'I'm afraid we can't keep them though. They have parents.'

'What do you mean?' Cam asked Megan.

'We're all orphans' Megan told the twins. 'Even the older children.'

'How many of you are there?' Luke asked her.

'And how old are the oldest here?' Cam added. 'What is this place?'

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