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   Chapter 41 No.41

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'I'm…' Kirby began, 'not that hungry.' He grinned slyly. 'I've got a bit of an upset stomach.'

'Oh that's a shame. You're missing out on this scrumptious fish.'

'Don't worry about me' Kirby glinted. 'You finish all of yours.'

'Oh I will I will.'

Castello cleared his plate, chewing meticulously the last bite of his meal.

'Mmmmmm' he sighed. 'Delicious.' He smiled, indicating to Kirby his empty plate. 'All gone.'

Kirby suddenly contorted his body then, clutching at his stomach.

Castello steepled his fingers together, leaning forwards on the table and regarding Kirby with a smile.

Kirby raised his head one last time, casting Castello a shocked look, before falling forwards onto his plate stone dead, his meal hardly touched.

'Stupid fool' Castello sneered, leaning forwards and taking Kirby's wine from him, draining the goblet in one deep gulp. 'Trying to poison me. You think I'm that stupid? God that's good' he said wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, leaning back in his chair and putting his feet up on the table. 'Only the best wine served at the palace' he said staring up at the ceiling. 'I will have to find some more.'

Castello reached into his coat, pulling out a crow's mask and placing up upon his face, staring at the room through the large glass eyes of the mask.

There came a knock on the door.


A young man entered the room, Castello's personal servant whom he always kept close to him. He would take orders from no one else.

'Is it done?' the young man asked.

'What does it look like?' Castello told him. 'Get rid of that' he pointed to Kirby's dead body.

'Where are you going?' the young servant asked as Castello rose from his seat and sailed past him, hiding away the mask again.

'I'm going to find some more of that delicious wine' Castello replied. 'Would you like to share some with me?'

'Oh yes' the young man said eagerly.

'Then get rid of him, then you can join me.'

'Ok' the servant said. 'No problem.'

A short time later, and the body was thrown from one of the windows high up in the palace, falling into the river below, broken by the jagged rocks. No one found him. His body drifted out into the open sea, eyed pecked out and flesh torn at by the gulls and crows, until it sunk into the waters, where the sea life feasted on him, leaving behind nothing but bones and memories of a life that once was.

The very next day, the boys returned to the

streets, and the day after that; and the one after that too.

It was their habit now, to wake early, join their indifferent mother for breakfast, sneak into the garden after breakfast and climb over the wall and escape into the city. They would return only when it began to grow late, to join their mother again for the evening meal. Cam was happy; he was even seeing less of Brioke. It had been weeks since he had last run into him.

He spent his days with his brother now.

Today, Cam and Luke sat side by side upon a low wall, nibbling on bread they had brought with them from the palace. It was a harder life in the city they knew. People treated them harshly, and they learnt quickly to keep to themselves. They shared a different life now, in the day they would enter the streets and live as 'normal' children would. At the end of the day, they would return to the palace, and sleep as princes.

'Here' Cam said to Luke, offering him the last corner of bread.

'No thanks' Luke waved. 'I'm full.'

Cam tossed the bread over his shoulder behind him. They sat in silence for several minutes, simply watching the world around them.

'It's such a nice day' Cam sighed, leaning back and kicking his feet happily.

'Yeah' it is Luke beamed raising his head to the sky also. 'Cam' he whispered then. 'Look.'

Cam looked ahead to see a small group of children watching them.

Cam and Luke watched them curiously back. They were about the same age as themselves. There were five of them, three boys and two girls.

A carriage passed through the streets between them. The children waited for it to go by, before crossing the street.

Cam and Luke watched as the children skipped over to them.

'Hey there' the older boy said. 'We've not see you around here before.'

'We're new here' Cam replied, not missing a beat.

'Oh yeah?' the older boy said beaming. 'Where did you come from?'

'We just moved here' Cam told them, 'our parents live nearby.'

'What are you doing?' Luke whispered to him tugging at his sleeve.

'They don't know anything about us' Cam whispered back behind his hand so that the other children could not hear him. 'We could make our lives whatever we want it to be.'

Luke's expression lit up at that, and he turned to face the children again.

'Our mother is a jeweller' he told them. 'Or father is a….a…'

'Warrior' Cam finished with a grin. 'He's not around much. He's in distant lands fighting…evil.'

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