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   Chapter 40 No.40

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He never finished his sentence, he only looked away.

Together he and Luke watched the people around them.

'We should come back here again' Cam said to Luke. 'Everyday if we can. I don't want to stay in the palace.'

'I know what you mean' Luke nodded. 'So much has changed since father…since….'

Cam reached toward Luke, taking his hand.

'We should go back to the palace now' Cam said. 'We shouldn't be gone for too long; people might start to look for us.'

'We will come back tomorrow won't we?' Luke asked him.

'Of course. But we can't be seen wearing these clothes at home. We have to keep this our little secret. Ok?'

'Kay' Luke nodded, grinning.

Cam held Luke's head in his hands, leaning forward and resting his forehead against his brother's, smiling.

'Let's go home.'

'Uhh' Castello grumbled, standing before the window and pulling back the curtain slightly. 'What a dreadful evening outside.' He let go of the curtain, moving back into the room and sitting back in his velvet lined chair at the table. 'I had hoped to see a better day.'

'It's only cloud' Kirby chuckled, glancing back to him from the small kitchen in which he worked.

'Cloud that looks like rain' Castello finished glumly. He looked to Kirby. 'Have you finished yet?'

'I'm nearly done' Kirby said, adding the finishing touch to their meals before serving it. 'There' he said happily, carrying it over and placing it on the table. 'One for you, and one for me.'

'My my' Castello said, leaning forwards to look at his plate. 'It looks delicious.'

'Eat up' Kirby gleamed, taking a seat opposite him on the small table.

'Oh I will I will. Mmm' he said, shovelling the food onto his fork and into his mouth. 'It's good.'

'Good' Kirby beamed. 'Be sure to eat it all up.'

'Oh I will, I will.'

The two council members, right hands of the king, ate in silence for a few minutes.

'Why do you cook this yourself?' Castello asked him suddenly. 'We have thousands of servants here to do it for you.'

'Well' Kirby said off-handidly. 'I don't know if there are thousands…but…' he looked down at his meal, lemon garlic tilapia. 'I hate them.'

'Hm?' Castello glanced up.

'The servants' Kirby explained. 'I can't stand the sight of them. They make me sick. To me they are nothing but flies.'

'Aww' Castello said. 'That's not fair. They can't help being servants, and besides…' he poked his fish, 'if we di

dn't have servants, who would cook this delicious fish?'

'Do you like it?' Kirby asked him.

'Mmmm' Castello said with a mouthful, chasing his food around on the plate before him. 'The classic sauce of sautéed butter…the parsley and the lemon juice is just fantastic. And the crackers you've added…it just gives it an extra crunch.'

'I'm glad you like it' Kirby smiled, bowing his head slowly.

'So why did you cook it yourself and not let a servant do it?' Castello asked him.

'I told you that I hate them, and besides he said, this is easy to make.'

'You will have to show me how one day' Castello agreed, nodding eagerly.

'The trick is not to overcook it.'

'Indeed' Castello continued to nod. 'So how is your family?' he asked. 'They must be missing you. You've been spending so much time here at the palace.'

'They'll manage without me' Kirby said casually waving him away. 'There's so much here to worry about, I've hardly spared a thought for them. Hey did you hear?' he hastened suddenly changing topic, 'Saidear's gone missing?'

'No!' Castello gasped with shock, drawing away from his plate. 'Missing you say…?'

'Hm. The other council members fear the worst.' His eyes flickered down to Castello's fork, watching closely as he shovelled more food into his mouth.

'This is good' Castello mumbled. 'I was so hungry.'

'Be sure to finish it all' Kirby said to him. 'We wouldn't want it to go to waste.'

'Of course of course.'

Castello put another forkful in his mouth, as Kirby, sitting opposite him, ate his food delicately and slowly.

'I'm so glad my family are staying away from the palace' Castello was saying. 'They are far away and safe. Who knows what ghastly happenings occur at this place. For all we know, Saidear is responsible for his own disappearance.'

'A conspiracy?'

'Well why not? I mean…who can you really trust in this world?' Castello said, continuing to eat.

'Indeed' Kirby mumbled.

'My daughter is learning to play the violin' Castello said offhandedly. 'The sweet dear is so talented. She is my whole world.'

'Indeed' Kirby said again. 'Our children are precious to us.'

'How are your sons doing with their education?'


'Boys can be difficult I hear' Castello gleamed. 'I wouldn't know myself, I've had only daughters, and each of them wants to be princesses one day. Isn't that cute? Hey, you've hardly touched your food.'

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