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   Chapter 39 No.39

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'What trouble can we get up to?' Cam asked slyly, slowing to a stop and looking either way down the wide street they had come upon. 'Let's see…' he said deviously.

Cam and Luke ran through the city in search for adventure and mischief.

They chased some chickens, got chased by some dogs, climbed up a high wall to escape, ran across some roves, fell down a chimney and ran around some persons kitchen before fleeing out into the street again and crashing into a passing cart and getting covered in paint the artist was transporting.

Cam and Luke tried in vain to brush from their clothes the paint mixed with soot. The man pulling the cart began to protest, before falling quickly silent as he got a better look at the boys.

'Royalty?' the stranger uttered. 'But what are you doing out here?'

'Run Luke!' Cam cried.

Luke gasped exhausted, starting after Cam, tripping and falling on his face before scrabbling up and scurrying after his brother, waving his arms like a windmill before tripping again.

Their shenanigans continued for quite some time until their run became a jog, their jog became a trot, their trot a plod, then a shuffle.

'No one's telling us off' Cam gasped, leaning back against the wall and holding the stitch in his side. 'This is awesome! I feel like a king!' he froze suddenly, realising what he had said, before turning to his brother with a smile.

'Let's go this way' Luke told his brother.

They were both so exhausted that their bodies trembled with the excursion.

'I'm hungry' Luke told him.

Cam's hand shot out to a stall beside them and he grabbed several buns from the pile. The shop keeper watched this silently, and without reaction.

Cam handed several buns to Luke, keeping the rest for himself.

'It's good' Luke said taking a bite. 'It tastes different from the food we get at home, different…but good.'

The boys slowed to a stop then, gazing about them at the streets around. Even now as the city folk walked back forth, their gaze lingered on the boys.

'They treat us differently than they would others' Luke said to his brother.

'That's because we're clearly royalty' Cam answered.

'You know what would be fun?' Luke said to him. 'If we looked like everyone else.'

Cam stared at him, his eyes narrow and mouth half-open as he thought, his mind whirling.

'Come on' Cam said, grabbing Luke by the sleeve and running with him. 'I know what to do.'

Cam led

his brother in a random direction until he found what he was looking for. A clothes shop. They entered through the small door at the front.

'You!' Cam said to the elderly man behind the counter. 'Give us some filthy clothes!'

Once Cam managed to convey to the gentleman what he actually meant, he and Luke left the building, carrying peasants clothes bundled up beneath their arms.

'I'm getting sort of excited' Luke shivered as he walked beside him. 'I'm getting butterflies in my stomach.'

'I have wondered what it's like to live as a normal boy' Cam told him. 'This is going to be fun.'

They hid behind a crate and quickly changed, discarding their other clothes which were now ruined with paint and dirt and soot. They wore now the clothes the shopkeeper had given them. Simple cloth made of dark material and loose fitting.

'It feels strange' Cam beamed.

'You look strange' Luke grinned at his brother.

'You look stranger.'

The boys giggled.

'We can't steal now' Luke said. 'People won't recognise us now dressed like this.'

'You're right' Cam said turning away.

Cam tensed suddenly, seeing over the top of the crate a short distance away, one of the palace guards.

'Now the ultimate test' Cam whispered to his brother. He tapped him on his shoulder. 'Let's go.'

They moved through the streets, stopping right in front of the guard and staring up at him.

'Move!' the guard snapped at them. 'Street vermin…'

Luke and Cam parted, allowing the guard to walk between them.

The boys stared at the tall armoured man as he moved on.

They were astonished. Just by a simple change of clothes, and the boys had stepped into a different world, into different lives.

'Amazing' Cam breathed. 'It's like we're invisible.' A slow gleam crossed his face. 'We can live like one of them. We can be one of them.'

Cam's eyes became distant as he gazed across the crowded street.

'Get out the way' a gruff man snapped at them as he walked by. 'Young boys like you shouldn't be wandering alone out here in the streets, it's dangerous. Go home to your parents.'

Luke and Cam stared after the man, moving away from the centre of the street and clinging to the walls.

'They treat us like we're….like we're…'

'What?' Luke asked.

'Normal' Cam finished.

'Is that good?'

'I…' Cam bowed his head. He turned then to his brother. 'Do you ever wonder' he began, 'what life would be like if….if…'

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